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                                   Chapter 2
            The FDA considers chocolate acceptable for public consumption
       as long as there are less than 60 microscopic insect fragments per
       100 grams (four ounces, or approximately one candy bar).
            Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs.  If they eat as little  as
       four  ounces,  they  become  so hyperactive that they may suffer a
       fatal heart attack.
            If you are typical, four percent of the food you eat will  be
       eaten in front of a refrigerator with its door open.
                               Unusual Appetites
            Worlds  worst  meal:  eating  a  bicycle.   A man did this by
       grinding it into powder.
            In 1743 a teen-age boy was observed to have eaten 384  pounds
       of  food  in  one  week. There was another boy (or perhaps another
       report on this same boy) whose weight increased by 179  pounds  in
       one  year  from 105 to 284. Like a cow, he ate fifteen hours every
       day yet was still hungry.
            In 1963 a man ate a single meal weighing 54 pounds.
            There was an olympic hammer thrower who used to eat  a  dozen
       raw eggs for breakfast, complete with shells.
            Perhaps the most exotic annual culinary affair was hosted  by
       Clodius,  a rich Roman actor who had one hundred birds given voice
       lessons at a cost of approximately $250 per  bird.   He  then  had
       these  birds  made  into  a pie for his guests.  He then offered a
       drink which contained  a  dissolved  pearl  worth  about  one-half
       million dollars.
            Historians  tell  us  that  a  sweet  onion  was the favorite
       dessert of the Romans.
            In Africa, roasted termites are considered delicious.
            People  in Laos would think  you were crazy if you refused to
       eat giant waterbugs.
            In Japan,  if you have enough money, you  can  order  gourmet
       beef  from cattle that have been raised in darkness, fed beer, and
       given custom massages by special masseurs.
            An English king used to like eating rotten oysters.
            When a pineapple was  first shown  to  the  infamous  glutton
       King  Louis  XIV, he immediately grabbed it and took a giant bite.
       He cut his lips and thereafter outlawed pineapples in France.
            Professor  William Buckland acquired the dried out  heart  of
       King Louis XIV, provided by grave robbers. He ate it!
                         Bites From The History of Food
            In  the  Bible,  the fruit that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden
       was not specifically an apple.  In the Koran, the sacred  book  of
       Islam,  it  is  called a banana. Some scientists believe the fruit
       may have been a lemon, because edible apples did not yet exist  in
       the time and place of Eden.
            The word salary came from the word salt in Roman times.  Salt
       was used as a trading medium - money.
            It's hard to imagine that until about four hundred years ago,
       European  people  ate  everything  with their fingers.  When a few
       people started using forks in England, everyone else  thought  the
       idea of using tools to eat was totally strange.
            The original  reason for  tablecloths was as a towel to wipe
       one's fingers and hands on after eating.
            In  the  eighteenth  century,   John  Montagu,  the  Earl  of
       Sandwich  invented  a small meal that could be eaten with one hand
       while he continued his non-stop gambling.
            Coca-Cola,   Hires  Root   Beer  and  Dr.   Pepper  were  all
       introduced in the same year, 1886.
            John Pemberton,  the inventor of Coca-Cola referred to it as,
       "Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage."
            7-Up  was originally called  Bib-Label  Lithiated  Lemon-Lime
       Soda when it was invented in 1929.
            The  7  is for the  original size - 7 ounces - and the Up was
       for "bottoms up." The first advertising slogan for 7-Up  was,  "It
       takes the ouch out of grouch."
            When  popsicles first appeared  in  1905,  they  were  called
       Epsicles, after Frank Epperson, their inventor.
            Ketchup  was  originally  made from fish broth and mushrooms.
       Tomatoes were added later.  Today,  ketchup  must  contain  sugar,
       otherwise it must be called imitation ketchup.
            Ninety to one hundred years ago,  the average American worked
       about 13 minutes to earn enough money for a quart of milk. Now, it
       takes about 4 minutes.
            M&M  candies are named for Forrest Mars  and  Bruce  Murries,
       the  inventors.  They were first made as a high-energy field snack
       for American soldiers because "they melt in your mouth, not in you
                             Fruits and Vegetables
            Cherries taste great,  but if you eat the leaves or twigs  of
       a cherry tree, you could die.
            Strawberries  are  unique  among  fruits  because they  carry
       their seeds on the outside.
            People have grown tomatoes with a strawberry growing inside.
            Americans eat 5681 miles of carrots per day.
            A  genetic   engineer  in  Japan  has   created   cube-shaped
       watermelons. These stack more efficiently than round ones.
            Celery  has  the  unusual  effect that the more you eat,  the
       skinnier you will become.  It takes more energy to eat celery than
       the calories it contains.
            If you eat eleven  pounds of  potatoes,  you  will  gain  one
       pound  of  weight.   Until  the eighteenth century, many Americans
       believed that potatoes were bad for your health.
            Nine-tenths of cabbage is plain water.
            If you  store carrots and apples together in your fridge, the
       carrots will become  bitter  because  they  are  affected  by  the
       ethylene fumes (natural) given off by the apples.
            There is a  wild edible plant called  Hernandulcin  which  is
       1000 times sweeter than sugar.
            If you  filled trucks with all the candy American kids eat in
       one  year,  they  would line up bumper to bumper from San Diego to
       San Francisco.
