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     We can all do something to improve our immediate
     environment in terms of beauty and health. Many
     recognized concerns have been expressing the fact 
     that growing plants in your home or office really does 
     contribute to improve air quality and reduce indoor 
     air pollution.
     Here is the chance to conveniently acquire EXOTIC        
     TROPICAL PLANT SEEDS of your choice for your own
     gardening use or for gifts to friends or relatives.
  • The seed packets add a surprise of joy when inserted

in your GREETING CARDS to your recipients.

* * * * EXOTIC TROPICAL SEEDS VARIETY LIST * * * * * * * * * * *

   These are really inexpensive prices.    $1.35 per packet
                                        10 or more $1.25 each
                     ORDER FORM BELOW

1. PINK POLKA DOT PLANT (hypoestes sanguinolenta) bright green leaves splashed with pink "polka dots". flowers purple. approx. 15 seeds. 2. CHAIN OF LOVE VINE (antiqnon leptopus) excellent for

        hanging baskets. flowers bright rose pink. soak seeds
        12 hrs. before planting. approx. 4 seeds.

3. PHILIPPINE MONKEY BANANA (musa acuminata) an upright banana harvested in the Philippines. Performs well in and out of doors. flowers white. approx. 3 seeds. 4. SENSITIVE PLANT (mimosa pudica) graceful green leaflets

        fold shut upon being touched. very interesting novelty.
        approx. 15 seeds.

5. BIRD OF PARADISE (strelitzia regina) blue-green banana- like leaves. flowers large, blue and orange; suggesting brilliant birds in flight. approx. 4 seeds. 6. RICE PAPER ARALIA (aralia sieboldii) bold; shiny leathery

        leaves up to 16 inches across with deeply cut lobes.
        flowers white. approx. 15 seeds.

7. ADAMS NEEDLE (yucca filamentosa) imported from Israel. has stiff rosette of green to creamy-yellow dagger-like leaves. flowers white. freeze seeds 48 hrs. then plant. 8. HAWAIIAN RED Ti (cordyline terminalis) sacred to the

        Hawaiians. Develops beautiful red leaves. sugar candy and
        brandy are made from the older roots. approx. 10 seeds.

9. STRAWBERRY GUAVA (psidium cattleyanum) dwarf shrub with dark green, shiny, thick leaves and edible purplish red to yellow 1-inch fruit. approx. 6 seeds. 10. DWARF ORNAMENTAL POMEGRANTE (punica granatum nanum) dainty

        green leaves on compact bushy plant. flowers scarlet-red.

11. AQUATIC UMBRELLA PLANT (cyperus alternifolius) ribbed stalks bearing a large crown of grass-like leaves. grows best when pot is submerged in a tray of water. will grow underwater also. flowers white. approx. 20 seeds. 12. SACRED BAMBOO (nandina domestica) imported from China,

        produces whispy rich dark green to reddish leaves. the plant
        is sacred to the Chinese. chopsticks are made from the wood.
        approx. 4 seeds.

13. JERUSALEM CHERRY (solanum pseudocapsicum) an attractive robust shrubby plant from the East Indies. has shiny deep green wavy leaves and star-like white flowers. has orange red fruits. approx. 20 seeds. 14. BENGAL DATE PALM (phoenix paludosa) a rare semi-dwarf palm

        imported from S.E. Asia. produces elegant clumps, with dark                     green softiable leaves. approx. 2 seeds.

15. FAIRY ROSE (baby roses)(polyantha-mixed) beautiful ever blooming single and fully double tiny roses. flowers white, pink, and rose. in bloom 3-4 months from sowing.(approx. 6) 16. ANTI CANCER VINE (ipomoed hederacea) imported from India.

        grows at the 6000 ft. elevation in the Himalayas. suited to
        hanging baskets. flowers red to blue. Indians use it in
        Ayurvedic medicine. approx. 5 seeds.

17. SOUTH SEA HOLLY (ardisia littoralis) new and rare. remarkable house plant with dark green leaves. white flowers and vividly pin shoots. approx. 4 seeds. 18. PASSION FLOWER (passiflora coerula) an exquisite blue

        flowering vine. excellent for hanging baskets. flowers 2-3
        inches across. slightly fragrant. approx. 10 seeds.

19. CHINESE SERPENT VINE (psychotria serpens) a most fascinating candidate for hanging baskets. in China this vine climbs over rocks and tree trunks. produces white berries. approx. 10. 20. PINK ORCHID TREE (bauhinia monandia) beautiful small

        tropical tree with dainty pink orchid-like flowers and 
        butterfly shaped leaves. can be used in dish gardens. 
        approx. 3 seeds.

21. ORANGE JESSAMINE (murraya piniculata) unusual tropical shrub with dense rich-looking shiny green foliage. has fragrant white flowers. it fits nicely in a terrarium. approx. 10 sds 22. LIPSTICK PLANT (bixa orellana) an ornamental small

        subtropical evergreen shrub. grows easily. produces                             decorativeds used in dry arrangements.      
                 flowers are red and tubular. approx. 10 seeds.

23. CHINESE FLY CATCHING VINE (aristilochia deblis) this carnivorous plant is excellent for hanging baskets. the long peculiar looking flowers are insectiverous. approx. 4 seeds. 24. DRAGON TREE (dracolena draco) excellent house plant. the

        stiff upright leaves deepen in color from pale yellow when
        young to rich green when mature. approx. 4 seeds.

