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Well, I am sure you have all heard that I had a small legal problem today, and I know how stuff gets blown out of proportion, so I thought I'd explain the story myself. Here goes…

I have carded a few items in the past 3 days, and I have NEVER done this before. The Grim Reaper got CBI accounts and placed orders, and I picked them up. Well, one of the places Grim ordered from was Paradise Computers, they knew it was a bogus order, but told us the package was shipped. Then they called the FEDS. Anyhow, the Feds must have been watching the pickup spot, then following me around till I met up with Grim to deliver his share of the stuff. As soon as we went to make the exchange, the Secret Service, FBI, state police, and local police were running at us with bulletproof vests and automatic guns. They handcuffed us, separated us, and took each of us back to our homes for them to search.

So I haven't talked to Grim Reaper since I saw him lying next to me on the ground being arrested. But here's my story. About 20 agents came to my apartment and grabbed all computer equipment without a receipt. So we still have 1 modem, and this computer system. Anyhow, they grabbed\ every piece of paper they could find. Unfortunately, I am a very organized person, and had "the who's who in the pirate world" written down for my use. So if you ever gave me your real name, number, or address, it is now in the hands of the Secret Service and FBI. This list was quite large, as it took 2 years to compile.

These boys did their homework. They knew Enterprize was USA HQ and they knew my handle, and they knew I supplied the group with software. They weren't going for just anyone here guys, they knew they needed to bust a group leader. Well, they did. Got me on carding, pirating, and a ton of other legal terms having to do with both of these.

I was charged with 6 different counts, each holding a 5-30 year prison sentence. It doesn't look good for me at all. I'll post a file as soon as I get arraigned and let you guys know what is going on.

But I will say this now, and I MEAN it. I love the groups, the software, and the competition. But regardless of what happens to me, I am done forever. No more NotSoHumble Babe, no more USA. I hate to do this to everyone, but I really don't have a choice. And regardless of who I am that got busted, be strong and support what you believe in your hearts: piracy. Don't let them win. You guys can all go on without me. Just promise me you won't give up and throw in the towel. If anyone wants to contact me, you can leave e-mail on Enterprize for me, or call voice AT YOUR OWN RISK. They told me they were tapping the phone lines.

Just got to say a few goodbyes…

Genesis: man, this stuff is in your blood, don't allow my mistakes to

       mess up something you've loved your whole life.  You Gotta Ski!

Silencer: well, you warned me and I didn't listen. I needed to listen to

        the kid with a knowledgable mind.  Sorry, the second time I left
        a group and left you hanging...

Cool Hand: Joe, you are a really nice person to talk to, and you've got a

         wife and kids.  Remember that man, is this stuff worth it?

Line Noise: Neil, I guess you are one of the happier ones to hear of my

          bust.  No THG, no USA.  You will rule the world man, but be
          more careful than I was.

The PieMan: Well, you can quit threatening to turn my board in if you ever

          get caught.  My board was officially busted.

Fab.Furlough: Deep down inside, you are a backstabber. But I still love

            you man...

And to all I didn't say anything to, doesn't mean I don't care. I hope USA will continue to live and prosper. And I will do anything I can(legally) to help USA prosper. Goodbye…

                         The NotSoHumble Babe

Date : 01-XX-92 Time : Who knows Commenter : [> ANONYMOUS <]

Of course, that was the version she wanted to play to the general

public. The NotSoHumble Babe and The Grim Reaper were not just doing this for the first time, it had been a routine thing for quite a while. (For at least 4 months, when TGR carded his 486/33).

I guess it would be helpful to take a few steps back, and get a look

at the whole picture as I know it (From reliable sources, and from personal experiance with these two people).

The NotSoHumble Babe was always known for her good contacts in the 

software field, that is the reason for USA's quick appearence. People probably wondered how she did it? I am sure she had many ways, but the one tactic she used which gained her the interest of the FBI was telling the software Co's she was a distributor. All of them believed this expept for one. When this one checked her Employer Identification Number, and found it didn't check out with her, they knew something was up. They then had her lines monitored, and because of this found out they had more then a business fraud on their hands, they found out they had a veteran Credit Card abuser, and the leader of a major pirate group. This then in turn caused a lot more investigation to take place, and in turn the interest of the Secret Service. Since they were being monitored, the SS knew all their plans. When TGR had ordered his next shipment of carded goods, the SS notified the company of what was going on, and set the trap. Now, after several months of investigation on The Grim Reaper (Mike Arnolds) and The NotSoHumble Babe, the case was about to come to a close, they had everything they needed to convict these two people in court, and whoever else they wanted.

