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                        Are You A BBSaholic?

1. Do you cancel important appointments (such as your wedding) because it would have conflicted with your BBS time? 2. Can you recite BBS menus verbatim? 3. Have you named your kids after your favorite Sysop(s)? 4. Are the words "HI" and "Bye" burned into your monitor? 5. Do you get lost in thought wondering what the ideal screen name would be? 6. Are you tempted to get out of bed for "just one more hour"? 7. Is Dominoes Pizza delivery number taped to your monitor? 8. Do you get more emontional fulfillment from your online romance than from your real mate? 9. Do you unplug your keyboard and take it to work with you? 10.Do you get upset when someone calls while you're oline and interrupts a conversation? 11.Do you spend 80% of your time rooted to your computer chair? 12.Do you find it hard to relax without the soft whirl of the computer fan humming in the background? 13.Do you fantasize about the perfect "compu-wedding"? 14.Is your social calender glowing with flourescent marked online events? 15.Do you look forward to e-mail more than real mail? 16.Do you watch hypnoically as the "dialing" "connecting" "password" highlights, unable to breathe, move or speak until you are logged on? 17.Do you throw things in anger because "all ports are busy" or "host unavail- able through network" or "host is unresponsive"? (for national BBS's) 18.Is your modem-sex better than real life sex? 19.Do you have a phobia of the words "No Carrier"? 20.When was the last time you were offline in time to make love to your mate before they fell asleep? 21.Do you have nightmares about hard drive failure? 22.Have you lost 10 pounds from missing meals due to being online? 23.Does your computer boot right to your favorite BBS? 24.Do you see screen scrolling text when you shut your eyes? 25.Has your typing skills improved greatly in the last few months? 26.When was the last time you heard from your family? 27.Have you bought another computer and phone line just so you and your spouse can logon at the same time? 28.Did you buy a faster, more powerful computer JUST so you can run BBS's faster? 29.Do you rush home at lunch time JUST so you can check your e-mail, see who's online and make your online game moves? 30.Do you have an anxiety attack when another family member needs the computer for something? 31.When was the last time you went out with friends other than online friends? 32.When was the last time you played/used all those magnificent and expensive programs and games you bought? 33.How many times have you heard from family or friends "I give up trying to call you, your line is ALWAYS busy"? 34.Can you remember what you did for "leisure" time before you started BBSing? 35.When was the last time you were all caught up on your household chores? 36.Is the answer ALWAYS the same if someone asks a family member your where- abouts……"on the computer….where else"? 37.Do you belong to more than one board so if one is crashed, or busy you can logon to another? 38.When at work, instead of calling a meeting do say…"Wanna go into Chat"? 39.Do you have a chronic sore neck, from always looking over your shoulder, when in "chat", for fear of a family member walking in? 40.In desperation has your mate devised acrobatic ways of making love to you while you're online? 41.If your mate is a "user" do you call each other by your screen names? 42.Do you have a sticker on your window, notifying firemen the location of your computer? 43.Do you have family members trained to bring you food and drink so you never have to leave the keyboard? 44.Does :) :( :* ad the like starting to appear on your business and other mail? 45.Do you find yourself SAYING..Kiss…Hugs..Smooch…LOL..instead of DOING it?

     This List Was Complied From ODYSSEY BBS c.1991
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