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                  The Journal of Stark County Telecom
                 Brought to you by: The Necropolis BBS
                (216)/966-8970 (3/12/2400  8N1  24 hrs)
                          Running Renegade Beta
                     Located in North Canton, Ohio
                  Sept 1, 1992  : Volume #1, Issue #3
             >> Now Serving Stark County & Summit County <<
      [ The Dragon's Lair Goes Back Up: But Exactly Where is It?! ]
                  [ Stark Naked Resumes Publication]   
        As most all  bulletin board'ers in the Stark County area 
        have known,  the  Dragon's  Lair BBS was a private board 
        all of a sudden one day a couple weeks ago.  The reasons
        that led to  this decision are now prominantly posted in
        the Computer Discussion Base there, since it is now back
        online for the public.  However, users expecting the TDL
        are  going to  be in for quite a surprise! The BBS is no
        longer called the  Dragon's Lair BBS.  The name has been
        changed  to  the Necropolis BBS, which means City of the 
        Dead.  The  change  was  made  because  of  the juvenile
        sound of the Dragon's Lair, among other reasons.
        (Ed's Note:  Those "adults" who still feel that children
        are the only users of the Necropolis BBS should not feel
        bad  because  they  can  no longer call it "The Kiddie's 
        Lair"  --  we  realize that  it must have taken hours of 
        exhaustive  creative  research  to  come  up  with  that 
        zinger.  As you know  --  because you are adults and are 
        obviously  more  educated than an upstart like myself -- 
        -polis  means  "city."  So you may refer to the board as 
        the "Kiddie City."  Not only  does it rhyme, but it gets
        the point across.  I  just  didn't want you to spend too
        much  of your precious adult time thinking up a new one.
        Thanks. -- The Sorcerer)
        Changes that brought  about  the  Necropolis BBS include 
        the entire  re-structuring of the file sigs, echoes from
        AlterNet,     Boondocks   Net,    PODSNet,    conference 
        re-structure,   software  support  for  Apogee  Software,
        new  ANSI  screens,  Net Runner v1.02 door, Gang Warfare
        door  by  Cott Lang, re-structuring of the message bases,
        and other things.  Future changes include a 14.4k+ modem,
        possibility of a second node,  and more hard drive space.
        The Necropolis  has  also taken  on a rigorous policy of 
        mandatory  participation.  Too many people do too little 
        to  warrant  their use of the board.  So as a warning to 
        users   who  think  that  they  can  leech  off  of  the 
        Necropolis BBS: Think again.
      [ Farewell to Users: Stark County Users Leave for College! ]
        Several  users  have  or  will  be   departing the Stark 
        County  modem  scene  for a while.  First,  Cleopatra is 
        leaving for a few months  on an extended student tour of
        Europe  and  the  surrounding  countries.  Raistlin  has 
        already  left  for  college. Ceasaro will be leaving the
        first  couple  weeks  of  September  to go to college in 
        Berea.  Tape God  left  for  Miami U.  a  few  weeks ago. 
        Phoebe is leaving 12 September for Ohio University.


: * A Stark Naked Special * :  THE FUTURE OF STARK COUNTY 
:                           :      TELECOMMUNICATIONS
+---------------------------+      [     Part 1     ]
        As  some  people  are  aware,  the  situation  in  Stark
        County  --  in the way of telecommunications  -  is very
        grim.  So,  this  issue  of  Stark  Naked  will  go into 
        detail  into  the  Rise  and  Fall  of  the Stark County
        Modem  Community  ...  as  well as  a look at how we can
        improve things in general.      
        The  first  part  of this special is an interview with a
        long-standing  member  of the  telecom  scene as well as 
        self-proclaimed  modem  "deity."  Elminster,  a.k.a. the 
        Ninja Master,  was sysop of  House of the Rising Sun BBS 
        as well as Forgotten Realm BBS. 
  • * An Interview with Elminster SN: First, give us a short background of your modeming career here in Stark County. Elm: Well, I got my modem for Christmas in 86'. 300 baud 1660. Wow. :) Anyway, I put up a BBS about oh … 2 weeks later. I had been exposed to modeming before I got my OWN modem. My bbs was what I would characterize ANY BBS put up by an inexperiences user: It was a rodent BBS. :) SN: And this bulletin board was … Elm: The first House of the Rising Sun. My handle was The Ninja Master. SN: And then you later went on to 1200 baud, re-opening HRS, and then finally came to Forgotten Realm, which was up in the early part of 1991. Elm: Correct. Forgotten Realms was not just MY board of course. I ran it with my fiend (haha) … er, friend, Nightstalker. SN: Now, it isn't really a hidden fact that you are probably one of the last remaining modem users that have actually been around for a while, save the Lion's Pride and some other people that weren't really active … but were still there. Right? Elm: The only people still active who have been around as long as I have, or longer, are Muad Dib, Gary Cox of CanCom and … well, I don't know if I should count Chuck Davis! Lets just say, his BBS has been around AWHILE. SN: Ok … now moving on to the real point of this conversation … would you say that the quality of modeming in this area has declined in the past, oh, four or five years? Elm: (shout) YES! SN: Hehehe … could you be more specific? Elm: There used to be Oh…. 6 to 8 bbs systems in the area, and 5 of them were Quality systems. You could call up every day, and there would ALWAYS be new messages. The people were a bit friendlier … and the messages themselves used to be more interesting. People who used the modem also has active lives outside the modem community, and so had a lot to share on the BBS. Unfortunatly, this trend hasn't continued. SN: A long-time nemesis of yours but modem veteran in his own respect – Tom Olson – has described the modem community of the past as "something special you just can't put your finger on" – a sort of collection of circumstance and events that make it a really cool time that just can't ever be duplicated. Do you agree with him that the period of time referred to as the Golden Age of Stark Telecom is something that just happened and can't be re-lived … or are there certain steps we can take to change the downward trend in the Stark County telecom scene? Elm: Modems used to be pretty expensive. That used to be GOOD, because only a SERIOUS USER would have a modem and would call. Now, MANY people have modems … and most of them are simply interested in playing silly games. It's kind of sad. How to FIX the problem? There are lots of solutions. Enforcing manditory participation rules, creating a sysop's co-op … it just takes dedicated people, and I don't see that anywhere anymore. SN: From a user's point of view … what would you change about user behavior on bulletin boards? What should users do to make things more like they used to be? Elm: POST! Say something. Don't waste the sysop's time, or other user's time by just calling and giving nothing back. If the system has a UD section, and you want files, it's LAME to sit around and b**

