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                         RAIN IS BACK
                        Wilder & Wetter
                        Bigger & Better

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NEWSLETTER STARTS WITH THE MOST RECENT INFO AT THE TOP. THAT WAY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAGE THRU OLD STUFF THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY READ! The newsletter currently contains news going back to Janice's last messages before I took over.

December 31, 12:30 PM

  As a point of information to new file junkies, I just checked my file

count. As of today, I have put 1651 new files into the system. Not all of of them were of value, but there are some goodies in the bunch. There about 2000 more at this point waiting to go in!

December 30, 12:00 noon

  There was apparently a power outage due to high winds at about 6AM, which

knocked the system down. Usually the system recovers nicely by itself, and has done so many times before. This time it did not, and I did not discover we were down until 11:30. Apologies to anyone who tried to get on this morning. Unfortunately, winds are a fact of life out here.

December 29, 12:30 PM

  I have fixed a problem on downloads, so that you can finish a download

(or upload), even if you are over your time limit.

December 28, 12:50 AM

  If anyone had a problem with the system being down tonight, I'm sorry.

A bad incoming Holonet message file kept causing crashes, and there were additional problems in deleting the bad files. There were repeated system reboots before I got it solved. Apologies! If anyone was expecting an Internet message in the 8PM and 10PM message feeds, they may not get it, as those were the corrupt files.

December 26, 1994 11:00 PM

  Sorry guys.  Node 1 has been down since 5:42 (after I left), and I just

now discovered it. When it crashes like that, then Line 1 doesn't answer or trunk hunt properly.

December 26, 1994 5:00 PM

  I uploaded a new CONFLIST.NEW to area # 2 yesterday.  This list includes

a complete listing of the newsgroups that are feeding the conferences. 90+ new files went in today, a lot of them utilities, but there were a few goodies in the lot.

December 25, 1994 1:30 PM

  The batch files all ran like they were supposed to last night, bringing

in the newsgroups and mail, no crashes!

December 24, 1994, 12:15 PM

  Valid complaints were received regarding the way I was doing the new

files, so I have changed things so that they will be done more in accordance with industry standards, i.e. what you are used to. I am learning as I go, so bear with me. See Bulletin # 1 for a fuller explanation. There won't be too many going in, in the next few days. I still have over 1000 that need to be put into the system, just run out of hours to do it in. I am still working on RIME. Pat Heidens (see his ads in BuySell) has offered to help bug the person responsible for setting up the RIME node, which I greatly appreciated.

December 22, 1994, 12:50 PM

  The batch files are fixed again, messages coming in OK, average of about

5000 per day. Several hundred new files have been added in the last week, in many different file areas.

December 20, 1994, 6:00 PM

  A number of new files were added today, about 65 total.  The new confer-

ences did not get their mail last night, due to a batch file glitch. They should tonight.

December 19, 1994 12:45 PM

  Scheduled maintenance today included the installation of Wildcat 4.01

update, and adding another batch of conferences. These will start being fed tonight or tomorrow with newsgroups. The system was down for several hours while making these improvements.

December 18, 1994 1:25 PM

  Several hundred new files have been added in the last few days, in

nearly all of the new areas. File dates from October on. Other Sysops might take notice, there are a LOT of BBS utilities. Also new games, interesting files in the text area, new Os/2 files, and various other programs and utilities.

December 17, 1994 11:10 PM

  Apparently node # 1 was down since about 7PM, which meant that anyone

calling in on the 1st line (695-3250) got no answer. Other lines were OK. Reason, loose connection at the modem!!! One wiggle fixed it.

December 17, 1994 12 Noon

  There have been some crashes with people using the mail door.  If this

happens, and you can't get back on within a reasonable period of time, call me, so I can go up and fix it! Node 2 was down for a long time yesterday (12/16) before I discovered the problem.

  Janice is now in Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital, and will be going to a home

in Tigard after that. She is still going downhill, apparently the brain tumor and other things are really taking their toll.

December 13, 1994 10:45PM

  Janice is worse, is being to a more intensive care facility tomorrow.  I

will post the address as soon as I have it. My batch file is now dumping many thousands of messages into the conferences twice daily. Internet E-Mail is running every two hours.

