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Question and Answers Copyright © 1993, Joe DeRouen All rights reserved

Each month, we'll ask a (hopefully) interesting question to users on various nets and BBS's across the world and include the best answers we get in this column.

The question we asked for this month was: "If you could have one wish, what would you wish for and why?"

This age-old question was met by a lot of wishes for more wishes (I expected that) but also more than a few interesting, insightful answers. And maybe even one or two just plain strange ones. <Grin>

The messages are reproduced here in their entirety (minus quoting), with the permission of the people involved.

<PUBLIC><ECHO><RECEIVED> Number : 15104 of 15533 Date : 08/25/93 16:31 Reply To: 14191 Confer : Writers <RIME> From : Valerie Patterson To : Joe Derouen Subject : Re: Wishes..

If I had one wish I would sincerely and earnestly wish for world peace. I know this is an old over used answer to an age old question, but it truly would be my wish. I'm fairly young (in my twenties) and married for a short time. Eventually I would like to have children, but I can't help wondering what would be left for my children to grow old in. When we were warring over in the gulf I cried many evenings over the news. I'm frightened at the thought of my old age and my children's lives. Each day brings more and more violence, even more hatred for "different" folk. I can't help thinking we're a world about to self-destruct. We live in a "throw-away" society, perhaps we're throwing away our children's futures? Perhaps wishing for world peace is better left to children who are still shielded from the harsh realities of life and of war. But, I feel compelled to point out our children know more about world hate than we know. Yes, I'd wish for peace, if not for my sake, than for the sake all children, born and unborn.

I hope this is along the lines of what you wanted. I'm sorry it wasn't sent privately, but I'm still learning this BBS stuff and I'm not quite sure how to do that. At any rate, here it is… -Valerie-

… Reality-ometer: [\……..] Hmmph! Thought so… _ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 — * The NutHouse BBS Waynesburg , PA. * (412)852-2847 Zoom v.32bis * PostLink™ v1.07 NUTHOUSE (#5303) : RelayNet™ ======================================================================== * * * ======================================================================== <PRIVATE><ECHO><RECEIVED> Number : 15105 of 15534 Date : 08/26/93 00:30 Reply To: 14191 Confer : Writers <RIME> From : Aaron Turpen To : Joe Derouen Subject : Wishes.. ———————————————————————— That's harder to answer than it seems. I think, however, that I'd wish to be made into a Terminator(R)(TM)(etc.)-like robot with my brain/mind intact. This seems stupid and childish, but think of all the problems that'd be solved: 1) I'd be bigger, stronger, and buffer than everyone else. 2) I'd talk with a nift accent. 3) I wouldn't have to worry about walking out on the street and getting shot because my clothes are a certain color or my hand moved the wrong way. 4) I'd have no use for a car. I could just run wherever I wanted to be (how CHEAP!) 5) I wouldn't ever get tired from working, playing, or whatever. Plus there wouldn't be a need for sleep. 6) It would be cool. So that's what I'd wish. –Thanatos (I was intrigued and had to answer.) _ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 — * The Brass Cannon, Orem, Utah, (801)226-8310 * PostLink™ v1.07 BRASS (#1126) : RelayNet™

We didn't start this column until well into the Sept. issue, so not too many people had a chance to respond. Hopefully, next issue will be different.

It's probably fair that I answer my own question, thus I'll do so right now, then bid you adieu until next month.

If I had one wish, my wish would be that everyone in the universe, including myself, got what they most desired in all the world with the one restriction on that desire being that it couldn't hurt anyone else, infringe upon their rights, or make them unhappy.

Thanks for reading QUESTION AND ANSWERS, and I hope you'll stick with us until next month!

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