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        H. Keith Henson
        799 Coffey Ct.
        San Jose, CA  95123
        Hon. Wayne D. Brazil
        U.S. Magistrate-Judge
        450 Golden Gate Ave.
        15th Floor, Courtroom A
        San Francisco, CA  94102
        January 19, 1994
        Dear Judge Brazil:
        This letter is to express my concerns about search warrant
        3.94.3005.WDB you issued on January 6 of this year to David
        H. Dirmeyer.  (I am assuming you issued it; the copy of the
        warrant persented at the time of the search did not have a
        signature on it, but did have your name typed in.)
        Under "PROPERTY TO BE SEIZED," point A refered to a computer
        system used for publishing, and thus protected from warrants
        under Title 42, Section 2000aa.  (The "Newspaper Privacy
        Protection Act" requires supenas except very limited cases.)
        This computer also contained electronic communications
        between many of the 3500 people who used this system.  Title
        18, Setion 2703 (Electronic Communication Privacy Act)
        requires specific warrants to seize, or even block access to
        such electronic communications.
        In conversation with Postal Inspector Dirmeyer at the time
        of the search, I asked if he was aware of the these laws.
        He told me that he was.  In an additional conversation last
        Saturday morning with him and a police officer he stated
        that he had discussed the ECPA and 2000aa issues as well as
        the Steve Jackson Games type of liability issues with you
        before the warrant was issued.
        Agent Dirmeyer admitted to me Saturday that he was the
        "Lance White" whose records were being sought under points H
        and I of the search warrant, and that you were aware of, and
        approved, the deception involved.  Dirmeyer/White also
        stated in writing that he sent an unsolicited package of
        child pornography to the person at the address of the search
        warrant, and (verbally to me) that this was "normal
        investigation procedure."
        I realize that Judges are not much concerned with warrants
        after they are issued.  However, I was so astounded by the
        statements of Agent Dirmeyer, that I decided to at least let
        you know about them.
        H. Keith Henson

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