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phile #1 - IIU 1990 Bust Avoidance For Dipshits typed by Derision

Notice how the feds and other appendages of law enforcement pop up every so often and take down people. Ever wonder if your going to be next. if you have wondered then your obviously doing something that increases your chances of becoming a cellmate to a six foot 200lb guy named bubba. lots of idiots get busted but if they took some care and were careful they would probably still be out and not married to big bubba.

Here are 10 things that get the attention of the law if your doing any of them then your a dipshit and are in possible danger of visiting bubba in the state home for stupid hackers.

1. never brag about your exploits on public boards 2. never brag to people who ask you questions about your favorite passtimes 3. never use codes found on boards 4. never use cards found on boards 5. never call boards where you dont know anybody 6. never talk to people when they ask if you know how 7. never use an unsecure line when talking to people for the first time 8. never use a po box registered to you 9. never go to swapmeets or bbs get togethers 10. dont trust anybody

Now for any retards reading this ill explain a few things.

First about bragging, dont do it. it makes you look like an idiot and you never know if the person listening is a fed or some other lowlife like phone security or an informant. second cards and codes found on boards are off limits for the obvious reasons,

1. You dont know if its been planted by the happy feds. 2. You dont know why it was placed there.

A simple rule,

'If its there it maybe a trap so dont touch it.'

Remember, phone companies can entrap you if they want and they often will use a known code to trace asmany people as they can and then bust everybody all at once. This can happen as long as a year later. boards where you dont know anybody are also bad. anybody could be an informant or a fed. Yes they do call boards just like we do. if somebody asks you how to do something, dont tell them. why are they asking you instead of finding out on their own?

If they know what theyre doing they shouldnt have to ask you unless they are trying to find out if your a good target for a set up or unless they are too stupid to find it out on their own. Either way they aren't worth your trouble or the risk. if they get busted do you think they will go quietly to jail or will they try and give them other people so the law will go easy on them.

When somebody you dont know wants to talkvoice to you dont give them your number, call them from a payphone or break into a car and use a carphone. They might be trying a trace or trying to find out who you are. remember even if it isn't a cop it may be someone out to hurt you. if you use a po box for communicating to others dont use one registered to yourself, this is stupid. You can be busted the moment that you take something illegal out of it.

Also for the paranoid, get a kid to get your mail for you. pay him a couple bucks to do it and hide somewhere and watch him go to where you want your mail put. On any board if a few users want to go meet to swap files or do something, dont go. It could be a set up or you might end up being photographed by some agengy looking for a bust.

Finally never ever trust anybody. Do you know them well enough to entrust your freedom to. What happens if they are cops. are they not going to bust you just because you trusted them? Fuck no. Here's a few simple rules to follow if you would like to have a better chance of staying away from the feds.

1. First use more than one handle it makes it a little harder to keep track

 of you that way. Also dont call boards that let just anybody on them.
 If the board isn't secure then you arent either.

The feds set up a board a while back and let the users do whatever they wanted. They busted quite a few bozos for shit like codes, pirated software and credit cards. If they did it once they will do it again. The enemy isn't stupid and if something works, they stick with it.

2. Don't teach anybody things they dont know how t odo. Let them pratice on

 thier own without your help. If they get busted the feds will want to know
 who they know and you dont want to be one of them.

3. If a stupid shit runs a board requiring a code for access dont call it.

 If it goes down so will all the users. Remember the phone companies aren't
 prohibited from entrapment like the cops and they can and will trap you. 

There are a few retards out there who like to post codes all over the place to show that they can get them. These people should be shot. They bring more attention to the area than would otherwise exist. Think about it, if a phone company sees more and more stolen codes being used to originate calls from one area, are they going to ignore it?

If you put a code on a board then people who dont know what the fuck they are doing will use it and that can fuck up everybody. remember when mci and sprint were using short codes and then they went to the long bitches. Makes things more difficult to hack out and notice how there are fewer busts recently compared to the old short codes. The assholes who dont know how to find them can't call anymore.

Keep it that way.

If you are one of the people who finds cards and codes in trashcans and dumpsters then dont be stupid and go to the same place more than once.

Don't laugh, some people do it at the same place, same time, all the time. Then they wonder why they got busted! The enemy isn't stupid and they can find the source of the problem pretty quickly.

That's about it for this one. Remember don't be careless and don't underestimate your enemy, they can bust you if you are stupid. Keep your information out of the hands of lamers and you should have no trouble so the wise better not plan to sit down after bubba welcomes you to jail.

©1990 I.I.U. Publications all rights nonexistant

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