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[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] [] [] [] DR. ARCANE'S GUIDE TO MAGGOT WEEDING [] [] [] [] VOLUME 1.0 [] [] [] [] CONCEIVED AND CREATED BY: DR. ARCANE [] [] [] [] [CALL THE ARCHIVES] [10 MEG BBS/AE] [815] [344] [0481] [] [] [THE SANCTUARY] [815] [344] [4671 [] [] [] [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]


One day, while calling some AE lines, while dialing out, some one tried to get through to my board. A common occurance that is quite a pain in the ass when your tring to dial out, but one you have to up up with no-the-less. It just so happens that this call was a bigger pain in the ass then I first thought……. I thru Ae into remote and decided to chat with whoever was calling. This is how it went:

A=Arcane M=Maggot

A:I have to make some outgoing calls the system will be down for an hour or two. Who is this?

M:Who is this?

A:Take a wild guess

M:I dunno. I give up.

A:What system are you calling?

M:Tell me your name first. (Editorial: I knew what was


A:Look asshole, if you don't

even know what system you
are calling, much less the
person who runs it, Then it's
my cue to say:  Goodbye...

Just as I thought I had made a move in saving callers from this maggot, as I go to dial out… No dialtone.. carrier instead.. So I throw it in remote again…


M:i am calling thee AAcrives..

A:And who do you think runs the Archives?

M:Well I guess Dr. Arcane

A:Good. (can you say "maggot weeder"?)

A:Now, let me ask you some questions…

What's your name for starters?

M:Amega Factor

A:Ok, where ya calling from?

M:Cary (gee that helps!)

A:How old are you?

M:12 (Now this is where I have to draw the line.. )

A:Did you just get your modem? (is it that obvious?)


A:Well I need the system, so inother words…

Click.. Dialtone city…


As we all know people like this pose a serious threat to the board hopping community at large. We are sitting ducks for miles upon miles of maggot ass 12 year old c-64 users that just got there modem. Since legistation has not passed a law that makes BBS access for mature audiences only, we must take immediate action.

The following is a list of things to look out for when new people log on to your system. If they have too many of the following on profile, please take the nessary steps as listed at the end of this file. The criteria for maggot weeding is as follows:

1st Catagory: Names

                     === ========= =====

Caller: Brian Moss (Real name? Goodbye)

Caller:Indy 500 jones the 3rd (fucks up e-mail)

Phone freak (is that Phreak or freak? Who

                                cares, goodbye)

The Sourcerer (Can't spell his own name..)

Michal Jackson (Fuck you! It would be even

                                worse if it reall was!)

The 64 kid (The asshole advertizes the fact

                               that he is.. )

Old Style (Tasts like piss water. goodbye)

Dr. Software (if he owns a Timex Sinclair,

                               [you can take it from here])

64 Man (Those 2 magic numbers!)

Apple Hater (This demands retaliation.)

The 64 AE'er (it's hard to belive but there

                               out there)

No Access Man (you got it dude…)

These are just a few examples of what to look out for when people input there names. Now let's take a look at where they call from

2nd Catagory: Location of caller…

           === ========  ======== == ======

Question: So, where are you calling from?


My house My computer My modem The computer room Jr. High School The basment From work From 10pm to 8am My Telephone

People this ignorant can only have one use…. Well, make that no use.. Be sure not to hit the control reset button too hard, you wouldn't want to damage your computer on an account of a geek.

3rd Catagory: Computer Types

                === ========  ======== =====

1. Apple (A sign of excellence) 2. C-64 (Cool people only, too many is asking for trouble) 3. Trs-80 (Most are cool and give good info) 4. Timex (Instant disconnection) 5. Ti (I only know one Ti user with a modem) 6. Tandy (Instant Disconnection) 7. Vic 20 (Faster then Instant disconnection) 8. Atari (Few cool users own Atari's. They know who they ar 9. Spectrum (A what??? Goodbye) 10. Home Brew (These people are extreamly interesting.. )

What computer people operate is an extreamly important detail to look out for. If you run an AE, just skip over 2-9. Some home brews are apple compatible.

4th Catagory: City & State

                 === ========  ==== = =====

Your city & State: Cleavland Mo.

                  Chicago Wis.
                  Nashville Ca.
                  Los Angeles D.C.
                  The third from the left
                  The one right under (Click... Dialtone...)

[You know what to do…]

5th Catagory: Your interests..

               === ========  ==== =========

What do you like to do most on boards?


Read Messages (just read? No post? Dialtone city) Call them (Answer the question right, goodbye) Be on them (Same as above) freak and hack ("Phreak" you asshole) Trade public domain (Save me, Save me, Save me) Download (Doesn't everyone?) Make new freinds (Oh yea, make new playmates!)

Be specific when looking at new caller resume's they can tell alot about the caller you will have to put up with once you give the little geek 2 slivers of access.


And so ends Volume 1.0 of Maggot Weeding. For those of you who feel put down, cut down, kinda mad or a little pissed off by reading this, then take a BIG HINT. You are proabably a maggot. Those who laughed and said: "I know the feeling" are the ones that make boards what they are today. The people that said this file was a good guide to new system operators on what to look out for, are proud to be part of the decent board hopping community of this country.

Maggots are faggots so

                  what do we do about this?
                      We kick them down
                      throw them around
                 then throw them in the piss

Maggot weeding 1.1 to be out soon.. Look for it..


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