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ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» º The Sysops Tale º º º º BBSing is so much fun, º º I did it all the time, º º so I thought I'd start a bbs, º º that was just for me and mine. º º º º The first week was really great, º º new callers I was meeting, º º and reading lots of great new mail, º º and passing out my greetings. º º º º The second week was almost fun, º º the message base was growing, º º the files were going up and down, º º things were smoothly flowing. º º º º The third week was OK I think, º º a few problems here and there, º º but so far I had only gained, º º a very few gray hairs. º º º º The first month was over now, º º the board was still on-line, º º but folks had started writing me, º º and answers took so much time, º º º º And after that it got so busy, º º with all that mail to do, º º I wished I had the time and cash, º º to hire an extra crew. º º º º The messages were growing now, º º the mail was piling up, º º I barely had sufficient time, º º to fill my coffee cup. º º º º The doors started going down, º º the modem overheated, º º the hard disk crashed and lost my files, º º and I just felt defeated. º º º º But this stuff is so much fun, º º I really can't stop now, º º I'll cut and paste it back on-line, º º and make it work somehow. º º º º And now I'm so much wiser, º º I'll never let it fail, º º for now I'll just have to go, º º and answer all my mail. º º º º Copyright © 1992, John Chambers º ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͼ

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