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  Courtesy of Mutant Offspring
          Sysop Fun
          ----- ---
  First, you must be a sysop.

(Obviously!) Or, you may be at a sysop's house (When he or she is not around.)

  Second, you must be VERY popular,

or VERY daring. Either way, your victim will have a strong tendency to: a) crash your board, b) hate you, or c) spread malicious rumors about you, and, or your board to everyone in the world that will listen.

  I am going to write about AE

fun first, and then Net-Worx.

              AE Fun
              -- ---
  So you are bored, and want to

have some fun, huh?

  Go into your room, or wherever

you have your apple, and sit down. Turn on the monitor, and lets see if there is a leech on the line. (-note: if you are the unlucky type, I suggest that you give this up, because for all you know, that sysop of the 20meg board is on your line, and he's going to be your victim!!)

 Now for some of these pranks, you

will need to make things before- hand. I suggest you read this through, and make the necessary mods.

1) This one is probably my meanest trick, and should only be used on people like Matt Ackerett.

 Your victim has to be leeching

a game off of your AE for this to work.

 You wait until your victim is at

his last 2 blocks of memory to go until the transfer is done, and you take out the disk.

 This will ruin the >entire<

transmission. It won't piss them off too bad if it is only 50 or so blocks, but can you imagine:

Send: Matt Ackerett is a fag 290 blocks crc=167 <289>

  Note- The victim has to get 290

blocks, you only let the victim get 289!

 At that point, take out the disk!

They have just waited 1/2 hour for nothing! They can't get the last block and have to go through the whole thing again!! Ha ha!

 This is very mean, especially if

they aren't phreaking, they have been >paying< for it all!

2) If you want to see if the person on is intelligent…simply let him catalog your drive once, then when he is done, take the disk out, and put in the disk from the other drive. When they catalog the disk next, it will be different!

 This will freak them out, they will

think that they have switched to d1 somehow. The victim will then L)og the drive, and find it still on D2. Wow!

 Hopefully they will catalog D1

anyway, thinking that they were originally on D1 and it switched. Now comes the fun.

 Put the right disk back in D2,

and put the disk that used to be in D2 into D1, so they will get the same catalog.

 Now they are confused. Now

they will catalog D2, and find the normal stuff. Hopefull they will read something, now take the disk out while they are typing in the name, and slip the other disk in. It will say 'file not found.'

 Good. Now they will catalog it,

and look! The wares have changed! Now something is wrong here! They will say:

hey! stop it!

 Oh no! They are on to your scheme!

But, 1 last joke! Get a copy-protected type disk, one that you <gasp> bought. They won't be able to catalog this at all! Ha!

 If they get mad, they might

say something like:

      Hey! Stop it!
 But will you listen? nnnoooooo!

Take the disk out, and slip something totally new, preferably the disk that has "sneakers" or some ancient wares. Maybe they will think these are the latest! Watch them post!:

    Hey! I just got some new
    Warez! Do you want to trade??

hah hah!

Satisfied, you may put the normal

disks back in and walk off to see some football game.

3) Lock out the space-bar. This will make it so that they can't type a <space>. Then, they can't read anything that requires a space. Most likely the victim will think that there is something wrong with >his< computer. Thusly sending him/her/it into a 1/2 hour scan of their install program to see what is wrong.

4) Change the commands…such as:

d)irectory= c)irectory - -

 They will have to hack at the

commands! This won't be too funny, because they won't do anything stupid like posting:

   hey your commands are screwed!
 Most likely they wont find the

command for 'copy'.

5) lock out the "ctrl-c". This will piss them off when the victim just can't exit from posting. Ha!

6) Change the ring count, most, or almost >all< AE lines are set to pick up after just 1 ring. Change it to…say…5 rings, and only tell your friends that it is at 5 rings. When they call, they will only wait for about 2 rings, and hang up thinking that the line is down. Only the people you like will get on, because they will be the only ones to wait 5 rings. Mean huh?

7) When someone is posting, or c)opy- ing a message, pick up the voice line, and blow into the reciever. This will put all of these weird characters onto the screen. He will save a gay looking message, that will make it look like the victim can't type!!

             Net Works
             --- -----
 I don't have as many fun tricks

with net-worx as I do with AE, but here are a couple of my favorites…

1) In the program, make a bug, like "ctrl-k" that when pushed (like ctrl-t for chat) it will dump you into basic. take out the disks, and put in like the "bare-bones" net-worx disk and let them have fun reading fake messages, mail, and passwords. Ooooh! They will think:

oh yay! I have everyone's pass!

Now, see if he/she will init the disks, if they do, you know what type of user it is. If they are nice, and 'hang' the line for you so that no one wil be able to get on after, or they try to beep you, then give them a level raise.

2) Be a tyrant. Juggle their levels while they are on. Like break into chat, change their level, and watch them get all mad.

3) Break into chat, and just walk off, leaving a frustrated user sitting there.

4) break into chat, and change the time. In other words, leave them with -10 minutes, instead of 35 or so.

5) when they log off, and they get that stupid message about:

          Thank you for

and all of that, press 'ctrl-c' a few times, and they will be brought back. Wow! What happened? Let them try to log off a few times nd keep pressing ctrl-c. Finally they should just press 'reset'. He he!

  I hope you have enjoyed these

little pranks. Your users will hate you if you do this too often, unless they are like Matt Ackeret or Little Al. Then it doesn't matter much.

  Remember! I hold no responsibilty

for people wanting to crash your system because they are so pissed at you! ###############################################################################


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