            When the diets of  inmates of a Virginia  juvenile  detention
       center  were  changed  from  typical American junk food to natural
       foods - cereal without sugar, fruit juice instead of soda, etc,  -
       kids  who  were chronic offenders decreased by 56 percent and kids
       who were well-mannered increased by 71 percent.
             When you go to a fast-food  restaurant  and  ask  for  white
       chicken meat, you might actually get bleached dark meat.
             The  largest  Kentucky  Fried  Chicken  store is in Beijing,
             Americans eat 127 chickens per second.
             Just before a game, Babe Ruth had to be taken to a  hospital
       due  to  extreme  stomach  pain. He had eaten twelve hot dogs in a
             Most people don't realize that a hot  dog  may  contain  cow
       brains, lips, eyes, stomachs or tails. Americans eat an average of
       forty  of  these things per year, at a cost of six hundred million
       dollars.  If you lined them all up, that line  would  be  about  a
       half million miles long.
             If the water used by the cattle business was not paid for by
       American taxpayers, beef would cost $35 per pound.
             These people were vegetarians:
       Albert Einstein
       George Bernard Shaw
       Leo Tolstoy
       Clara Barton
       Mahatma Ghandi
       Mr. Rogers
       Leonardo da Vinci
       Jeff Juliano, the original Ronald McDonald
            All members of the Roman empire were vegetarians until Julias
            There is no known case of a vegetarian dying of snakebite  in
            In  America, some people put sugar in their tea or coffee. In
       parts of China, people put salt into their tea.
            Voltaire drank between 50 and 65 cups of coffee every day.
            In France the average person drinks over 25 gallons  of  wine
       per year.
            We  Americans drink three million gallons of orange juice per
       day.  We drink over fifteen million gallons of  beer  daily.  This
       means  that  on average, Americans drink five times more beer than
       orange juice.
            In Old England, people drank beer at breakfast.
            In the old days, people did not buy beer in bottles  or  cans
       at  the  7-11  store. They went to the tavern and carried the beer
       home in a bucket.
            In Japan there is a liquor made from the fermented bodies  of
       venomous snakes.
            If everyone quit drinking alcoholic beverages, twenty million
       starving people could be fed on the grain saved.
                            Miscellaneous Food Facts
            According  to the makers of Hellman's Mayonnaise, contrary to
       popular belief, you can't get sick from their product.  They  have
       never  had  a  case  of a sick customer.  The acid and salt in the
       product would kill harmful bacteria.
            Nine   people  per  day  die  in  America  from  accidentally
       drinking, eating or inhaling something other than food.
            If you lined up all the eggs that Americans eat in  one  day,
       they would reach from Chicago to Waikiki. (4142 miles)
            We  each  eat  approximately  ten  pounds  of  chemical  food
       additives per year.
            To  grow  the  wheat  for a single loaf of bread requires two
       tons of water.
            You can harvest one-half ton of wheat from an  acre,  but  if
       you grow potatoes instead, that same acre will give you five tons.
            A scientist is working on a new soft drink that will help you
       lose  weight  in a new way. When you sip this drink, it coats your
       intestines with a fluorocarbon that reduces the ability to  absorb
       nutrition.  When you eat, the stuff will just go right through you
       without benefit.
            Americans   are   2,300,000,000   (over   2  billion)  pounds
       overweight.  We average about nine and a half  pounds  overweight.
       Overweight  Americans  cost  about  a  billion  extra  gallons  of
       gasoline per year.
            If  you  occasionally  water your plants with Club Soda, they
       will increase in color and vitality.
            Food takes 24 hours to complete its 30-foot path through your
            Chop suey was invented in America.
            Honey does not spoil.
            If you like exotic foods, perhaps you would like Haggis, from
       Scotland.  It contains oatmeal, suet,  onions,  and  sheep  heart,
       lungs, liver and stomach.
            If  you  spin  two eggs on a flat, hard surface, one raw, and
       the other hard-boiled, the hard-boiled one will spin much longer.
            There used to be a custom of putting a small piece  of  toast
       into  wine  to enhance its flavor by absorbing particles.  This is
       where the term "to toast" came from.
            Potato chips cost 200 times more per pound than potatoes.
            The high cost of medical insurance would be reduced by  about
       33  percent  if  we all had a proper diet, according to a study by
       the Senate Committee of Nutrition and Human Needs.
            If we all had a proper diet, 98 percent of the people who die
       of heart attacks would still be around.
            Some scientists in Tucson, Arizona studied  peoples'  garbage
       cans  and  discovered that Americans waste ten percent of the food
       we buy. We throw away 81 billion dollars worth of good food  every
            Perhaps  you  have seen the trick done by jugglers where they
       juggle three items, one of which is an apple, and as they  juggle,
       they  eat  the  apple. This can be done fast and messy, and brings
       great laughter as apple juice and bits of apple end up flying  all
       over the stage as the juggler finishes.
            John,  a  juggler working in Chicago, had performed the apple
       trick hundreds of times, but he never really ate  the  apple.   He
       didn't swallow it, he merely filled his mouth with bites of apple,
       then  spit  them out back stage afterwards.  On one occasion, John
       was near the end of the apple routine, and the  crowd  was  loving
       it,  so he went a bit (or rather a bite) farther than usual.  This
       proved to be too much, that last bite shoved some apple  into  his
       throat which resulted in John throwing up all over the stage!

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