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Jungle Juice Category: Beverages: Drinks, punch, etc… Posted by: Zapman Quantity:

Ingredients: 1 liter bottle 190 proof 1 liter bottle Tropical Everclear flavor Schnapps 1 liter bottle Absolut 9-15 frozen juice Citron concentrates (to taste for

                            intensity of alcohol)

As much fruit (preferably melons, apples, oranges and strawberries, the rest tend to decompose in the Jungle Juice too fast–if you're not worried about how long you'll have it, cherries and raspberries and bananas are a treat). Water per concentrates instructions

Instructions: Combine all the alcohol in a large cooler, (clean, of course), and then drop in bite sized chunks of fruit. Add the concentrate last, and then let it soak(ferment?:) for about four hours. Enjoy. Lots and lots and lots and lots…

Comments: Heh–Okay, fun with Everclear (BTW–check what you're buying, there's vodka everclear, which is just strong vodka, and true Everclear which runs 190 proof or better, while the other stuff runs 100 P. And BE CAREFUL with this stuffalcohol poisoning is quick and deadly, and very easy with anything over 100 proof. ALWAYS mix Everclear with lots of other stuff.) Anyway, here's my favorite summer drink–Jungle Juice:

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