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 Beer:  The preferred drink of most teenagers.  Most people find it boring

when all they have to do at a party is sit around and just drink. To pass the time, have a few good laughs, and make the stuff go down easier, people invented games to play with drinking beer.



 This is probably the most often and popular game around.  It is rather

simple. Get a case or so (depending on how long you want to play and how drunk you want to get should determine how much beer you need) and a small to medium sized glass no more than 3-5 inches high, and a quarter (any year). The best way to play is with 5-7 people and not all guys!

 Fill the glass as much as you want with beer and you're off!  The object of

the game is to get the quarter into the glass (this is harder than it sounds). To get the quarter into the glass you bounce it off the table. The best way is to put the glass about 6 inches away from where the quarter will bounce.

 After you get the quarter into the glass, give the glass to someone to

guzzle (only cool people drink the quarter with the beer and spit out the quarter!). If a person gets the quarter in on a multiple of 3 (ie: 3,6,9…) he must drink.

 We play with a few variations that you may enjoy.  One trick that is always

a killer is after the person gets the quarter into the glass, he must point with his elbow to the person he wishes to drink. If he fails to do so then he must drink.

 Another variation is what we call "chance it".  When a person "chances it"

it is when he misses his shot and wishes to try again. The glass is then filled up a little more with beer and the person gets another chance. If he misses again, he must drink.

 My personal view on this one is unless you play with some people that are

really hilarious, the game becomes rather boring. One other thing I forgot to mention was (this is cruel) is before you start playing, get everyone to gang up on one person, so when you start getting the quarters in, that person drinks all of them…Have fun!


Thumper * Thumper is my all-time favorite drinking game. Thumper is rather simple, each person has a sign (ie: middle finger, peace sign, etc) and one person starts by showing his sign and then doing someone elses sign. For example, let's say my sign is holding up my middle index finger (ie: the "fuck-you" finger) and another guy's sign is the peace sign. I show my sign and then the peace sign. The guy with the peace sign gives his sign then someone elses. If a person fucks up, he must drink the amount of beer that was poured into the glass. A person fucks up if he gives a wrong sign, takes too long to show someone else's sign, messes up someone's sign, or just didn't pay attention when someone did his sign. After half an hour or more the game really starts to get fun. People are getting kinda buzzed and start fucking up more and more. The best way to play this is with as many people as possible. Each person should have a unique and hard to reproduce sign. Personally I think this is one of the best games around. If you get the right people you can have one helluva game! My favorite sign is making your fingers like the letter V (peace sign) and sticking your tongue between the two fingers. Enjoy! %=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=%=% Hi Bob! *

 This game is rather interesting.  Does anyone remember the old Bob Newhart

Show? It was a pretty good show. In every show someone always says "Hi Bob" to Bob. It happens quite often within the show.

 Get a bunch of people and sit around and put on The Bob Newhart Show.  Every

time someone says "Hi Bob!", everybody drinks.

 You can do this with other TV shows, like All in the Family (the old

versions). Every time Archie says "Hey meathead" (or just Meathead) everybody drinks.

 All in all, not a bad game...Enjoy!


Flower **

 This is one of the newer games that I have learned.	It has turned out to be

one of the better ones also. To play the game you will need about 6-8 people, a glass for each one (the same type of glass for each one would be the best), and a shitload of beer. The glasses should be about 3-5 inches high (same as Quarters). You will need a table that will allow a quarter to bounce. Oh yeah, you need a quarter too.

 Arrange the glasses in a circular pattern on the table.  After that is done,

take another glass and put it in the center of the other glasses so it looks like this:

(o - glass)

	o o
       o o o
	o o
 (Due to the reason that I cannot make a perfect circle, the figure is not

drawn that way, but in the game make sure to arrange the glasses in more of a circle.). When you finish arranging the glasses, fill each one half-way (or more or less if you wish) with beer. Fill the center glass to almost full.

 Next, each person sits in front of his glass.  The game begins by someone

bouncing the quarter into one of the glasses. If he misses, the next guy gets a chance and so on until you decide to quit. If a person gets the quarter in his glass (the one he should be sitting in front of) he gives his glass of beer to anyone playing to drink. If the quarter goes in any of the other glasses, the person to whom that glass belongs (IE: the person sitting in front of that specific glass) drinks the beer in his glass.

 The real exciting part of the game occurs when someone bounces the quarter

into the center glass. When this happens everyone grabs their glass as quickly as possible and guzzles!!! The last person to put his glass down on the table (signifying (sp?) that he has finished drinking) drinks the beer in the center glass.

 Overall, this game gets pretty exciting, especially if the quarter gets in

the center glass a lot!! Enjoy!

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