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		Twin City Citadels -- Short History 
		    all numbers area code (612) 
			<updated 4/23/85> 

xxxxxxxx SuperComp (acting sysop – Hue, Sr.)

SuperComp, a Sperry personal computer club, originally ordered Citadel 2.10 

from CUG through the instigation of Ray Schneider (aka The White Knight aka The Conductor). Brought up on a 1655 with an embedded Z80B with 8" disks on Thanksgiving of '83, the system experienced instant success and quickly became difficult to get on, despite the fact that the number was never advertised on local boards. Despite the fact that it was always run on an "open" basis, serious topics were usually the order of the day, and the digressive, silly rooms that appeared were actually viewed with relief!

Current status: Down due to severe disk drive problems. Will not come back up 

unless the system gets new drives (doubtful) or it is successfully moved to a PDP-11.

431-1107 Test System (syslob – Hue, Jr.)

Test System, running under MS-DOS 2.13 on a Zenith Z100, came up in the fall 

of '84. True to its name, it's a System that one and all are invited to bang away at, and it frequently crashes, due to programmer incompetency and strange compiler bugs and the tricks of the gremlins. Nearly functionally equivalent to the 8 bit TC Citadels, it has not been in heavy use until lately due to the extremely erratic hours it keeps (Hue, Jr. uses the computer for his own BBSing and programming). Furthermore, someday it will come down when the sysop gets a job and moves out, and it's doubtful that he'll bring it back up. But he might.

Current status: Erratic up times, subject to crashes and sysoporial whims. 

Very little serious talk, users encouraged to try to bring system down.

432-7668 Dog House (sysop – Lucifer)

The Dog House came up about a month after Test System came up, and is also 

hosted on a Z100, although this time on the 8 bit CP/M-85 side (8085 chip). While suffering a number of disk problems due to the unclean environment it was run in, Lucifer's BBS became very popular for mostly light talk. In January of '85, Dog House became the first TC Citadel to have both 300/1200 access. In about February of '85, it went 'controlled' (for lack of a better word) – new users were still welcome, but they now had to provide names and voice #s before they could use the system.

Current status: Up and down like a yo-yo. Lucifer is out of town on a 

business trip as of this writing, so we don't know precisely what the problem is, but it appears to be a disk problem again.

423-5048 Terminal Station (sysop – The Conductor)

About a week after Dog House went up, the Terminal Station joined it, hosted 

also on a Z100 on the CP/M-85 side. It instantly became a rather dichotomous system, hosting both highly serious discussions of Theology, SDI, School Prayer, etc., as well as incredibly ruggish subjects, and digression became a raging plague on the system, leading to a room named Digression. It followed Dog House in getting 300/1200 access, and has the honor of being the only system that ran a disk so long that when it failed, you could see through it completely! Terminal Station is an open system.

Current status: Down with a disk controller problem. Projected up date: 


459-8095 Just another Citadel (sysop – Stallion)

Just Another Citadel went up on about 85Apr12, and was instantly welcome due 

to the fact that SuperComp and Terminal Station were down, and Dog House was unstable. It seems to be off to a fine start, and is an open system, being run on a Digilog 1500 under CP/M-80.

Cedar Grove Baptist (sysop – Bryce)

This system is not yet open, and when it does open, will only be available to 

members of Cedar Grove Baptist church. It is going to be run on a Sperry PC (IBM clone) under MS-DOS 2.11.

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