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             The Online Atlanta Society (OAS) -- What Is It?
   The Online Atlanta Society            OASis - public access
   Post Office Box 561                   Bulletin Board Service (BBS)
   Decatur, GA 30031-0561                404-627-2662 (404-OAS-COM2)
   This is for you, the modem user of the Atlanta metro area!
   The OAS is an organization of modem users and BBS system operators
   founded in 1984.  OAS is dedicated to online communication, BBS'ing,
   furtherance of shareware and public domain software, and mutual self
   protection of the online community.
   The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month, 7:30 PM, at the
   Wyndham Garden Hotel, Tower Place, 3340 Peachtree Rd at Piedmont Rd.
   These meetings are open to the public and feature interesting and
   educational seminars about online communication and computer related
   topics.  This offers you a great opportunity to meet and talk with
   many other people interested in modem use and BBS'ing.  Our meeting
   times and locations are confirmed in advance on the logoff screen of
   the group's BBS, the OASis (627-2662).
   Computer hardware and software worth thousands of dollars are given
   away at the meetings.  Companies giving presentations supply door
   prizes such as high speed modems, modem software, BBS software,
   nonstop power supplies, and more.
   The OASis BBS is a focal point for our members and for the public.
   The BBS features over 100 online communication related message
   conferences spread across four multi-BBS mail networks.  Thousands
   of specialty files are available for members to download.  You can
   get recent versions of most shareware comm programs, BBS utilities,
   out of state BBS listings, and online newsletters.  Many more files of
   interest to modem users and sysops are available.  For example, the
   OASis maintains a huge selection of current and popular online doors.
   Our three major publications are the Online Atlanta newsletter, the
   Atlanta BBS List, and the Introduction to BBS'ing.  The newsletter
   publishes news about OAS and the worldwide online community, software
   reviews, humorous articles, and other information of interest to BBS
   users and sysops.  The Atlanta BBS List (ABBL) has recognition for
   being among the most carefully maintained local BBS lists in the world.
   Atlanta area sysops and member sysops outside the Atlanta area update
   their BBS listings directly on the OASis.  An automated calling program
   verifies listed boards before the release of each new ABBL.
   You can join OAS for just $25.00.  You get extended access to the
   OASis BBS and a subscription to the newsletter.  You'll also enjoy
   full participation at our meetings and chances for free door prizes.
   Join us at any OAS meeting, or you can get started right away by
   mailing the membership application (the file is named
   We hope to see you at the next OAS meeting.  Come out and join us!
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