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           E M D Y    P I R A T E S    P R E S E N T S
                [The Guide to good Alcohol]
           [typed and written by - The Weatherman]

Call these Maryland (301) boards:

The Weather Station BBS/AE 3/12bd 24 hrs [301]-661-9355 Terminal Obsession BBS/AE 3/12bd 24 hrs [301]-298-0094 Razor's Edge BBS/AE 3/12/24 24 hrs [301]-561-6161

/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\ /'\ A Guide to Good Alcohol - The Weatherman /'\ /'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\/'\

      First I would like to add that I am still under the age of 21, but that never stopped me.. There are many new things out there in the world of drinks, and it is all in different catagories. I will start off with the wine/wine cooler section:
  1- Rianite (Red and Strawberry)         2- Seagrams Wine Coolers
  3- Bartles and James wine coolers       4- Sun country & California Coolers

Yes, I know there are MANY wines out there, but I only stick to one right now.. Ok, lets move on to the beer section.

  1- Molson Golden      2- Michilob       3- St. Pauli Girl      
  4- Coors              5- Bush           6- Miller
  7- Rolling Rock       8- Bud            9- Schaefer
 10- Weideman          11- Hiynekin      

I am not going to go into the hard-liquer scence yet. There are too many, but the only mixed drinks that are good that I have had are Mellon-Balls, Root Beer Schnaps, Seagrams 7, and Screwdrivers.

If you have trouble getting it, just try all the liquer stores around your area (city is the best). It can't hurt to try, and grow a beard or mustache to help you out. If they say 'No I.D., no drinks', just use some of te old lines like:

1] I left my I.D. in the car, hold on. 2] I can't find it! 3] My licence is suspended, no I.D. 4] You served me before, remember? 5] I.D. THIS! (and moon them!)

If none of these work, then you can always wait outside of the store and get some cool person to go in and get it for you. Don't be afraid to ask people, because many will do it, and also you could get someone you know that is legal age to do it, but that takes the fun out of it..

If any new edition come into the scence, I will add them at a later date. Look for more files written by me to come out in the future.

]%- May 25th, 1987 copyright Emdy Pirates association -%[

 ]%-  The Weatherman -%[


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