December 12, 1994 2:10PM

  I have just had the system down for two hours to add back another bunch

of conferences. This puts all of them back, except the computer related ones which I will do on the next go-around. I still have to add the newsgroups to them, which can be done with the system up. If I missed any that someone wants, let me know.

  No luck yet on RIME (they won't return phone calls), or Timebank, which

runs under the old Wildcat, but not this version yet!

  I have put a few new files into the system recently, there are over a

1000 yet to go (from the satellite).

  I saw Janice Friday, her voice is very weak, but she was pretty lucid.

December 10, 1994 9:10PM

  Sorry about that folks.  I guess Timebank is NOT working yet.  It works

on a local level, but not when callers log in. It still works just fine under the old Wildcat! I will keep at it.

December 10, 1994 3:30PM

  Timebank users please check it out again.  I think I have gotten it

working now. Let me know if it causes any more problems. I have added a private conference for Mensa members. Leave a message if interested.

December 8, 1994 1PM

  Finished the Amiga files, all in File Area # 22.  They all appear to be

files of interest to SYSOPs only. There is another area for BBS utilities, # 31, which are all DOS utilities. There are 34 of these new Amiga files, plus their separate descriptor files. I saw Janice yesterday, she is very weak, but seemed fairly lucid.

December 7, 1994 2:30PM

  Snowed in at home yesterday, so couldn't do much with the board.  I hope

the board never chooses to go down when I can't get to it. Corbett has its' problems with wind and snow. Made some new file areas and put a few new Amiga files in today.

December 5, 1994 1:45PM

  All inactive conference names have been deleted, and I have reactivated

several per your requests. The rest will be reactivated ASAP, but let me know which ones are most wanted. There was also a problem wherein I thought I had made the bad file areas off limits. They could still be accessed with a File Find. I have now fixed that, now I can get back to getting more new files into the system.

December 4, 1994 2:30 PM

  I am adding the Sports files to a new Area, # 12.  These are actually

ZIP files in disguise. Just unzip them and view with any text reader. I am working on installing the DOOR front end. When that is in place, you will be able to use the indexing feature (.IDX).

  I went to see Janice yesterday with my brother, and we set up a little

live Christmas tree for her. Please send her cards, address below, or leave a message on the board, and I will make a printout for her. She would greatly appreciate the thoughts.

December 3, 1994 12:50

  More notes on the conferences.  With the provider change, I will be able

to get a lot more conferences activated sooner. Also, it appears that more messages are coming in with the new system than with the old.

  Hopefully, next week you will see more of the conferences, a Wildcat

update and another new door (Sports).

December 2, 1994 9:50 PM

  I am making a major change in the Internet provider.  It was costing far

too much, even with only 23 conferences activated. So I am switching to using the satellite feed for all except Internet E-Mail, and some test messages. There may be some duplication in some of the areas, until I get the old provider list canceled (later tonight). Now that they can be provided more cheaply, I'll start back to work on activating more conferences.

  I am still waiting to hear back from RIME, can do nothing on that until I

can talk to them!!!

  I have placed the bad file areas totally OFF-LIMITS.  I can't

delete them yet, but this will stop abortive attempts at downloads. These are Areas 1, 3, 4 & 5. There are lots of new files in the new areas.

  I saw Janice today, she was not doing well, out of it again.

November 29,1994 5:00PM

  Anyone who wants to can send cheery notes to Janice.  She is in a group

care home at . I went to see her today and she is doing MUCH better. She is communicating again, and was able to discuss RAIN a little. I know she would appreciate some messages and cards.

November 28, 1994 1:30 PM

  Please note that only conference areas to 120 are re-activated.  There is

not yet anything in the other ones. Please let me know which ones you are interested in. File area 15 contains subscriber & other special new uploads, including a new Neopaint and a Thesaurus from Israel. Also note that Areas 21-27 include both the older and newer Amiga/Mac/OS2/Unix files, as I did not make separate file areas for the newer ones. There are a lot of new OS/2 files in Area 25. All files that were in Area 14 are now in permanent locations, and I will start in with a new batch of Skydata files.

November 27, 1994 1:35 PM

  Janice is back in the care home now, and is doing better mentally, though

not physically. She has pneumonia and congestive heart failure, but Jeff says she is much more alert mentally.

