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NOW, Lenseman, the one you asked for:

                (my not so humble opinion)

frijoles negros refritos flour tortillias

Molcajete or Xnipec Salsa Grated cheeses (jack and colby)

Chopped onions Sour cream

Get largest tortillias available, steam in closed container in oven with moist towel (NOT soggy) for a few minutes to warm (or warm in microwave for a FEW seconds. Add large spoon of beans, spoon of sour cream, onions, cheeses and salsa. Roll, bite, smile. Note: this should be stuffed full. If you can make it look like those things the serve at Taco Hell I will be insulted!

Hope someone out there enjoys these…

Black beans keep 2-3 days in the fridge and you can nuke burittos for 1/2 a week from this recipe. I once lived 4 days on this, and loved it!.

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