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                  The Journal of Stark County Telecom
                 Brought to you by: The Necropolis BBS
                (216)/966-8970 (3/12/2400  8N1  24 hrs)
                          Running Renegade Beta
                     Located in North Canton, Ohio
                  Sept 20, 1992  : Volume #1, Issue #5
             >> Now Serving Stark County & Summit County <<
       [ Mandatory Participation: Growing Trend or Ancient Relic? ]
         Just recently, Tim Stedman announced that his BBS,  the  
         Amiga   Asylum,  will   begin   enforcing  a  mandatory 
         participation rule.  Thus, the Amiga Asylum becomes the
         third local bulletin board to enforce such a rule.
         While many sysops feel that mandatory participation  is
         a great idea, there are others who feel that  it is not
         something that is necessary. This  ideology is far from
         how things used to be: expressions like "post or roast"
         could be seen on just  about every bulletin board.  But
         today,  many  sysops  don't  like the idea of using BBS 
         priveleges as an incentive to participate.
         Mandatory  participation  goes  beyond the mere upload-
         download ratio. Mandatory participation often means the
         use of PCRs  --  Post/Call Ratios.  For every call, the
         user  must  post  so  many  times or BBS rights will be 
         taken away.  Often,  the BBS program will automatically
         do this for the sysop.
         Mandatory Participation Stances in Stark County
         The Necropolis   -   A post/call ratio is in  effect for
                              online games. Long-time lurkers are
         Arrakis          -   Selective rights:  if a user posts,
                              he has access to the subs.  If not,
                              his access there is revoked.
         Amiga Asylum     -   New anti-lurker attitude.
         Rising Power     -   None.
         Canton Conn      -   None.
         Walkman's Ware   -   Unknown.
         The question that must arise is: do programs like these
         work? Does  mandatory participation help out a bulletin
         board?  The  first  few days after the Asylum began the
         mandatory  participation  rule, people who never posted
         began to post.  Reports  of success from the Necropolis
         have also supported the theory.
         It is the opinion of STARK NAKED that  post-call ratios
         and mandatory participation  is in the best interest of
         Stark County telecommunications.
       [  The Shareware Update: Continuing News on New Releases!  ]
         STARK NAKED will attempt to offer readers current  news
         on Shareware programs in each issue. 
         PKWare :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
          PKZip v2.x will be out soon, according to Phil Katz.
          Remember that v2.01 and v2.2  are HACKS and you will
          not want to use them.
          PKWare has also signed a business agreement with ASi
          (a multi-platform development company out of Dayton)
          that  will,  among  other things,  allow PKWare Data
          Compression libraries to be ported to other computer
          platforms.  In the plans right now are ports through
          Unix, MacIntosh, MVS, Amiga, and Ultrix.  A rep from
          ASi  hopes  that PKWare/ASi will  become an industry
          standard for data compression.
         TradeWars 2002 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
          Gary Martin is planning a  release of TradeWars 2112
          within the next two years. Current registered sysops
          will have to re-register.  Little other  information 
          is available on TradeWars 2112.
       [  Bob Larson Comes to Akron: Necropolis Users Set to Go!  ]
         Radio talk-show host and Christian fundamentalist,  Bob
         Larson, is coming to the Akron Civic Center to speak on
         issues relating to occultism October 23. The Necropolis
         BBS, which is known for  "Bob-bashing,"  is planning on 
         organizing  a  Necropolis  Caravan to see Bob speak. If
         interested in going, users should contact the Sorcerer,
         Elminster,   or   just  leave  sysop  feedback  on  the 
         Necropolis.  Information will be posted publicly at the
         Necropolis BBS on the Theology Sub. 
       [  Akron Sysop Organization Cancelled:  Pegasus Goes Down  ]
         The proposed Akron Area Sysop's Organization (AASO) was
         recently cancelled along with the Pegasus BBS, an Akron
         bulletin  board  running on  Maximus.  According to Dan 
         Steill, the ex-sysop of Pegasus, the bulletin board had
         to be taken down because of personal reasons.  With the 
         the Pegasus BBS went the sysop group. Steill does think
         that a sysop organization would be helpful for all area
         sysops.  An FBI agent  was scheduled for the first meet
         to discuss pirated software and copyright laws.
       [  Random Scribblings:  Various Notes from Various BBS'es  ]
          ... Still no word on the future of Seraglio BBS. Attempts
              to contact the sysop have resulted in busy signals!
              Stay tuned to Stark Naked for further developments.
          ... Power Man's BBS (the name of which is unconfirmed) 
              is allegedly going to be carrying the Boondock nets.
              In response, the Necropolis BBS will be dropping the
              Boondock nets in favor of an international network
              which has yet to be named. One echo that will be
              definitely pulled will be a Christian echo, which
              will balance the Pagan/New Age selection currently
              on-line. The Boondock/MSI/Wildnet nets are also
              being carried by the Confederate BBS and the Pentagon
          ... Several issues of Stark Naked were recently sighted
              on a bulletin board in South Carolina! The editors
              of Stark Naked would like to know who uploaded them
              there ... to thank them! Stark Naked has also been
              making rounds on packet radio boards! The message
              of Stark Naked (aside from the news of local events)
              is for freedom of telecommunication ... hopefully
              that message is being spread!
          ... A new conference at the Necropolis ... the Star 
              Trek / Science Fiction conference has been put up
              not only for ST/TNG fans ... but also for political
              reasons. Apparently, after a small war on the USS
              Paramount BBS, the Sorcerer decided to put up a
              "conference that would teach the Paramount how to
              run a Star Trek theme."  The conference features a
              Star Trek echo, Science Fiction echo, TradeWars
              2002 Echo, as well as a number of sci-fi related
              files. The sysops of USS Paramount refused to 
          ... Several changes have occured at Stark's first
              commercial BBS ... Canton Communications. The 
              most apparent is the addition of a high speed modem.
              Other changes include a more efficient logon method,
              addition of the Fred Fish library for Amiga, and
              the entire CD-Rom collection for IBM and Amiga. A
              new SIG, the Debate Sig, headed by Andy Curlutu,
              was also added. The high-speed modem line number
              is 478-0548.
          ... With the recent events in campaign politics, the
              Perot for President ECHO has been re-activated. 
              The echo, which is part of the Searchlight net,
              was running in an effort to spread information
              about Ross Perot, the Texas billionaire whose name
              is now on the ballot of every state. 
          ... In the next issue of STARK NAKED, we'll be taking 
              an in-depth look at the world of x-rated BBS'ing!
              Features will include an update on Akron Anomoly
              (hopefully), a special section on Chat Sex, as well
              as legal implications of running an adult board.
              Also, a new feature that will hopefully be added to
              STARK NAKED is a New BBS Spotlight. If you know of
              a new bulletin board system in the Stark/Summit 
              area, let us know and we'll do a feature article on
              them. The world needs more good boards!
       [   NEW BBS Software on the Market: Spec Sheet Available   ]
                          Synchronet Version 1a
  • Designed from the ground up as a reliable and feature rich