  The good file areas should NOW ALL BE CLEAN, and the unusable areas are

blocked off until I can finish cleaning out the old files. Hopefully, that means no more download crashes. Please let me know if any occur. Over 5500 DOS files were moved into Area # 7, and about another 3000 were deleted from the database, as they are no longer on the hard disks. Most of the files in Area # 14 have been moved to where they belong in the new file areas, 227 left to go.

  There are another 1350+ brand new files waiting to get into the system,

with more coming in daily. There are another 500+ found files that never got into the database at all before. There are several new files in Area 15. If anyone is interested in Christmas crafts, see Area 61. This area also contains various bulletins from different sources, including genealogy, ham radio, AIDS and seismic data.

  Once the above mentioned new files get into the system, I will start to

work on the CD-Rom server again, the Adult area, and RIME.

November 26, 1994 2:35 PM

  File Area # 8 is now done.  This contains all of the older Windows files

that were found on disk. Do not use File Area # 3.

November 25, 1994 10:00PM

  Just moved another bunch of Windows files into File area 8.  I am waiting

for a call back from Bonnie Anthony at RIME to get setup as a RIME node. Once I am set up, the incoming (from the satellite) RIME files can be unencrypted and fed into the system. Hope this answers those of you waiting on RIME.

November 22, 1994 11:45

  Janice is now in Kaiser Sunnyside hospital, room 109, failing very


November 21, 1994 12:45

  I still see people looking in the old areas for files.  All file areas

from #8 on & #2 are now good and are listed in the GOODFILES.LST. All files left in Areas 3, 4 & 5 are not on the disk. Area 1 is not done yet. If you want guaranteed downloads, go to the new areas, and/or doublecheck file availability for # 1. All files in Areas 13-16 &31 on are NEW to RAIN.

  I think I fixed the QWK packet problem yesterday.  If anyone has any

further problem, let me know.

November 20, 1994 7:30 PM

  I am moving a lot of files around today, so the next update of the

"Goodfiles.lst" will be considerably changed. I am trying to get all the good files on disk, in the Windows and Dos areas into new areas (7 & 8), so that you all spend less time on failed downloads. There are about 1500 messages per day coming in to the new conference areas.

November 19, 1994 2:20 PM

  Janice is deteriorating rapidly.  I saw her yesterday.  See address below

to send cards to. New GIFs are now in new GIF area with descriptions.

November 18, 1994 12:45

  Messages are now coming in the new conference areas at several thousand

per day. I am now uploading 58 Skydata GIFs into Area 14, without descrip- tions. I will put descriptions on later from a screen where I can view them. Please note that if anyone runs across a file in the database, that is not on the disk currently, I will happy to track it down for them, and put it where it can be downloaded.!

November 17, 1994 11:30 AM

  Anyone who wants to can send cheery notes to Janice.  She is in a group

care home at 667 SW 1st, Gresham, 97030. She is not doing well at all. I am going to see her tomorrow.

  There are over 1600 new messages now in the new conference areas.  Check

it out!

  As per requests, I am now back to working on the RIME access.  Should

have news on that fairly soon, like in the next two or three days.

November 15, 1994 3:45 PM

  I have started setting up new conference areas.  All areas from #000 to

#119 should now be receiving data. These are all now setup with upper/lower face instead of all BOLD. I have been picking groups from the old listings and trying to group them in some sort of logical order. The first two groupings include Arts & Entertaiment & Business related conferences. Assuming that everything is set up correctly, and that Holonet got the new subscription message, new messages should start coming in later this evening. Please let me know what conferences were of the most interest to you. MARIEL.

November 14, 1994 10:10AM

  Apologies to anyone who couldn't get on this morning.  Someone locked up

in the HiRoll game door about 6:45 on Node 1, which shuts down all nodes! There is a new program called Press Wizard in Area 15, which looks very interesting. Please remember to INPUT on conference/newsgroups desired.

November 12, 1994 7:00 PM

  I have added a new entry in Area2 called Goodfile.lst, which should be

automatically updated daily along with the TV & Weather listings. The File ALLFILES.ZIP is the old file listings, which is not accurate, but does give a rough idea of what WAS online. GOODFILES.LST should have ONLY correct listings in it. Please let me know if any errors are found in it. Also added a zipped version of same, though that may not be updated as often.

  I am also adding other new areas and slowly getting files moved into them.

