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Hi Jason,

I was digging around on the net looking for some old dial-up bbs info when I ran across your site….. awesome! It brought back a lot of great memories.

On the following page you have a bunch of networks listed:

and I noticed HSAnet was on there with a 'n/a' for the topic so I figured I'd send you an email about it. HSAnet or Hashbrown Society of America was formed in 1993 by Jason Englander (Necroscope of Necroscope BBS in Livingston, NJ). All of the echos were death metal/grindcore/horror related. (I actually think I have an old HSA nodelist laying around somewhere and a Blue Wave packet from 94). Anyway, despite it's size, HSA was one of the most bad-ass networks back in the day along with SludgeNet (another essex county nj based war-board network) and JerseyNet (a NJ based network which oddly enough included a few systems out in PA).

Anyway, the site is awesome and I'm glad other people out there remember how cool old dial-up bbs's were.

Rich Bobrowicz

;A HSAnet Nodelist for Friday, May 19, 1995 – Day number 139 : 11516 ;S ;S Copyright 1995, Jason Englander, All rights reserved. ;S ;S ßÛ ßÛ ÜßßßÜ ßÛßßÜ ßÛÜ ßÜ ÜßÛßßßß ÛßßÜßßÛ ;S Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ;S ßÛßßßÛ ßßÜÜ ßÛßßßÛ Û Û Û ÜÛÜÜ Û ;S Û Û Û Û Û Û Û Û ß Û Û ;S Üß Üß ßÜÜÜÜß Üß Üß Üß ßÜß ÜßÜÜÜÜ ÜÛÜ ;S ;S -=- The Hashbrown Society of America Network -=- ;S ;S Founded January 3, 1993 by Jason Englander and Gerry Busardo ;S ;S -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ;S o FDNC and XlaxNode are confirmed to work with our HSALIST and HSADIFF ;S files. We will be processing under MAKENL v2.51. ;S o You may FREQ the "magic name" of HSALIST for the most recent nodelist, ;S HSADIFF for the most recent nodediff, and HSAINFO for the HSAnet info ;S packet from any Regional Coordinator, Net Coordinator, or Hub. ;S o If you'd like to join our Barren Realms Elite league, contact me in the ;S H-BRE666 echo or send me a NetMail for more information. ;S -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ;S ;S [- Message Echos -] ;S ;S ;S ;S H-4SALE For Sale or Trade ;S H-ANSI Miscellaneous ANSI Files ;S H-AUDIO Audio Equipment ;S H-BBSADS Bulletin Board System Ads (A) ;S H-BRE666 Barren Realms Elite League 666 (B) [Jason Englander] ;S H-COMRCL Commercial Advertisements (A) ;S H-DOORS Door Support/Discussion ;S H-FILEAN File Announcements (R) ;S H-FILFND Allfix FileFind Requests ;S H-GEN General Chatter (!) ;S H-GMUSIC General Music Echo ;S H-GRIND Death Metal/Grindcore ;S H-HORROR Horror Books/Movies [Matt Williams] ;S H-LIFE Life and Death Discussions ;S H-METAL Metalheads Anonymous ;S H-MOVIES Movies ;S H-MSCIAN Musicians Discussion [Tony Antoniou] ;S H-OS Operating Systems [Tony Antoniou] ;S H-OTHRNT Networks Other Than HSAnet ;S H-PROG Programmer's Echo ;S H-SUPP BBS Software Support ;S H-TAGLN Tagline Echo ;S H-TEEN Teen Discussion Echo [Andy Rosen] ;S H-TKBC The Kill Barney Club (L) ;S H-TOONS Cartoons ;S H-VIDGAM Video Games ;S H-WAR Warboard/Flame Echo (18+,A,H,L) [Nobody ;>] ;S ;S Administrative Echos ;S ——————– ;S H-ADMIN Administrative Nodes (ZC/RC/NC) [Jason Englander] ;S H-SYSOPS SysOp Conference (!,S) [Jason Englander] ;S H-ZONE Zone Level Administration (ZC/ZEC) [Jason Englander] ;S H-ZONE13 Echo Proposals & Statistics (!,S) [Andy Rosen] ;S ;S Adult Echos ;S ———– ;S ;S H-ADULT Adult General Chatter (18+,H,L) ;S H-AHUMOR Adult Jokes, Riddles, & Stories (18+,H,L) ;S H-FANT Adult Fantasies (18+,H,L) ;S H-SINGLE Adult Singles