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			on Monday, 26 January 1981 at 1446-EST:

500 -+24 Jan 81 Thomas Slack Home Cooked Meals (620) 503 -+25 Jan 81 Doug Jensen Family style TV (895) 508 -+26 Jan 81 Lawrence Butcher Saving on Utility Bills (728) 509 -+26 Jan 81 Mark Faust Family style decadence (878) 510 -+26 Jan 81 Mario Barbacci 3M glue (410) 513 +26 Jan 81 Bruce Nelson Sweet mother of pearl … (876) 515 -+26 Jan 81 George Robertson Full Moon? (183)

—-Message 500 (620 chrs) is—- Date: 24 Jan 1981 15:12 From: Thomas Slack Subject: Home Cooked Meals

Are you longing for a good, home cooked meal in a family setting Each day as I go home I realize what a blessing it is not to live in a dormitory or an apartment, but in a house with my family. Of course, it's hard to make ends meet (most months they don't), so my wife Lee and I are considering opening our home to small groups of hungry CMU students for a good, solid evening meal in exchange for (you may have guessed) a reasonable donation to our grocery bill. For information and appointments contact me or call Lee at 381-5519. —-Message 503 (895 chrs) is—- Date: 25 Jan 1981 13:08 From: Doug Jensen Subject: Family style TV

Are you longing to watch the Super Bowl and Charlie's Angels in glorious full color? As I enter my office each day, I realize what a blessing it is not to have just a cheap, tinny AM radio, but to have a costly color TV. Of course, on a faculty member's salary, it's hard to make ends meet (especially with a hungry Eldorado to feed), so my secretary and I are considering opening my office to small groups of well-behaved video-starved CMU students for a good solid evening of viewing pleasure in exchange for (of course) a reasonable donation to Neiman-Marcus for my monthly TV payment. For tickets, contact Cynthia at X2591–don't send netmail, I wouldn't want to be accused of misusing ARPA facilities for personal gain. After the movie, we'll all go over to Slack's place for dinner. —-Message 508 (728 chrs) is—- Date: 26 Jan 1981 00:38 From: Lawrence Butcher Subject: Saving on Utility Bills

Now that precedent has been set: As I enter my home each day, I realize what a blessing it is to have hot water available at the turn of a tap. Of course, on a staff member's salary, it's hard to pay those winter utility bills, so I'm considering opening my shower to small groups of well-versed CMU C.S. coeds who believe, as I do, that our natural resources should be conserved–in exchange, of course, for a reasonable contribution toward my utility bill. For appointments, leave your number with anyone in the Engineering Lab and we'll get back to you. If we're still up to it after the shower, we can go watch TV at Jensen's. —-Message 509 (878 chrs) is—- Date: 26 Jan 1981 01:23 From: Mark Faust Subject: Family style decadence

From: Mark Faust <Mark.Faust at CMU-10A> As I return home to my house every day, I realize what a blessing it is to not have to live in a wholesome family style environment, but to enjoy instead a truly depraved, immoral and hedonistic life. Of course it's hard to afford the alkaloids and hallucinogens to support such an existence, so my housemates and I are considering inviting small mobs of suitably tainted and unruly CMU students over for a good sordid evening of sexual perversion and drug abuse in exchange for (naturally) a reasonable donation to our wholesaler. For reservations and information give Andrea or myself a call at 421-2577. After regaining consciousness we can scope out the pretty colors on Doug's TV set. (Who needs to eat?) —-Message 510 (410 chrs) is—- Date: 26 Jan 1981 03:44 From: Mario Barbacci Subject: 3M glue

3M, under the Scotch brand name, manufactures a fine adhesive for art and display work. This product is called "Craft Mount". 3M suggests that to obtain the best results, one should make the bond "while the adhesive is wet, aggressively tacky." I did not know what "aggressively tacky" meant until I saw a recent notice in the Bboard. —-Message 513 (876 chrs) is—- Date: 26 Jan 1981 05:32 From: Bruce Nelson Subject: Sweet mother of pearl …


As I swim through the warm lagoon each day, I realize what a blessing it is to live in such serenity, solitude, and splendor. The gentle azure seas, softly glistening beaches, and waving emerald fronds carry me back to the rocking cradle of my youth, long before my glacial era at CMU. I'm in awe of my balmy home each waking moment; I thank the gods for their cooling afternoon showers no less than I praise my lovely wives–all seven of them–for the constant attention they rain upon me. Unfettered by the mores of white men, we laugh and love each sun-drenched day away.


I'd share this, you know, if I thought it could stay this way. But sex and drugs and rock & roll, why, they'd bring our blackest day. —-Message 515 (183 chrs) is—- Date: 26 Jan 1981 09:00 From: George Robertson Subject: Full Moon?

After reading the bboard postings for the last 12 hours, I have to ask: was there a full moon last night???

[End forwarded messages]

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