about the ratio and idiot things like that. Just give something back.

   That's all.

SN: Some users say that mandatory participation is cruel and unusual!

  They say that if the sysop is in agreement and that if all the users 
  want to do is sit around and chat all day, then that's fine and that's 
  the way it should be. How do you react to that ideology?

Elm: The sysop of a BBS has the ultimate say as to what he wants for

   his/her BBS. However, BBS stands for BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM, not 
   CHAT BOARD SYSTEM. I guess it's just a matter of choice. Personally, 
   i'm not interesting in chatting ALL the time .. although an occasional 
   chat with someone interesting doens't seem to bad to me. 

SN: Ok, what bulletin boards around here would you recommend to someone

  first coming into the community ... since as you know, most users 
  feel most comfortable with the bulletin board that are "baptized" 
  on ... 

Elm: The Necropolis… Amiga Asylum … that's about it. Most other

   systems either don't have enough to offer, or would, in my opinion, 
   "ruin" the user.

SN: Ok. And lastly – anything you would like to add?

Elm: There's one place I WOULDN'T send a new user … especially

   one under 16.

SN: I won't even ask! :) Ok, thanks Elminster.

        Future  issues of Stark  Naked will  feature  more  ways
        to  improve  on  our  "condition"  as  well as the state
        of events.                                  
      [  Is the Government Watching You?  A Big Brother Report ]  
        This message was recently captured from a Sk8Net echo:   
Date: 08-29Ä92 (16:20)              Number: 295 of 306 (Echo)
  To: ALL                           Refer#: NONE
Subj: Big Brother                   Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: HACK-PHREAK (6)            Read Type: GENERAL (+)
From something I picked up on my rounds...

