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Enter Filename : MORITZ.TXT MORITZ.TXT - Text file describing bill moritz's act. Complete description of the Bill Moritz Affair, Circa 6/1/90-11/1/90

By Kevin Paradine, Sysop, Zeppelin BBS (908) 929-2790

Due to popular demand for the reason he was deleted from virtually every BBS in Ocean County, this document has been created.

Bill Moritz was a common user of the local area BBS's. There were several incidents in the past where he had to be reprimanded and his messages deleted for their venomous or libelous content. This in and of itself, was no reason to delete Mr. Moritz.

However, after a long period of absence from the local BBS's, Bill Moritz logged into the Dragon's Head Inn [(908) 244-5258, Sysops Mark Notte and Robert Hoatson], leaving a message to a person, whose name will be withheld, encouraging him to join a group of 'hackers' which Bill Moritz was a member of. It described how they had a pirate BBS where the collected virii and practiced crashing bulletin boards. We have this note collected along with all other material pertaining to this ongoing incident.

Of course, since 'hacking' is highly dissapproved of by all sysops, the management of Dragon's Head Inn inquired with Bill Moritz. We contacted – more –him by voice from the Golden Cat [(908) 341-5458, Sysop Susan Stultz]. Mr. Moritz responded with the following comments.

1. Your BBS's will be attacked by viruses and 'hackers' if you delete me. 2. You can't prosecute me, I'm a minor.

Upon telling him he was already deleted, he then proceeded to make threats against all our bulletin board systems.

Bill Moritz, after that night, dissapeared from the BBS scene until very recently. He has now reappeared under the alias "Kieth Oneil" (sic). He then proceeded to make further threats to other individuals (not the sysops)

1. He knows all the phone numbers of local sysops (voice) and plans on making prank calls upon them. 2. He asserts to having moved (untrue). 3. He threatens to plant virii upon said systems again. 4. Plans on visiting sysop's homes and vandalizing them. 5. Claims responsibility for erasing the Dragon's Head Inn (all files were eliminated by a virus approximately Oct. 1, 1990)

Needless to say, Bill Moritz would be in the juvenile holding tank if any of us took this little moron seriously, but, this is the reason why he was – more –deleted. I advise any sysop to beware his presence on their board, and to watch him closely if you are unwise enough to allow him on.

Kevin Paradine 11/1/90

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