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Modem Organizations/Groups/Gangs in Stark County

             An M.I.A. Presentation
             ~~ ~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

[NOTE: Sysops and users may freely distribute this file under the condition that it is not tampered with in any way. Thank you.]

I. Silent Terror

 Around circa 1983 to 1984. Trashed and crashed the systems of the time, 

with limited H&P. Members included Overlord, Ramlord, Byte Phyter, and more, although many records have been lost.

II. Sysop's Communications Council

  Around circa March of 1984 to November of 1984. These were established 

sysops who organized to help with the influx of users. Membership included Clyde M. Davis, Gary Cox, Stew Bracken, and others.

III. The USA Alliance

   Circa 1984-1987. Extensively hacked and phreaked, and sponsored many BBS 

systems. Members included The Prophet, Ted Rockson, Swamp Fox, The Vigilante, 216 Wizard, Byte Phyter, Tigerman, Reign of Terror, Dungeon Master/The Messiah, Long John Silver, Lady Mercury, Playboy Kid/Ali Baba, Stingray, Jian the Mystic, and Mad Hatter.


  Circa June of 86 to Sept of 86. This was geared at destroying the 

previously mentioned USA Alliance for reasons unknown at the time of this writing. Members included Pendle the Pirate, Bad Boy, Cap Com, and others.

V. Tel*Star

 Circa April of 86 to June of 87. This group held users meetings, and many 

BBSs and well-known sysops of today were in it. The president was Muad Dib, the Vice-President was Long John Silver, the Secretary was Lady Mercury, Sgt at Arms was Red Baron and Kracken (sysop of Rising Power) was also in it.

VI. The Underground Alliance

  Circa 1987. This group dealt with protection, new ideas, modifications, 

and other resources for BBS sysops who wanted to join. Members included Ninja Master and others.

VII. User Terrorist Group

   Circa 1987. This group claimed to be friendly, although the name seems to 

make it not so. Also, the group contains two current TLP members. Members included Thomas Covenant, Deathmaster, Vingyth, Mithrom, Lone Wolf, Satan, The Executioner, The Modem Outlaw, and Iron Cobra, among others.

VIII. Elite Den Crew

    Circa 1986 to 1987-88. This group ran the BBS system called The Tiger's 

Den. Phreaking and piracy was involved, although nothing was ever confirmed. Members included Tiger Man, Warlock, and the Messiah.


  Circa 1987. This was an Atari users group which ran a BBS system called 

Fort NAUSEA. It had little success, according to Elminster. Membership included Mister Pi, Jaguar, Panther, Safetypup, Pokey, Mr. Do, and the Witch Doctor.

X. The Lion's Pride (TLP)

 Began circa 1988, and continues today. Perhaps the most notorious group 

around today. Early membership included current members, Sir Cavalier, Thomas Covenant, Deathmaster, Robotron, Mike Tyson (currently the sysop of Dazed & Confused, then the sysop of the Knockout BBS), and the 216 Phoneman (also known as S.S. Sigue). Current membership is limited to Rampant Lion (seems to be the leader), The Joker, The Punisher, and Tom Olson, who goes by many handles, including the Modem Outlaw and Gunslinger. Recent problems with TLP included the Sandman incident, which has been directed towards Tom Olson for almost certain, the Rod Serling/Treasure Chest Incident, which might also be the direct result of actions taked by Tom Olson, and the Forgotten R ealm Ordeal, where sysops Elminster and Nightstalker refuse to admit legal accounts to the Lion's Pride. This group makes demos using a program for the C-64. The Joker, then known as The Eme, ran two boards, Alcatraz BBS and Gotham City BBS. Future M.I.A. text files will deal with the Lion's Pride extensively.

XI. Innovation Annihilation Inc.

  Circa 1988-1989, limited today. This group produced two diskettes which 

slandered modem users. Past membership included Muad Dib, Robotron, Spray, Deathmaster, Thomas Covenant, and The Eme. Currently, IAI is associated with the Lion's Pride.

XII. Fuji Alliance

   Circa 1986-1987. This group took control of the Atari Louisville users 

group meetings during the Tel*Star era. Membership included Neebokanezeer, the Citadel, Witch Doctor, the Acocuntant, Father-time, and others.

XIII. The Young Godz

    Circa Jan-March of 1991. This group was a fledgling group that was 

pretty much eliminated by pressure from TLP. Membership included Poseidon, <ronos, Atlas, and Dionysius. The group was supposed to send out "application packets," but known were. Rumors included a Young Godz BBS, but this also failed.

XIV. The Jew Crew

   Unknown time span. This group, which focuses on the C*Net boards, include 

Muad Dib, Ziltron, EdorhaS, The Human Computer, and others. It has created many program mods for the C*Net program, and current boards include The End/Terminal Zone at 494- 6333 and Arrakis at 833-6159. Both are leary of TLP.

XV. The Elite Rodent Crew

  Circa January 1991-. This small group, composed of the mysterious users, 

Ratman and Master, center themselves on Forgotten Realm BBS and do very little. They require 60s "muscle cars" as membership, though.

XVI. American Party

   Circa Dec 1990-January 1991. This group, which was only existent on 

Treasure Chest BBS, harrassed users and hacked user logs. Members included Hermann Goring, Stormbringer, Jaguar, The Anarchist, and any other straggler that sucked up to them. They were liquidated by TLP, supposedly, although many modemers today believe that the TLP WAS the AP. The American Party resistance force included Josie, Rod Serling, Elminster ("Adamned," if you asked the AP), Dr. Who, Casca, and Mech1.

XVII. The Crusaders

    Circa May 1991-. Very little is known about this group, except for the 

leader, Dark Knight. It is dedicated to user group meetings, and other fun things. The naive approach that they take towards the modem world extended as far as to ask the Lion's Pride to "merge" with them, to form one group. This was obviously referred to as a joke and disregarded. The group strongly urges that they are not from Canton Central Catholic, but McKinley High School. Future plans are extensive, but secret, inc luding the revealing of the background of their name.


     The authors of this text file, the M.I.A., are a top secret group. The 

members, which are few and far between, are regular users on the Stark County boards, but go under assumed names. They produce demos, and #1 is available at the time of this writing, focusing on the American Party. Number two is currently available, but has not been u/l'ed anywhere. Number three is being worked on. It will also u/l these text files.

    The authors of this text file would like to thank the following people 

for aiding in the writing of this file:

Dr. Who (for u/l'ing the old text file), Elminster (for extensive research on older groups), Kracken (for information on Tel*Star), and the Lion's Pride (for information on groups and boards).

This file was greatly based on a text file written by the Ninja Master, called "Modem History Part 1".

The information contained in this file is unauthorized material. It may or may not represent the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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