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  • * OLD FASHION TEXAS CHILI * Ingredients * 1> 2 LB. of CHILI MEAT or ROUND STEAK 2> 1/8 LB. RENDERED, BEEF KIDNEY SUET (not codfech) note: ask a good butcher for some. it's hard to find it in the supermarkets, their beef kidneys come without the suet. THIS Ingredient MAKES OR BRAKES THE CHILI… —————————————– 3> 8 CHILI PODS (USE SUN-DRIED *ANCHOS*) try and pick ones with a reddish hue, it gives the chili much of it's color. yellow, greenish, and purplish ones are ok too. note: use 4 pods per lb. of meat. and boil in 1 cup of water per pod. note: Ancho is the dried form of Poblano Pepper. 4> 1 TABLESPOON BEEF BOUILLON 5> 2 GARLIC CLOVES (smashed and chopped) 6> 1 Tablespoon DRIED OREGANO (preferably Mexican) 7> 1 TEASPOONS SALT 8> 1/2 Tablespoon CAYENNE PEPPER POWDER 9> 1/2 Tablespoon CHILI POWDER 10> 1 Tablespoon Paprika POWDER (you can add more if you want a more Rosie color, and it will not affect taste.) 11> 1 Tablespoon GROUND CUMIN SEED (Comino in Spanish) 12> 1 TEASPOON VANILLA EXTRACT 13> 2 TEASPOONS WHITE VINEGAR 14> 1 Tablespoon Semi-Sweet BAKING CHOCOLATE 15> 1 CUP OF WATER (reserved from the water used to boil chili pods. also save a little more for mixing the masa, and to add the next day.) 16> 3 Tablespoons MASA HARINA (masa harina is yellow corn flour made by Quaker oats for the Mexican government.) note: all purpose flour may be used instead. * PREPARATION * 1> LEAN BEEF IS THE MAIN VEHICLE FOR CHILI, THE KIND MADE BY THE OLD CHUCK WAGON COOKS. STEWING MEAT IS EXCELLENT,IF IT IS FAT FREE. BUT NEVER, NEVER, USE PRIME BEEF, FOR IT WILL TURN INTO MUSH. MOST STORES SELL CHILI MEAT. AND ROUND STEAK WORKS VERY WELL. 2> SEAR MEAT UNTIL IT IS GRAY IN COLOR, A Little COOKING OIL MAY BE USED. note: (bacon grease and bits are excellent for added flavor, instead of cooking oil.) 3> DRAIN GREASE AND PUT IN CROCK-POT. note: iron Dutch ovens work well too. 4> RENDER OUT THE SUET. to render liquid fat from beef kidney suet, cook in a heavy saucepan over low heat, about 40 minutes or more. discard pieces of fat that are left over, POUR CLEAR LIQUID IN WITH THE MEAT. 5> WASH CHILI PODS AND REMOVE STEMS AND SEEDS, TAKE CARE TO NOT TOUCH EYES, WITH YOUR HANDS DURING THIS OPERATION AND WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY AFTERWARDS. 6> BOIL PODS FOR 1/2 HOUR, OR UNTIL THE SKINS CAN BE EASILY REMOVED. THEN MASH, DICE, GRIND, OR USE A FOOD PROCESSOR. THEN ADD IN WITH MEAT. 7> ADD ALL Remaining Ingredients TO THE MEAT, AND SOME OF THE PEPPERY WATER USED TO BOIL THE PODS, BUT DO NOT ADDED THE MASA AT THIS TIME. 8> COOK IN A CROCK POT ON LOW 8-10 HOURS, or 4-5 ON HIGH. ABOUT 1/2 HOUR BEFORE CHILI IS Finished, ADD THE MASA. MIX THE MASA WELL WITH THE CHILI PEPPER WATER WITH A FORK, UNTIL ITS SMOOTH AND THERE ARE NO LUMPS, THEN ADD TO THE CHILI. 9> PUT CHILI IN REFRIGERATOR FOR 8 TO 12 HOURS. CHILI THICKENS AND THE SPICES SET DURING IT'S STAY IN THE ICEBOX. THE GREASE WILL RISE TO THE TOP TOO. Finally REHEAT AND SERVE.. note: Old Timer's didn't skim the grease. some chili pepper water may be added to the mixture to make it smooth again. * Notes

This Recipe is a Variation of the Old Chili Recipe Dished out by the Famed San Antonio Chili Queens, of the Late 1800's, and Researched by the Late Texas Chili King, Frank X.Tolbert. I have to Admit the Chocolate, Vinegar and Vanilla Extract are My Own Variation in this Dish. The Vinegar Brings out the Flavor in the Chili Peppers, as well as the Vanilla Extract, when used Sparingly. The Chocolate Add's a Richness to the Dish, but you Can Not Taste the Chocolate, and It Will Not Taste The Same Without It.. Tolbert's Recipe is Still a Closely Guarded Family Secret….

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Chili Made in Northern Mexico is Made Much the Same Way, they Omit the Kidney Suet, and Add Chopped Onion. The Peppers they use are, 5 Dried California Chiles, and one New Mexico Chile, for 2 Pounds of Meat. The Old Texas Chili Didn't Contain Any Onions or Tomato's, as They Thought it would turn their Beloved Meat Dish into STEW, by Adding any Vegetable's….

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                             Revised 01/06/94
                               Mike Liegler

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