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                            AMERICAN PATRIOT BBS
                               (314) 248-0078
                           06:00 to 18:00 UTC M-F
                           00:00 to 24:00 UTC S,S
                              708 Birch Street
                             Hannibal, MO 63401
                     VietNam Veteran: Bill Boltinghouse
                                AKA: SUPERSPY

Hoping to start operation 04/04/92 with a Home-Built IBM XT 10MHz Clone and 30 MB Hard Disk. We will add on to the system as money becomes available. New users are welcome and encouraged to upload and download with certain restrictions. There is no charge for those that are willing to work with a small but growing system. To become a Full-Line User, you are asked to meet a $10.00 Semiannual Charge. Please fill out an application for your security upgrade from New User to Associate User. We are using a Wildcat Test Drive and as soon as the money starts to come in, we are planning to upgrade to at least Single-Line with Doors & Goodies. I am also planning to build at least a 386/33 or 486/40 with a minimum of 100MB on-line and later CD-ROM. I would like to be able to incorporate multi-user MODEMs and software at a later date. If you happen to be rich and would like to join as a life member, we would only require $100.00. These areas are available on this system:

       |---Area/User        Sysop     Full      Assoc.    New
       ÃÄÄÄSCANNER          X         X         X            
       ÃÄÄÄGAMES            X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄUTILITY          X         X         X            
       ÃÄÄÄBASIC            X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄPASCHAL          X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄC                X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄCOBOL            X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄASM              X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄFORTRAN          X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄMISC             X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄANSI             X         X         X            
       ÃÄÄÄRELIGION         X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄTELECOM          X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄCOMPUTER         X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄGRAPHICS         X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄELCTRNCS         X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄTUTORIAL         X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄOTHERBBS         X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄSCIENCE          X         X                      
       ÃÄÄÄSCI_FI           X         X         X            
       ÃÄÄÄVETERANS         X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄPOW_MIA          X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄVIETNAM          X         X         X          X 
       ÃÄÄÄUPLOADS          X                                
       ÃÄÄÄSYSOP            X                                
       ÀÄÄÄWINDOWS          X         X                      

READ AND PRINT THIS ENTIRE FORM UNEDITED. ALL ANSWERS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. Complete the following information truthfully. Please initial in your own hand where indicated. NOTE: If any answers are blank or not initialed,

          this form will not be processed.

NAME: VOICE PHONE: (_)_- HOME ADDRESS: _ CITY: STATE: ZIP: _ YOUR PRESENT PASSWORD: _ BIRTHDATE: // AGE: I understand I am the only person allowed access to AMERICAN PATRIOT BBS with this registration, and will not transfer it to, or let anyone else access AMERICAN PATRIOT BBS with this registration………………………..INITIAL: () A Money Order is ENCLOSED for $_. Full-Line or Lifetime. Signature: Date: _/_/_

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