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—» LEECHED FROM - THE RaDiANCE US HEADQUARTERS - LEECHED FROM «— /\ _ _ _/\ \/ _ \ | Y | | _/ \ |/ _\ \| | /\| | | | | |_\| |

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::: /\_ _ _ _/\ ::: :: SySoP: \/ | _/ Y | |/ C0's: :: : IlluVaTaR / || | | | | REMOTE : . .:/ | | ø|ø \ \_ |:. & HALFAST . . . . ::::\ | | :|: \ | | |:::: . . . [RiP!] . . :::::::\|_|_\||:::::: . . [RiP!] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::: NODE 1: +1-707-451-2835 ::>-RINGDOWN→:: NODE 2: +1-707-453-0210 :::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: !21.6k HST DUAL, 68030 POWER, 677 MeGZ ↔ C0NSOLE / AMiGA / H-P-A ONLiNE! ::: 0-1 DaY WaReZ OnLy! SiGMA-X BeTa, PluS ThE CoOleST UsErS aNd UtiLs!::: :::::::::::::::::: ALWaYZ FaST, DON'T CALL iF Ya AiN'T! :::::::::::::::::: :NuP : SaFE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::NuP : SaFE : ————————————————————————– THIS FILE VISITED THE XPRESS & OBSCENE UK HEADQUARTERS @BEGIN_FILE_ID.DIZ °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Bills for Boxing? Don't Believe The Hype PART TWO! By Bender °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° @END_FILE_ID.DIZ Sarcasm Is The Lowest Form Of Wit But It Works For Me M8 A Reply To BUSTED.LHA By Bender If you are one of those guys who makes a good living supplying the scene with Calling Cards you are probably very pissed off that a lot of your customers can now not only box to the US and Canada, but back to the UK and other countries too. Bad for business or what? The fact that the line quality back to the UK is superior to an AT&T, MCI or Sprint calling card line must also be bad for business. Here's what to do:- 1) Invent a text file saying that you just got billed for boxing. 2) Include some convincing scans from your Budget Account statement and other BT documents. This should do the trick. 3) Make sure you point out that "cards are safe". 4) Moan about how you can't afford the solicitors' fees. However, you must take care that the scans aren't from different BT offices. Imagine how SILLY you would look if one of your bills was from Cardiff BT, and the other was from BT in Taunton, Somerset. The punters aren't gonna fall for that, are they? When writing your fake text file, An example of [GOOD POINTS] to use and [BAD POINTS] to avoid would go something like this:- [BE FRIENDLY] Hello to all British Phreakers. First of all, let me assure you that this is no lie. [AS IF] I have been phreaking for about three years now, [SHOW YOU ARE NO LAMER!] using Cards, PBX's, but mainly boxing. My normal phonebills are about £80 a quarter, [BE CAREFUL NOT TO PUT AN INCOMPATIBLE £200+ AMOUNT IN THE FAKE SCAN] but this time, it is around £1000!! Now, you may think that this is total crap, but take a look at the enclosed scans! [SCANS CAN'T LIE - RIGHT?] Right, firstly, I have been boxing as normal, for about 4 hours a day. [4 HOURS? EASY MISTAKE, IF THIS WAS THE CASE THE BILL WOULD BE SEVERAL THOU] Every third quarter or so, I contact BT on 150 for a quote on the last month's phone calls, just to reassure me that I am not being billed. Well, this quarter, I have done that, and as you can see, it was ok. (The operator call was a call to 192, but was refunded, as they couldn't help me.) [I THOUGHT DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES CHARGE REGARDLESS] Now, strangely enough, that month I had started to box to the UK. I had been scanning various 0500 numbers, and found how to box from these, but I have heard from various sources that you can be billed for the calls. I stopped this, but I was not charged, as you can see from my BT early quote. I turned my attentions to other methods of boxing, and after a day of scanning, I found how to box to the UK, and most other countries in the world. Now, I am not saying that I used normal boxable lines, or what, [BE VERY VAGUE, THIS WILL CONFUSE THE PUNTERS] but I am saying that I was boxing about 4 hours a day, around the globe, and to the UK. This is the only thing I had been doing abnormally this quarter, and I thought I wasn't being charged, as r*40# said that there was no charge for the calls. I thought I was safe, I was one of the few boxers who has managed to box to the UK. Right, now probably many of you phreakers reading this think, yeah well, I can do that too, and have been ok. Well, let me tell you, it is not OK. There have