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Bunacalda Category: Fish: Seafood dishes, etc… Posted by: Jolie Quantity:

Ingredients: 2 cans anchovies (drain the oil off of


2 sticks of butter 4 buds of garlic (or

                            whatever)  <--(my family
                            really likes garlic)


Brown these all together for 8-10 minutes.  Add 1/2 pt.

whipping cream and 3/4 pt. half-and-half. Add the rest of the cream as it thickens. Mix and enjoy.


Serving:  Grandma says you dip veggies in the mixture (she

recommends celery and/or cabbage (pickled mushrooms?)) and then eat it, using Italian bread to catch the drips. My grandfather just puts his bread in the stuff, but my grandma says her father would have shot them for doing that. That's about all I know, since I don't eat it myself. Hope that helped.

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