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         The Real Story
         By Michael Levy
         AKA The Dark Knight


I am writing this for 2 main reasons:

1) You will all find out about it by the end of the month anyway, one way or

 another, so its better you hear the real story, from the original source.

2) It's about time I told this story.

The following is a true story, following the events that took place starting in May of 1991.

For 4 years, I had been friends with two people, Dennis R. Haines (who was known on BBSs at the time as 'Action Jackson' and John A. Fransckiewich. (who was not on BBSs.) We had become good friends, and often hang out and the like. Around March, 1991, I became friends with a guy named Michael D. Cohen through a BBS. (He was known as 'The Wanderer') I started hanging out with him, and, in turn, John and Dennis did too. We often had sleep overs at my house on weekends. Since I had a job, I couldn't always hang out so Mike became better friends with John and Dennis than with me. They started playing tricks on me or members of my family that weren't always funny. In fact, some of them were plain destructive. On May 13, 1991, Mike told me that my mother was making sexual advances torward him, John, and Dennis. I, of course, did not believe him. What had actually happened was that he had made a pass at my mother and was told to leave. It seems over the months he had developed quite a crush on her. He refused to leave and stood on my front lawn yelling threats and curses and challenging my father to come out and fight him. Of course, my father could do no such thing, being Mike was only 16 at the time and my father was 47. My mother called the police and Mike was taken away in a patrol car. I later found out that Mike had been spreading roumers about certain sexual acts that he had performed with my mother. (I won't go into details.) We thought that was the end of it and we would never see or hear from Mike again. Unfortunatly, this was not the case. Four days later, my parents were arrested and taken to jail. My mothers charges were 2 counts of sexual assault, 3 counts of criminal sexual contact, 1 count of child abuse, and 3 counts of endargering the wefare of a child. My father's charges were 2 counts of aiding & abetting sexual assault and 3 counts of endagering the welfare of a child. It seems Mike had told his stories to the police, and had gotten John and Dennis to go along with him. I still don't know how he did that, but threats and/or blackmail come to mind. My grand- mother paid the bail and my parents were released that night. An investiga- tion was underway and many people were questioned, including myself and the three stooges. (John, Dennis, Mike.) I have in my hand a copy of the tran- scripts of the questioning of these three, and, needless to say, not a word of their statments ring true. In fact, some of their statments contradict other statments, which in itself is almost laughable. The trial date was set for May 1992, and went as planned. It was widely publicized in papers, as i'm sure some of you noticed. During the questioning of the three stooges, Mike broke into tears, John contridicted himself and Dennis admitted to lying about previous statments. In spite of all of this, 1 jourer had doubts. My father was aquitted, and a mistrial was called on my mothers charges, the jury vote being 11 to 1, in favor of aquittal. (Boy, I'd sure like to get my hands on that one asshole!) It was doubtful that there would be a retrial, on account of the vote being so close. However, my mother received a letter today in the mail, stating that there will be a retrial on October 19, 1992. Once again, this trial will be in the papers, so don't be suprised when you see them. I have no doubt in my mind of my mother's aqquital. If you have any opinions or questions about this situation, please don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you.

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