From   : Leonard Church
To     : All
Subject: Bbs Freedom ][

As someone involved in the telephone industry on the level of security

and data integrity... I would like to inform everyone that uses modems
and/or are bbs operators of some information.
The first thing that everyone that uses a modem should know is that
every time you fire up your modem your activating monitoring equipment
somewhere in the U.S.  I have worked for several large telephone
networks that routinely monitor and reroute modem and fax transmissions
through devices that allow them to view what is being transmitted and
even decodes encrypted data and fax packets used by major corporations
and governmental agencies.  This is allowed under the heading of
"Maintenance Monitoring" and may be continued for up to 6 months without
the need of any legal paperwork being generated.  Under an obscure
pre-WWII ruling by the agency that is now the FCC... "No information may
be encoded or transmitted over PUBLIC or PRIVATE forms of telephony or
radio with the exception of those agencies involved in the National
Security" a further designation goes on to say "with the exception of
the MORSE system of 'transmittal', any communication that is not
interpretable by the human ear is forbidden and unlawful."
The information gathered goes to 3 seperate database facilities...1 is
codenamed Diana and is located in Brussels, the 2nd is named Fredrick
and is located somewhere in Malaysia, the 3rd is named Elizabeth and is
located in Boulder, Colorado.  The information stored in these systems
is accessable by the US Government, Interpol, Scotland Yard and various
other such agencies.  Your credit rating is also affected by your modem
usage... if you ever get a copy of your credit history and find a
listing that has HN06443 <--= this is a negative risk rating. or a code
87AT4 <---= an even more negative risk rating.... these will usually
have no description on them... and if you inquire about them they will
tell you that it just comes from the system that way.
I am currently working for another major carrier as a consultant and
have been able to watch these systems one unnamed long
distance carrier here in Columbus Ohio in their NCC, Network Control
Center, you can see several rows of computer terminals which have
approximately 30 to 40 separate windows in each... these windows have
data transmissions that are being monitored... banks of 9 track tapes
are going constantly to record everything.  Everyone should realize that
even if a sysop posts a disclaimer at the beginning of his bbs about no
access to governmental agencies or law enforcement...that it isn't worth
the time it takes to type it in... looking forward to hearing reactions
to this.
      [ A Paler Shade of Humanity: An Editorial by the Sorcerer ]
        An old joke that used to circulate around the Stark area 
        telecom  scene  was supposedly originated by the Prophet. 
        The joke was,  "Why would it  be impossible for Jesus to 
        be  born  in  the  Stark  County  telecom  community? A:
        Because you wouldn't be able to find three wise men or a
        Now I'm not too positive about the virgin part,  but  it
        has become increasingly obvious over the past couple  of  
        months that the  wise men  part is.  As you probably are 
        aware,  the  publication  of  this  newsletter led to my 
        deletion  from  the  Canton Connection BBS. And for some 
        odd reason,  that  deletion was accompanied by a sort of
        backstabbing from  someone  who  I  considered  a "modem 
        friend," Ramsey.  This  was  all  very  mysterious to me 
        and it  all  struck  me as  rather odd.  I tried calling 
        Ramsey,  but  she  insisted  that  she  had nothing more 
        to say to me. Why? I have no idea. 
        After a while,  this  no  longer  bothered  me because I 
        really   could   do  without  Canton  Connection  and  I 
        suppose  that  anyone that treated me the way Ramsey did
        was certainly  no  friend at all. I assumed that Ramsey,
        being an adult,  would  handle  things  that  way. I was 
        About a week ago,  I  was told by several people from CC
        that Ramsey  has  been  spreading numerous lies about me
        through  chat.  And  the  worst  part  was  that  people 
        actually believed her! 
        I decided to call her up  again and ask her  why she was
        doing this sort of thing.  My answer:  a stonewall. This
        is an excerpt  from  the  conversation  that pretty much
        sums up the entire thing.  It  is  really  quite amusing 
        in a way.  The  same critics that refer to me as a child
        seem to be acting quite infantile. 
     Me: I'm confused why you're so upset with me in the first
     Ra: Frankly, Ryan, I really don't care.
     Me: You don't care that I'm confused?
     Ra: Nope. 
     Me: Wouldn't you like to set the record straight?
     Ra: Nope.
     Me: So, what you're saying, is you'd rather talk behind
         my back without giving me a chance to give my side
         of the story.
     Ra: You have a side?
        As you can see, it was  totally  impossible  to even try
        to  reason  with  Ramsey.  And  as you also know, I have
        found  it  utterly impossible to even talk to Larry.  It
        appears  to  me  that these people are acting incredibly
        So  let  me  say this to ANYONE that is told ANYTHING by
        Ramsey,  or Larry,  or  really anyone else:  here is the
        lithmus  test  to  prove  validity.  Here is how you can 
        tell if  what they say is true.  I am always prepared to
        talk  to  ANYONE about what they say. However, the other
        party  will NOT.  For instance,  I know  what Ramsey has
        been  saying  about me.  And at any time, I will talk to
        them  openly  --  on the phone,  via chat,  in person .. 
        whatever  --  about it.  Of course,  they will not.  And
        why won't they?  Because they know  that they are wrong.
        The next  time  they  tell  you  something regarding me, 
        ask them  to  say  it  in  a  forum where I can respond. 
        Ramsey and Larry  both  have  full   access to my system
        whenever they want to give their side  of  the  story. I
        do not have  that  luxury  with  Canton  Connection, for
        obvious reasons.
      [ Short Takes: News, Rumors, Hints, Gossip, Overheard .... ]
        ... A NEW release of TradeWars 200X is scheduled for 
            this fall! Registered sysops do NOT receive a new
            copy of TW. No further information was available
            about the new release, by Gary Martin.
        ... As callers of Arrakis BBS already know, this board
            is now carrying echo bases! As part of a C-Net 
            echo base exchange, Arrakis is carrying a number
            of echoes! The number is (216) 833-6159.
        ... For those of you wondering what happened to 
            Seraglio BBS, it was temporarily closed because
            the sysop moved. It should be resuming operation
        ... A football pool is beginning on the Necropolis
            BBS! Get involved to win prizes. The football 
            pool is part of a new sports conference that
            also has a Sports Echo.
  1. —————————————————————
 Stark Naked claims no legal responsibility for anything contained
 within it. It is published as an informative newsletter for users
 of the Stark and Summit County telecom community. 
 If you would like to become a distribution site for Stark Naked,
 contact the Sorcerer through a New User Msg at the Necropolis
 BBS. The number is (216) 966-8970. 
 If you would like to become a reporter for Stark Naked, please
 get in touch with the Sorcerer as soon as possible.

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