I spent most of this weekend doing misc. cleanup, finding Amiga files in the GIF area, OS/2 files variously misplaced and so on. Some of the new file areas will be empty for a while until I get things moved into them. Any suggestions on how you all like things organized??

  Hope to have some more information on the Internet newsgroups soon.  Note

that there is another new file in Area 2 called USEGROUP.ZIP which has a lot of information supplied by our Internet provider.

  Janice was in the hospital again for several days, and has now gone into

a group care home in Gresham. She is not doing well at all. MARIEL.

November 9, 1994 4:35 PM

  A new area has been added for the satellite TV listings.  Download

TVADEMO.ZIP to find out what to do with this. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

November 7, 1994 1:30 PM

  New file areas are being created, in which ALL files should be accessible!

Areas 13, 14 and 15 are new files in the system since 9/12/94. File areas 21 on contain cleaned up file areas.

November 6, 1994 9:20 AM Apologies to anyone who suffered a system crash.

  I think I have pinpointed the cause, and hope it won't happen again.

November 5, 1994 4:15 PM

  108 new files in area # 14.     {:) MARIEL.

November 3, 1994 11:00 AM

  I have just uploaded to Area 15, 11 assorted files from various shareware

disks on hand. In response to various queries, please take note that the following problems are being addressed, Timebank, Adult access, Fidonet & RIME, getting all the incoming Skydata files into the database, full Internet access etc. etc. etc.. Things are mostly getting done on the squeaky wheel theory, so keep the input coming in and try to be patient.

      Thank you.  MARIEL. {:)

November 1, 1994 11:30 AM

  Apologies to anyone having trouble getting on last night.  We had snow up

here and apparently another power surge. The system is supposed to reboot itself properly and usually does. This time only node 1 came back up, so if that one was busy, the phones would just ring instead of ringing busy.

  In response to several questions yesterday regarding the new files.  As I

have said before, I am totally new to being a SYSOP, and apparently don't always do things in the same way as other boards. NEW files that I put in, whether from the satellite or from other sources, are ALL going into File Area 14 for now, and with their own file dates. Usually these are 1-2 weeks older than the date they are going into the system. So apparently, the way some of you do a search for new files is not working out for you.

  Once I get the old file areas cleaned up, then the new files can go into

them, but they are such a mess right now, that I wanted to keep new stuff clearly separated. Also, many of them do not have file descriptions with and I will have to enter those manually.

  Please also try to remember to upload only to File Area 15 for the same

reasons as above.

  To those unhappy with the condition of the board, I can only say, PLEASE

try to have patience. It took 6 months for the board to go downhill, after it left Janice's hands. It may take that long to get it back up to where it was. I do appreciate the feedback though, as it is the best way for me to know what is wanted and needed by you all. MARIEL.

October 31, 1994 3:30 PM

  126 new files added in File area 14, in addition to 381 last week.  All

from the satellite.

October 29, 1994 11:30PM

  File area 4 should now be accurate.  Please let me know if any more

errors pop up in supposedly corrected areas.

October 28, 1994 12:15PM

  There is now a new file area # 15 for new uploads by subscribers only.  I

wish to keep these separate until all the old file areas are cleaned up. It will also be easier to find new files, as they will all be in this area or in areas 13 & 14 for the Skydata feed. On occasion, the weather files may actually be newer than the stated file date, as they come in several times a day.

October 27, 1994 11:50AM

  Error on previous statement re file areas, all the files that are actually

on the disk, are listed in the database, the rest are CDRom entries that are not set up properly yet.! File areas 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, & 14 all appear to be totally accurate at this time. File area 9 still has most of its' entries on CDRom. File area 4 is partly done, areas 1, 3, and 5 are the biggies and will take a while.

  PLEASE keep providing feedback on missing stuff, desired stuff, bugs etc.!
                  THANK YOU   {:)     MARIEL

October 24, 1994 1:30PM

  The nearly 400 new files from the satellite are now in the system, most

with adequate descriptions. More will be coming all the time. Please note that the following file areas have been checked for accuracy as to whether the files are actually on disk, File areas 7, 8, 9, and 2. File areas 10, 11 & 12 have no files in them at this time. File area 1 has a lot of files listed that are not actually on disk. Please be patient as we get the rest of the file areas straightened out. File area 13 is for the weather pics, and 14 is for the new files coming off the satellite. Many of these will eventually be moved into their appropriate areas, but for now look for new files in #14. {:) MARIEL.