multinode BBS

  • Up to 250 simultaneous nodes with multinode chat and online

program support

  • Enhanced DESQview operation mode
  • Runs under DOS 3.0 or higher on any 80x86 compatible computer

with 500k free RAM - BBS can shrink to 16k to execute external

       * Pay BBS features:
           Time credits, user expiration dates, credits, and 900/976 
       * Interrupt driven COM I/O for the fastest through-put possible
         - even with multiple nodes per CPU via DOS multitasker
       * Any COM port configuration supported (one IRQ line per COM port)
       * Blazing fast even on a 10mhz XT
       * Familiar hotkey user interface with '?' activated menus at every 
       * The most advanced BBS security ever: Impenetrable to remote 
         hackers, 100 security levels with 52 sysop configurable flags 
         per user, Sysop can allow or disallow users to choose their own 
         passwords, Sysop can force periodic password changes (uniqueness 
         is also forced), External programs cannot access the command 
       * QWK mail packet support built-in
       * Up to 10,000 message groups, up to 20,000 total message 
         sub-boards with up to 5,000 messages per sub-board.
       * Up to 10,000 file libraries, up to 20,000 total file directories 
         with up to 5,000 files per directory.
       * Extensive File Transfer Section:
         Up to 500 transfer protocols with optional DSZLOG support
         Batch uploads, downloads, and bidirectional file transfers
         Transfer credit system is completely configurable
         File viewing, extraction, and partial downloading of archives
         File descriptions can contain content rating and multidisk 
         Personal user to user(s) file transfers
         Optional batch download file flagging for user convenience
         Internal support for offline directories
         Multiple sysop file removal/move/edit search criteria
         Directories can be sorted by filename or date, ascending or 
         Advanced extended descriptions
         Complete CDROM and other slow media support
       * Professional error handling and logging
       * Sysop inter-node control (remote or local):
            Interrupting - hang-up on any node
            Locking - only sysops can logon a locked node till lock 
                      is removed
            Rerunning - reexecutes BBS, reinitializing configuration, 
       * Inter-node message services:
         Current node status - user online, action, connect rate, 
         and more, User activity - credited downloads, mail activity, 
         logons, and logoffs, User communications - paging, one-line 
         messages, and multinode chat
       * 48 Local macros and sysop function hotkeys
       * Real-time user database:
         Amazingly complete user edit function
         Remote changes to online-user data are immediately effective
         Disk image is always current for enhanced system fault tolerance
         Linked free-form data file for every user
       * Online, sysop configurable, chatting artificial intelligence 
       * Up to 500 online external programs:
         Multiuser or single user programs
         Programs that use DOS I/O (don't use COM port directly) 
         Multiple door file formats created
         Supports native WWIV color code expansion
         Free Software Development Kit (SDK) avaiable for program 
       * Multiple Events
         Logon and logoff events
         New user events
         Upload events (integrity testing, adding of comments, 
            virii scan, etc.)
         Node and system daily events
         Timed event that supports forced exclusive execution
       * The most configurable BBS available today:
            Powerful object oriented menu driven configuration program
            All menus, text, and colors are sysop configurable without 
              source code
            The use of aliases can be allowed or disallowed
            New User Questionaire is available and customizable
            Source code available for nearly unlimited customization 
              (extra cost)
 To download the DEMO version of Synchronet (and purchasing information),
 call Vertrauen (Synchronet development site) at 714-529-9525 (2400bps)
                                              or 714-529-9547 (V.32bis/HST)
     STARK NAKED            ::::  The Journal of Stark County Telecom 
     Editor: The Sorcerer   ::::  Support BBS: The Necropolis BBS
     Published Periodically ::::             (216) 966-8970
     September 20, 1992     ::::    Sysops interested in becoming a
     "If your sysop doesn't ::::    Stark Naked Support BBS, please
      carry Stark Naked on  ::::    contact the Sorcerer. Users who
      a regular basis  ...  ::::    are interested in reporting can
      find out why!"        ::::    also contact the Sorcerer.
     ::: Stark Naked appreciates _any_ feedback that readers might
     ::: have. Stark Naked also accepts any letters to the editor
     ::: concerning issues raised in Stark Naked.
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