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                    THE REALM OF DARKNESS BBS
                    ( 5 1 6 ) 5 8 6 - 1 3 6 6 
                         I M P O R T A N T
     This 'CHECKOUT' BBS distributes software for the sole purpose  
of testing prior to purchase.  You've 24 hours to try the software
and determine that it is worth  purchasing, then you must  destroy
it.   The  BBS Sysop feels  that it is  unfair to  computer  users
that they are unable to evaluate software to see if it suits their
needs.  Many  users have purchased products by the way the program
'looks' on the box and have been extremely disappointed - and have
therefore wasted their money and (more important) time.  Nobody in
their right  mind would purchase a  car  without  test  driving it
first,  or  for  that  matter...purchase  clothes  without  trying
them  on, so how  can  software  vendors  expect users to  buy one
of their products without first testing it?  They will send copies
of their software to large corporations to test but seem to forget
there are also other users in the market willing to purchase their
product if it meets their needs.   This is where this checkout BBS
comes in.   This program is for evaluation only,  if you like this
product  then  go  to  your  local computer store and purchase it,
otherwise PLEASE do not USE or in anyway DISTRIBUTE this  product!
There are many advantages to purchasing this product including:
1) Technical Support: Software vendors set  up  technical  support
                      lines  for  the  purpose  of  helping  their
                      registered users get the  most  out  of  the
                      product and help with any bug concerns, etc.
                      It is to your advantage to be  able  to  use
                      this (and the many features of the program).
2) Manuals:           Manuals are  a  very  important  part  of  a
                      software package.  No book  or text file can
                      replace the  original  manuals,  which  come
                      with the product. This enables  the  user to
                      get the most out of the package,  especially
                      with the very complex programs of today.
3) Upgrades:          With  buying  the  original program, you are
                      entitled  to  low priced or free upgrades to
                      new versions, bug fixes, and 'enhancements'.
4) Legality:          Using a program  without owning a registered
                      copy is illegal.
5) Control Of The     When  companies  who  create  good  products
   Industry:          are  supported,  it  reinforces the need for
                      good products and helps the company continue
                      to create more  quality  products.   On  the
                      other hand, companies who create substandard
                      products have  two  options; either  improve
                      their products or get out of the industry.
Until  companies come up with a better  way  of  allowing  users  to
test their products before purchasing, 'checkout' BBSs will continue
to make available products  for  your  testing.  Companies  recently
have started to head in this  direction and you can now return  some
products  to  the  company  if  you  are  not  completely  satisfied
(Norton, and a few others), but this does not remedy  the  situation
as the refund/credit takes a long time to get processed and is a BIG
hassle!   We feel that under the current software industry standards 
of doing business, that evaluating software releases prior to actual 
purchase is still the best solution. 
Remember...if you decide to use a product, you MUST buy it!

By unzipping this file you agree to abide by all copyright laws of the United States as found in U.S.C.A., and specifically those sections regarding non-profit library check-out of software. Once your checkout period is over you must return or destroy this file. If you do not do so you will be in violation of Federal Law. If you have any questions regarding your legal liability please consult U.S.C.A. or your local attorney. Making copies or distribution of this file is expressly forbidden by Federal Law. You checkout period is 24 hours. If you can use this software please purchase it from your local retailer. *

      This BBS is a non-profit system, which allows you to sample files
 before purchasing it.  Once you have seen what the product is like, either
  purchase the product, or remove it from any and all disks/places of data
storage.  Also note, that it is ILLEGAL to copy software, and keep the copy,
                        without buying the software.
Any uploads transfered to the BBS system, are those that the caller chose to

transfer their right and registration to the product to This BBS.

    The uploader takes responsibility for the software, as stated above.
 Since the uploader had transfered the software, and all the rights of the
 software, to the BBS, he chooses them to be made available as demos, to be
 distributed to those under the intention of fully purchasing the software,
 or simply to use as a preview only to be disliked, and therefore removed.
 WARNING: If you plan on "pirating" this file and its contents, you may be
     held accountable, and prosecuted.  Remove the files you downloaded
        NOW from all data storage units, if this is your intention.
    Pirating refers to the act of keeping computer software that someone
     else has purchased after you have previewed it, or if you copy the
                   software and distribute it to others.
        Also, do not charge money or trade this software to ANYONE!


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