October 20, 1994 12:00 NOON

  The Internet batch file system IS a success and is running the mail

transfers every two hours!

  I have started getting the new Skydata files into the system now, any

file listed in Area 14 with a full description is ready to go. The rest of the nearly 400 new files will go in this weekend, so look for them. Currently, though you will see the file names with a blank description, they are not acessible yet. {:) MARIEL

October 18, 1994 2:30 PM

  Apparently some people are using Zmodem successfully, have not yet

pinned down the pattern, see notes below.

  I have been asked to transfer Internet mail more often, so will do

whenever I am at the board. Will eventually set up a remote connection, so I can run the transfers from home or elsewhere. Transfers will now be done around 10-11 AM, 1-2PM, and around 5PM, and in the evening when possible.

                      {:) MARIEL

October 16, 1994 5:15 PM

  Current problems being addressed include the Timebank problem, and

the protocol problem. Please do not use Zmodem until I get the file lists updated. Or check by viewing (V) each file first to see if it is on the disk, any file on the disk should download successfully. There have also apparently been problems with other protocols, may be dirty phone lines. When all else fails, use Xmodem.

  MY APOLOGIES to demo mode users who were not able to access files and

message menus. This now appears to be working OK. Let me know if there are any more problems with it!

  Internet messaging appears to be working now, and the dish is in and

receiving data! Please note that the domain name is "" NOT "". Internet mail is currently being sent/received once daily between 10AM and noon. We will try to improve that schedule soon, and will add a second schedule later in the day whenever possible. The instructions for addressing them to UUCP, with the main Internet address on the first line, seem to work OK now.

  Thank you all for your patience as we get things working again.  Janice

appreciates the support too.

  Timebank is still offline until I get it fixed.  No one will lose their

accumulated time!

  Last weekend was spent installing the dish and getting it operative.  It

is now transmitting data properly, but I still need to add the file paths to the system so that the new files can be accessed. The weather files ARE accessible, and are updated several times each day. If I haven't updated the database, the actual files may be newer than the date indicated.

  Games doors 3, 13 & 25 are still not available.

October 5, 1994 12:00

  I took over RAIN on 9/12/94, at which time it was in sad shape.  I know

that a lot people have been very unhappy about missing files and messages, features that don't work properly and so on. At the end of this bulletin is the last message posted by Janice, and the first one posted by me.

  Since 9/12, a lot has been done (believe it or not).  Everything necessary

to starting a new business needed to be done, new corporation, PO Box, insurance, phone lines reconnected, Yellow Pages taken care of, new bank account, accounting systems, rent arrangements, other legal things, financing, and so on.

  Literally dozens of small and not so small problems have been fixed with

the system software and hardware.

  Janice has been doing everything she can to help get it back up again,

owever, she is still feeling too sick to do very much yet. Her doctors tell her that she is free of cancer now, but it is going to take a very long time to recover from the chemotherapy.

  Wildcat 4.0 was installed, which required having the system down on

several occasions to re-index files, do backups, and do the installation. It now seems to be up and running (I think!). PLEASE feel free to leave comments regarding the system and how it is operating. I really want to get any operating bugs out of it as soon as possible, so that people can relay on RAIN again.

  Time Bank WAS working, however people are reporting problems.  This is on

my very long list of things that need to be fixed.

  Online Subscriptions now appear to be working OK.
  Games are now running, except for doors 3, 13 & 25.  Please let me

know if there are any more problems with the other doors.

  Files and messages NOW seem to be working OK.  Please remember that a lot

of files were removed from the disk, and if you have an unsuccesful download, it is because the file is simply not there.

  I think the 14,400 modems logging in at 300b problem is now fixed!  Please

leave a message if anyone has any more problems with this.

  The C-band receiver is in, so new messages will be coming in shortly.  Our

original plan to use the satellite dish at Janice's house is not going to work out due to her illness. So we have ordered a new dish that will be located at the board or at my house, and that will take another week.

  Holonet, the Internet host provider, is up and running again, so as soon

as I get the software on this end operating properly, the Internet E-Mail will be working again.

  The CDRom server is now running again, so we can start correcting the file

listings. Once this is done, you will no longer get messages saying that a file cannot be found and/or be unable to to complete a download.

