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                               WARNING !!

Well it looks like the F.B.I is at it again…They now have Modem users infiltrating the Elite world.The FBI is in cooperation with AT&T to bust Phreakers and Sotware Pirates…Most of the People listed here were once Elite but are now working for FBI agents as a plea bargain.This information comes from reliable sources who found out the hard way.These people(narcs)are calling bbs' and some even run bbs's to find out all they can and are turning in monthly lists of Board numbers,Captures of file bases and every name they come in contact with.These people are very good at what they are doing and have made several contacts in Europe and all over the world. ok now for the handles WATCH OUT FOR THESE USERS!!!

      DR. DEATH

These people should be deleted from existence,The numbers of Modemers getting busted is increasing every day.This issue has been on major Talk shows. We are sure that there is probably more out there that we dont know about,but these for sure are NARCS!!! Remember dudes cover your asses!!

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