25. NEW ZEALAND CORK (entelea arborescens) handsome small evergreen. a unique novelty. has large heart shaped soft leaves, to 10 inches long. wood is lighter than cork. 10 sds 26. TIGERS CLAW (erythrina variegata orientaiis) very decorative

        varigated house plant. produces red flowers clusters up to
        one foot long. the dark red seeds are used in Hawaiian 
        jewelry. approx. 2 seeds.

27. INDIAN RUBBER TREE (ficus elastica) a very durable specimen plant with green leathery leaves. commercial rubber is sometimes processed from the milky latex. the very young leaf tips are eaten in Java. approx. 10 seeds. 28. HAWAIIAN CORSAGE GARDENIA (gardenia jasminiobes) has thick,

        shiny waxy leaves and 9" wide deep velvet white flowers.
        corsages and perfumes are made from the flowers. a must for
        every home. approx. 5 seeds.

29. CHINESE DWARF GINGER (alphinia speciosum taiwaniana) a majestic plant which forms clumps of arching leathery green leaves. it bears striking ginger bell scented bell shaped pink white flowers. from China. approx. 5 seeds. 30. AUSTRLALIAN FIG (ficus macrophylla) excellent specimen plant

        has glossy green large leathery leaves, 10 inches long by 4
        inches wide with pronounced ivory veins. imported from
        Austrialia. approx. 15 seeds.

31. CIGAR PLANT (cuphea platycentra) this short compact plant bears countless russet orange tubular flowers up to 1 inch in length. fast grower. pinch back to keep bushy. approx.7 32. TIDDLY WINKS or PERSIAN VELVET (exacum affine) extremely

        heavy bloomer. star shaped blue flowers with yellow centers
        are born on dwarf plants about 6" tall. approx. 20 seeds.

33. ASPARAGUS FERN (asparagus sprengeri) very popular. often used in hanging baskets. has deeply arching 2 feet long stems that are covered with loose billows of bright green flat needles. white flowers. approx. 10 seeds. 34. GREEN EBONY TREE (jacaranda mimosifolia) an ideal upright

        grower with green ferny leaves. an ideal houseplant, grows
        for everyone. resembles a pine tree. approx. 10 seeds.

35. AFRICAN VIOLET (saintpaulia assorted) flowers having beautiful shades of blue, lilac, pink, and white. plant grows a rosette of green furry leaves. approx. 6 seeds. 36. FLOWERING MAPLE (abutilon hybridum masimum mixed) a compact

        tropical shrub with orange-yellow flowers, ornamental fruit
        capsules and hairy maple like leaves. prefers dry 
        environments. approx. 10 seeds.

37. NEW GUINEA WINGED BEAN (phosphocarpus tetraganalobus) an exciting high protein bean from New Guinea and S.E.Asia. almost unknown in the U.S.. A twining vine. the immature pods are cooked like green beans and can be picked 3 months after sowing. the plant bears for 2 to 3 years. young leaves and shoots are eaten as a leafy vegetable. the young tuberous roots may be eaten like potatoes. 5 seeds. 38. SWEET PRAYER PLANT (thaumatococcus daniellii) excellent

        house plant. tolerates deep shade. has 1-1/2 foot long dark
        green oval leaves. reddish fruits develop from light purple
        flowers which grow on short 6 inch basal spikes. flesh of 
        the fruit is 2000 times sweeter than sugar. soak seeds in 
        water for 3 days before planting. 2 seeds.

39. CHINESE JELLO VINE (ficus awkeatsang) a striking dark green thick-leaved vine. the famous Chinese "AE VU" jello and lemonade drink are made from the ripe fruits. excellent for hanging baskets. seed need light for germination. 4 seeds. 40. MATE' TEA (ilex paraguariensis) leaves of this plant are the

        source of the very popular South American beverage "Mate".
        excellent house plant. produces handsome leathery leaves 
        with green flowers and red fruit. 4 seeds.

41. DWARF EGG TREE (solanum melongena) a novel pot plant. bears edible (if cooked) white egg shaped fruit 1 & 1/2 to 2 months after planting and are mature at 3 to 4 months. 4 sds 42. TREE TOMATO or TAMARILLO (CYPHOMANDRA BETACEAE) a miniature

        tropical bush which produces edible tomato like fruits. 
        quick grower. withstands light frosts. from Peru. 5 seeds.

——————————————————————— ORDER FORM Kindly enter number of packets wanted for each seed

           number below or send list from above.

1._ 2._ 3._ 4._ 5._ 6._ 7._ 8._ 9.

10._ 11._ 12._ 13._ 14._ 15._ 16._ 17.

18._ 19._ 20._ 21._ 22._ 23._ 24._ 25.

26._ 27._ 28._ 29._ 30._ 31._ 32._ 33.

34._ 35._ 36._ 37._ 38._ 39._ 40._ 41.

42._ Total number of packets ordered($1.35 ea./10+ 1.25ea Please send the seeds marked. Total cost $_ plus .50 cents for

shipping/handling, making a total of $ _


Make checks or money orders payable to : Steven DeLeno cash Send order to : 81 Pondfield Rd. check suite 170 money order Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Growing instructions are enclosed in each packet This file is valid till 12/25/92 Your Name Address …………………………………………………………….

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