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DATE/TIME: 04/07/89 16:32 From : JAMES GALT To : ALL Subject: THE SYSOP MADNESS Folder : A, "Main Message Area"

Hello all,

   I would like to discuss a condition known as the sysop madness.

This refers to the particular personalities that many sysops online have. Most of this research analysys is as is due to the fact that most bbs systems are run by children younger than 18, however older members also posses the upcoming qualities. Many of the reasons for starting these systems is because of the owner's need to feel superios, to play the GOD role of small societies constructed by them to fit their own needs, wants, desires, abnormalities, inferiorities, unconformalities,etc. Many of these people have been known to hold unhappiness, are subject to frequent depression in their everyday lives, as well as being at a higher risk of suicide in general. These peculiaralities often exist in the "computer nerd" worl anyhow. The major group of terminal hoppers and systems owners that suffer froom + these conditions tend tobe teenage males from the ages of 12-17. Most of these would be considered losers, misfits, unconformists, nerds,etc. by their peers. Many feel inadequate and must compensate for that social loss at point blank range, to them, usingtheir computers, often an excellent way to cure many of these symtoms, not soo much to cure however as to give them a "nudge" into society. Soo keep on typing guys.

    Specifics to the sysop category include unhappy family structure,

unattained goals, general social problems, or general mental problems. However these symptoms do in no way refer to "all" sysops. This category includes only thos systems operators that operate the systems from home. They tend to oftenbe difficult to get along with, rude and mean to others, and find great offense from those of their own age group. Because of some of the descriptions above, many tend to have illogival and/or hasty judgement, as well as seing life under one perspective, theirs. -source; cis bulliten "bbs sysops lounge"

This Comment ADDED by the SysOp

Sounds just like me!

This message was posted in an attempt to "get back" at me by an + ex-user I locked out of the system for misusing the resource last week. I have received phone calls from him (I suspect more than the one where he used his real name) and now this "James Galt" posts a poorly-spelled, terribly constructed message to tell the world how neurotic I am.

How predictable that he believes that he got locked out because I am mentally ill, and not because of his behavior. This is one unhappy ex-user.

Since I am SURE you will see or hear of this, "James", better pay attention: If you continue to harass me (and I WILL be able to prove it…) I will file a formal complaint with the Nassau County District Attorney's office. I will also tell your mommy.

No more nonsense.

Michael D. Hofer SysOp The Ancient Pond 

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