As Amy said in her text above, she and Mike were on the way to meet each

other to split the goods they had carded. When Amy went to FedEx to pick up her shit, and go meet Mike, they were surrounded, and arrested. This took place on 1-29-92 at approximately 2:27pm.

Mike and Amy were taken back to their houses, where all of their equipment

was looked over. As she said, anything without a receipt was confiscated. Then, came the big talks from the Feds - Interrogation.

This day totally changed Mike's and Amy's life drastically. Things would

not be the same. And because of this, they were both pretty moved. Because of this insecure feeling, and because they are both unable to take this shit themselves, and not implicate other people, they decided to cooperate 100% with the authorities. Anything they didn't have on paper, anything the Feds found unclear, Mike and Amy are/were right there to make a clear picture for them. Amy failed to say this, I see. I know first hand, The Grim Reaper and The NotSoHumble Babe are going to drag as many as they can with them. A loser thing to do, but that's what they are going to do. Looks like it's time for us all to either call it quits for a while, or be very fucking careful. TGR and TNSHB are both history. They fucked up. And now they will pay for their mistakes. But we don't need to be party to their bullshit. Delete their accounts from your board, blacklist them, lock out newusers, change the system pw, and even go as far as deleting all USA affiliates if you feel it is necessary.

What about USA? What about Genesis and BBS-A-Holic? Well, Genesis was one

of her partners in crime. Thomas always made it a habit to get something out of each of her shipments, so to do this, he had to contribute somehow, nothing is free. He helped card about 25% of the shit they got, so I am sure he is a nervous mother fucker right now. The Feds are monitoring his local FedEx anyway, so if he goes there to pick up his last package, his ass is in jail too. He also was a very avid user of the 950-0511 extender, as the Feds are aware of, and they might pop him for this, who knows? The board? USA? I have heard, but not from Genesis, that USA is now officially dead. BBS-A-Holic is down, and no idea when it will come back up. But when it does again come online, I will not be a member on that system. Thomas is considering turning himself in, if he does this, he said he too will cooperate with the Feds, which means if you were his friend yesterday, and helped him card shit, or anything, then you might share his cell tomorrow.

What do you know about The Grim Reaper, The Void, and Vision-x? -

The Grim Reaper is getting popped for the second time, therefore, I think his ass will be in jail a few years, once he is sentenced. The Void? I am not sure, but I assume since he had carded all of his computer equipment, that it was all confiscated, along with all of his backups. Mike being in jail, or not, will never again run a board. As for Vision-x, who knows. Warlord has not made a public statement yet, so noone knows yet. He does live in 313 as did the other two, so if I were him I would be scared shitless, especially since he was supposed to receive a carded 386/25 from USA. Felony Net and Toxic Net are all history. Perhaps Warlord will bring them back, though, but I don't foresee this any time soon.

The Grim Reaper and The NotSoHumble Babe were charged with Credit Card

Fraud, ammounting 18,200$, and software piracy adding up to 72,000$. Once you add Genesis' (Thomas') part in, the credit card fraud will probably amount to 21,000$, but, that's just my guess, based on all this shit he told me about that he assisted in, and some he did on his own.

When TNSHB says to call her board and leave her your questions, or number

to call you back at, it is just a simple way to drag you in. Dont fall for it. Lives and freedom are too precious to ruin for a bitch like her. Just for the hell of it, here are their telephone numbers, if you want to verify all this shit, just call and ask them. (I advise you do this from a payphone a LONG way from your house, and dont identify yourself) The Grim Reaper (Mike) 313-981-1903/313-981-1296 The NotSoHumble Babe (Amy) 313-442-2523 Genesis (Thomas) 213-328-7507

Hope this has all been helpful. If you want more history on these people,

send a public message on OoofNet in care of [>ANONYMOUS<], and I will give the desired history out.

                                         [> ANONYMOUS <]
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