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(%=——————=%) ) Safehouse Blueprints ( (%=——————=%)

=→ 24 Hours =→ 300/1200 baud

=-> 16 Megabytes Online
 =-> Two seperate phone lines
   The Safehouse is run off of two seperate Apple //e's, connected to two

seperate phone lines (both at 300/1200 baud). If you call on and one line is busy, it will automatically switch you over to the next line (or "port") if it is available.

   The two Apple //e's are connected to a Corvus Omnidrive (which is capable

of handling up to 64 simultaneous computers of different types). Each computer has 128K memory/80 column card, 212 Apple-Cat II Modem, Thunderclock Plus clock card, and Zenith monitor. Port #2 also has a System Saver, one floppy drive, and an ATS peripheral for current outdoor temperature monitoring.

   The software running the system is the ProDOS version of the Apple-Net

BBS (sold through Dataware–see ad in the info booth) which will be available very soon. Its a modular program, which means different parts of the program get loaded into memory as you move around the system. With a hard drive, this enables you to move around the system very quickly, and we also have a virtually unlimited amount of space to add new features…

   Many people ask how X-talk is done.  X-talk is Safehouse's section where

the two people that are currently logged into the system can chat with each other by just typing lines & pressing RETURN. Since we have 2 Apples networked with the Corvus Omnidrive, we use the drive for intercommunication between users on each computer. We use what is called "pipes" on the Corvus drive, which is basically an area set aside on the drive for computers on the network to exchange information. Its split-second read/write time enables the X-talk feature of Safehouse to be almost instant, as soon as you hit the RETURN key. (If you are interested in the X-talk module for your BBS, leave feedback to the Sysop for more info). Right now, Corvus and SunOl are the only hard drives that I know of which are capable of using something like "pipes".

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