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                   The Hacker Syndrome - How they did it
                             September 5, 1986
            Be on the look out for the following 2 computer hackers
       that have recently started a raid of computer bulletin boards
       in the Southern Calif. area.
            Their names are: Steve Shaw and Pat Rajabi.  They also
       go by the following aliases: Jim Brooks, Brian Ohart, John
       Aron, Jarrod Anderson, Sysop zz, Yocon Liber, John Smith,
       Nick Rivers, Marc Williams and Max Sterling.
            They have broken into a large PCBoard in this area and
       have downloaded their membership list and crashed the board.
       They have edited this list down to all sysops that have
       logged onto this PCBoard and have been calling these boards,
       logging on as they sysop and using the sysop's password.  If
       you are a sysop and if you use different passwords you have
       nothing to fear.  But, if you use the same password for
       calling other boards and use it on your own board, you are in
       for some real trouble, especially if your system is a PCBoard
       or a Fido BBS.
            I have called some sysops about this but gave up when I
       learned that they had all ready been hit or knew about the
       breech.  If you operate a BBS-PC system you are relatively
       safe.  They will download your membership directory in search
       of more sysops and that is about all.  For other boards, they
       can be very destructive.
            When they log on to your board using your name and
       password they will quickly assign themselves top level
       security access and log off in hope of not being noticed.
            Then they will log back on using their own name, enter
       your membership records and create the above fictious names
       and give them all sysop status.  If they run out of things to
       do they will try and exit to DOS and attempt a format of your
            I have 100 pages of docs on hand showing what they do
       and how they do it (all my boards activities are logged to
       disk) and also they were dumb enough to upload their hit list
       from a PCBoard they raided that contains names of many sysops
       not only in Calif., but also in other states.
            One sysop I talked to knows these criminal's real
       addresses and phone numbers and is contacting the
       authorities.  This sysop talked to Steve Shaw and told me
       that Steve Shaw informed him that they were out to destroy
       "every PCBoard in America."  This threat should not be taken
       lightly.  This guy means exactly what he says.  He has all
       ready proven it in this area.
            If you notice these people's names on your BBS I would
       suggest deleting your entire membership log and starting over
       requiring your members to enter with new passwords that they
       have not used before.
            If you haven't been hit, I would strongly suggest
       changing your password to your board daily or weekly.  These
       hackers are not exceptionally bright and are easy to catch if
       you are aware of how they operate.
            If you have any further questions, or if you would like
       to know if you are on their hit list please contact BBS-Buena
                   The Hacker Syndrome - How they did it
                             September 5, 1986
       Park at (714) 821-5014.  Don't ask for a copy of their hit
       list because I will not put it out on the boards for security
       reasons to others.  But, if you know of a Pirate BBS, I'm
       sure that this list is on their.  It is an extensive list and
       I'm sure that it has come from one of the very popular
       PCBoards in this area.  I don't know which one, if that is
       what you are asking yourself.
            I am sure that these hackers will have their fun and
       quit but until then: play it safe!
            Ken Hedgecock
            SysOp: BBS-Buena Park

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