  If anyone gets a message saying that an alias is required, add one to your

user profile, and leave me a message regarding this, as it should not be occurring.

  Thank you all for your patience as we get things working again.  Janice

appreciates the support too.


                         RAIN IS BACK
                        Wilder & Wetter
                        Bigger & Better

September 12, 1994

As many of you already know, RAIN has been down since 8/31 due to Janice's ongoing, very serious medical problems. Her problems in finding someone to work with her on the board have been equally as serious, and without going into detail, suffice it to say that two previous arrangements have worked severely against her and the success of RAIN. None of the problems with the board would have occurred had she been able to take care of it herself. I am going to be running the board with her help insofar as she is able to do so. And I am going to run it in the manner that she would, if she were able to do so herself. She has taken her last Chemo, and should be feeling better soon.

All of the options that have been promised you will still go into effect including the full Internet feed. Adult files that have been removed, will be back! This will all take a little while, so please be patient with us until everything gets back to running normally. The goal is still to return RAIN to #1 status in the Northwest.

Those who have placed credit card orders or sent checks, will be contacted as soon as possible to determine if you wish to have your order finalized. Credit cards (Mastercard/Visa) will still be accepted. We have a new PO Box (back in Corbett) PO Box 68, Corbett, OR 97019. Three lines are back in service using the original number, 503-695-3250, We will be adding back additional lines as needed. I can personally be reached at 503-695-3364, which is also a FAX line.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions, all of which will be answered!

A brief introduction is in order here.

I am female, a little older than Janice. My name is MARIEL, (no last name). I am a software support computer consultant, and have an associate who does hardware for me. I do business as Construction Industry Services (specializing in dealing with construction companies), and am based in Corbett.

I very recently had started researching going into a bulletin board on my own, and ran across RAIN just when it went down. The fact that there was a board so close to me (Corbett is very small) was intriguing. I met with Janice, and we were able to work out an arrangement that will be good for both of us.



 Monday Aug 1, 1994          Subject: RAIN AS OF THIS DATE

Effective immediately, I have taken RAIN back under my ownership and manangement. With this will come some favorable changes.

The much talked about satelite dish is in fact enroute and will be installed soon. This will provide RIME and large numbers of new files daily via the 'Bird' so that information should be timely.

The thing that I am really excited about around September (depending on the completion of the software), RAIN will have a FULL (Yes that is correct…) a FULL Internet feed allowing FTP,GOPHER, TeLNET etc….. This will operate in conjuction with Wildcat Ver 4.0

Though this Internet Service will be an optional charge it will be verrrrrry competative and will be available in 3 month blocks. Stay tuned for more information on this.

When the full Internet service comes on line, the look and feel of RAIN will change slightly though not enough to cause ny confusion.

Now just a note regarding the recent changes in 'ownership' of RAIN and it's stability now.

As many of you know in February I was diagnosed with a malignant Brain Tumor. As I reported it was removed surgically. The tumor was completely removed (it was the size of a small grapefruit) without complication. The one problem with Brain Tumors is that they rarely originate in the Brain. Such was the case with mine. Mine apparently came from my lung…(not at all surprizing since I WAS a smoker….I guess it does pay to heed the warnings on cigarette packs…. oh well..) Anyway for the last 5 months I have been taking Chemotheraphy for the Lung Tumor. According to the Cat Scan after the 3rd dose of Chem, there was no sign of disease in my lungs.. The Chemo seems to have worked on all fronts. I have done dose # 3,4 & 5. # 6 (last dose) comes in August. I will say that it really knocks the wind out of your sails but hopefully after August, I won't have to go through that again. Anyway so much for that.

It may be that with the addition of the Internet services in September we may need to relocate but everyone will be kept well informed well in advance. Any relocation would not affect local access in any way.

By This week end Both RIME and the Internet E-Mail will be working so please bear with me on this. After RIME comes back this week it will be uninterupted until the satelite stuff gets here and then only long enough to install it.

Because of my health, my only activity will be this BBS at least for as long as I am around. It is my goal to have returned RAIN to #1 Status in the Northwest. Your continued support and interest is appreciated. If you have any questions PLEASE lease a message for FAX it to me (503) 695-2150

Thank you again…. Janice Stevens, SYSOP@07@

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