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                   ë The BëM Squad Presents ë
          "WaReZ d00dz and H/P/A/V: A Failing Mixture"
                         by Mr. Sandman
     I have noticed a very sad thing occur recently. Wares and
H/P/A/V have mixed together on the same boards and this has damaged
rather than helped the scene. I never really thought this was bad
at first but what I've started to notice is that most Wares Boards
have started to advertise that they are also H/P/A/V to either
attract more callers or so the sysop can feel like he is a complete
BaD aSS because not only does he have WaReZ but he also has H/P/A/V
which makes him "MoRe Elite" than most other boards. This is crap
and is really hurting the scene.
     Nothing pisses me off more when I see a board advertising
H/P/A/V support, CCInet, NuKE, etc. and yet it is totally geared
towards Wares so no matter how much you know about the H/P/A/V
scene you will not be granted access to the board because the users
and sysops favor the WaReZ d00dz. This is really quite sad because
there are less and less total H/P/A/V Boards almost every year and
you have to have Wares in order to enjoy the H/P/A/V scene. I am
not saying that this is true with all Wares/HPAV Boards but it
seems to be true with most at the moment. For example, I have not
had access to CCInet ever since High Voltage went PD.And sad to say
you had to have an abundance of Wares in order to gain access to
High Voltage in order to gain access. The only reason I had access
there was because I helped him set up his BBS from day one when he
had about five users. Then there was one other board in the same
areacode that used to carry both Wares and H/P/A/V who did not
discriminate towards any user if they knew what they were talking
about. Unfortunately he went down. The use of improper Infoforms is
to blame for most of this. When I see a BBS advertising H/P/A/V and
it's New User Voting Infoform only has questions pertaining to the
Wares scene I think it is really unfair to the good H/P/A/V User.
It does not give him a chance to prove his worth to the BBS and the
Users will normally vote him off. Personally, I see no excuse for
having an unbalanced Infoform if you are supporting both Wares and
H/P/A/V because it is hurting the scene. If you are a sysop and you
run a BBS which carries both Wares and H/P/A/V then please balance
your Infoforms. If you don't then it looks like you really don't
give a shit about the H/P/A/V users and are only using H/P/A/V to
make your BBS look á’ddEr than the others.
     The other thing which has really started to bother me is when
Wares Boards or Wannabe Wares Boards start advertising that they
have an abundance of H/P/A/V when they really have jack shit and
don't ever care if they get any H/P/A/V files. Once, you have
called you have accomplished their goal because you have made their
BBS look one user bigger. For example, I called another Wares BBS
recently, which shall remain nameless, which was advertising that
it had CCInet and loads of H/P/A/V. When I gained access the
first thing I did was go to the message section. All the users were
complete WaReZ d00dz and the subs that dealt with Wares were
thriving. Then I reached one sub titled "H/P/A/V Discussion" which
had one post by the sysop explaining what it was for and then all
the remaining posts were d00dz warring with each other. I was so
pissed to see the one thing I called for which I expected to be
somewhat intelligent being used as a warring sub. Then my Message
Scan ended and I hadn't hit any subs that were on CCInet. I paged
the sysop and when he broke in he said that he didn't have it yet
but he knew that he could get it if he asked for it. I was really
pissed off at that point but I hadn't yet checked out the file
section so I kept my cool and went into it. He had a great supply
of Wares but the thing that surprised me most was that he had only
ONE FILE dealing with H/P/A/V which was on how to build a Gold Box.
At this point I was so pissed I chatted with him again and totally
went off on him. The dick started calling me a lamer and tried to
make me look like I'd done something wrong. He then proceeded to
tell me that if I didn't upload him a new Ware he would revoke my
access to the board. Using the Nowhere Utilities I disguised the
Crazy Trojan as a Ware and gave it to him. I know he ran it because
Balin later called back the board and he posted a Bulletin about it
yet this did not help solve the problem. It was merely one asshole
who just started everything over again after he reformatted his HD.
I have even less respect for these losers so if anyone runs across
another board like this send a virus or trojan their way for me. If
a BBS is actually trying to get a good H/P/A/V section then it
won't require you to upload Wares. If they required uploads of
H/P/A/V to keep access to their board, even if they only had a few
H/P/A/V files or posts you would at least know that they were
genuine about wanting to get a good H/P/A/V board going because you
would be contributing to the board. However, if they require you to
upload a Ware then you know where their mind is.
     The only other problem I've noticed that is also hurting the
scene are the egos among H/P/A/V and Wares Users who think they are
greater than everyone and were born with their knowledge and never
had to learn everything. If someone with less experience posts a
message like, "What does a Red Box do?" or, "What does INC stand
for?" they are immediately attacked by these egotistical users in
the subs who insult them and call them lamers. This doesn't help
anything. We all know that those of us who do know what we are
talking about had to learn at one point what all these things stood
for and what their functions were. We didn't just know it! And that
is why we should not belittle someone because they don't know what
something is because it doesn't help the situation. If someone asks
a basic question like that why not just give them the answer
instead of giving them an attitude. It will help out everybody much
better in the long run.
     I am not going to point the finger at any BBS's in this file
for doing anything that I mentioned above because that was not the
purpose of this file. However, if you happen to be the Sysop or a
User on a BBS that commits what I've expressed dislike to in the
above then please change your BBS to meet the above or have a talk
with the sysop about what I've said. If we could get the Wares and
H/P/A/V Community to truly come together then so much more could be
accomplished. Please take into consideration what I've said in this
                                      Mr. Sandman
                        BOM Squad Members

                           Mr. Sandman
                         The AntiChrist
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                           Cop Killer
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  If you are interested in either writing or being a site for the
BëM Squad then please read the BOM.APP file and contact Mr. Sandman
on the above boards or look for any for us on other good H/P boards.
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