been many changes to BT's International Exchange, and as you know, about six [EXAGGERATE] 0800 numbers have gone down, all together. The Hawaiian ones have been dodgy for a while, but obviously I have not used them. [WHY MENTION THEM THEN?] Right, my phone bill's final reading was taken about a week after the early quote came, and I got this 17 days after - this was as per usual. However, I am now a bag of nerves. [SUCH A BAG OF NERVES INFACT THAT TO TAKE YOUR MIND OF IT YOU ARE WRITING A TEXT FILE TO WARN EVERYONE ELSE COZ YOU'D HATE IT TO HAPPEN TO THEM AND YOU'RE CONTENT TO BE THE ONLY ONE TO GET BILLED FOR BOXING, SOUNDS PLAUSABLE] I must pay this huge bill, and have to arrange for a solicitor to take BT to court…this may be cheaper, I hope. [IF QUESTIONED ABOUT THIS, PRETEND THAT LEGAL AID ISN'T AVAILABLE WHERE YOU LIVE - CARDIFF, SOMERSET(!)] So that means that for 17 days after, I was still phreaking for about 20 hours a day, [20? CAREFUL, SOME PEOPLE MAY BE SUSPICIOUS THAT YOU NEVER SLEEP] and I haven't had a bill for that yet! Oh shit!! This next one could well have been about £10,000, [GOOD AMOUNT, THAT SHOULD REALLY SCARE 'EM] but my phone line is being disconnected, as you would imagine. You may be saying to yourself, bollox, this is utter crap, well it's not. [OH YOU'VE CONVINCED ME NOW MATE] You may think that BT would have contacted me, as I have exceeded a certain number of units a week - this is their policy, [SORRY, BULLSHIT. EVERYONE HAS HEARD ABOUT PEOPLE RUNNING UP £5000+ BILLS CALLING 0898'S ETC. THE FIRST THEY HEARD WAS WHEN THEY GOT THE BILL] but in this case, I was an exception. They wanted to build a strong case on which to prosecute me. [HOLD ON, I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU WHO WAS TAKING BT TO COURT] This being their way of setting an example to all British phreakers. I have been contacted since then, and have been told that I was illegally using their communications network (what a surprise!) and that they were perfectly in their rights to bill me for the extortionate number of calls. I suppose this is true, but face it, the reason why you phreakers are still doing it, is that no-one has been busted or charged for a VERY long time. [YEAH NEVER IS A VERY LONG TIME] BT obviously know who do it; they just have to have a look at their database of phone bills, and search for subscribers who have called x hours of international 0800 numbers. [WHAT WOULD THAT PROVE? THAT MAYBE YOUR GIRLFRIEND LIVED IN HAWAII, THEY CAN'T SEARCH THEIR DATABASE IN THAT WAY ANYWAY] Don't think just because 0800's don't normally show up on your bill that BT doens't keep a record of them! How else do they know what to charge companies who pay by the call for their 0800s? [YEAH, THEY LOOK THROUGH THE PHONEBILLS OF 20 MILLION UK HOUSEHOLDS, ADD UP WHICH 0800 NUMBERS WERE CALLED FROM THEM AND FOR HOW LONG BECAUSE THIS IS FAR SIMPLER THAN LOOKING THROUGH A LIST OF 700,000 WATS LINES AND ADDING UP HOW MANY CALLS WERE MADE TO THEM] So, if I were you, and haven't been busted, I would stop now. I am not bull-shitting etc. etc. [NOW REPEAT EVERYTHING ONCE MORE AND GET TO THE SALES PITCH!] It would be best to start getting a regular supply of calling cards, [GIVEAWAY OR WHAT?] or move to Australia, [AT THE VERY LEAST] and box from there!!! Don`t use 0800 PBX`s, as you can get busted very easily. [AND YOU WOULDN'T NEED TO BUY CALLING CARDS] all I have got for my money is a load of friends, and some shitty warez. If you want to contact me, to discuss this, my Internet E-Mail address is:- Compiler@Cyberspace.Net I will be able to use a friend's modem to call this, and pick up mail. So, if you want to know more details, just mail me, and I will try to reply. If you haven't got access to the Net, I will release another text file soon, to show you my progress. I am limited in what I say, as BT could use this against me in court. [DON'T INSULT OUR FUCKING INTELLIGENCE] etc. solicitor's fees etc. don't box etc. buy cards etc. etc. etc. etc. MY NAME IS BENDER AND I HAVE SOME PIRATE SOFTWARE, OH SHIT I WISH I HADN'T SAID THAT COS FAST WILL NOW USE IT AGAINST ME IN COURT. Busted.lha Busted by Bender! END THIS FILE VISITED THE XPRESS & OBSCENE UK HEADQUARTERS ~°¤×x#xפ°~¯¯~°¤×x#xפ°~¯¯~°¤×x#xפ°~¯¯~°¤×x#xפ°~¯¯~°¤×x#xפ°~¯¯~°¤×x#xפ°~¯ /\ _ _ _ _/ | / _ \/ | \/ / / _ \_ / /_/ _ \ _| \ \ _ \/ | \

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