Ads & Discussion (18+,H,L) ;S ;S Symbols ;S ——- ;S ! = Mandatory For All Systems ;S 18+ = 18 and Over Only (21 in AL, MS, NE, WY) ;S A = ANSI is Allowed ;S B = Mandatory for BRE League 666 Nodes ;S H = Handles Are Allowed ;S L = 'Bad' language is ok ;S R = Set to Read Only ;S S = Restricted to SysOps Only ;S ;S ;S -= We need moderators! If you're interested in moderating any of =- ;S -= the above echos, please contact me for more info =- ;S ;S ;S [- File Echos -] ;S ;S HDS-DOOR HSAnet Doors HDS-OS2 HSAnet OS/2 Files ;S HDS-SOFT HSAnet General Software HDS-TEXT HSAnet Text Files ;S HDS-UTIL HSAnet General Utilities HSADIFF HSAnet Nodediffs ;S HSAINFO Information on HSAnet HSALIST HSAnet Nodelists ;S HSAREGUP HSAnet Nodelist Updates ;S ;S ;S -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ; Zone,13,HSAnet_International_HDQ,Leesburg_VA,Jason_Englander,1-703-771-4268,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b,#09 ,2,Zone_EchoMail_Coordinator,Boyertown_PA,Andy_Rosen,1-610-369-8081,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,VFC ,14,Zonegate_Australia,Leesburg_VA,Jason_Englander,1-703-771-4268,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b ; Host,516,Area_516_NC,POSITION_OPEN!,Jason_Englander,1-703-771-4268,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b Down,1,The_Insomniac_BBS,Copiague_NY,Karl_Gucciardo,1-516-789-9205,9600,V32b,V42b,CM,XA,URG ; Region,100,HSAnet_NJ_RC,Irvington_NJ,Scott_Drake,1-201-399-4772,28800,CM,XX,V32b,V42b,VFC ; Host,201,North_Jersey_NC,Irvington_NJ,Scott_Drake,1-201-399-4772,28800,CM,XX,V32b,V42b,VFC Hub,100,Essex_County_Hub,West_Orange_NJ,Rich_Bobrowicz,1-201-736-8389,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b ,101,The_T.E.R.N._BBS,Irvington_NJ,Scott_Drake,1-201-399-4772,28800,CM,XX,V32b,V42b,VFC,UQK ,102,The_Sportsman's_Den,Bloomfield_NJ,Dennis_Borbon,1-201-893-8084,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UQK ,103,The_Corporate_Disk,West_Orange_NJ,Gary_Marciniak,1-201-731-4141,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,VFC,UWC ,104,The_Roach_Motel,Nutley_NJ,Joe_Roach,1-201-667-3326,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V34,V42b,VFC,H28,UQK,FIX ,105,Into_the_Grave,West_Orange_NJ,Rich_Bobrowicz,1-201-736-8389,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b,HST,UTG,FIX ,111,Murphy's_Law,Jersey_City_NJ,Paul_Murphy,1-201-216-0292,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,VFC,UQK,FIX ; Host,908,Central_Jersey_NC,Point_Pleasant_NJ,Greg_Ryan,1-908-892-0761,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b Hub,100,Middlesex_County_Hub,Manalapan_NJ,James_Bearce,1-908-446-0612,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ,101,Eagle_Command,Manalapan_NJ,James_Bearce,1-908-446-0612,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UQK ,102,The_Apple_Manor_BBS,Franklin_Park_NJ,Richard_Gerhart,1-908-821-6824,28800,CM,XI,V32b,V42b,UWC ,103,The_Infinite_Journey,Somerset_NJ,Jonathan_Blair,1-908-873-6988,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UTA Hub,200,Ocean_County,Point_Pleasant_NJ,Greg_Ryan,1-908-892-0761,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ,201,The_Final_Fantasy_BBS,Point_Pleasant_NJ,Greg_Ryan,1-908-892-0761,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,URA ,202,Night_Wings_BBS,Beachwood_NJ,Richard_Florke',1-908-286-6044,28800,CM,XA,V32B,V34,V42B,UHVE,TR ,203,Phoenix_Modernz_$ystems,Seaside_NJ,Tal_Meta,1-908-830-8265,16800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,H16,URG ; Region,101,HSAnet_PA_RC,Boyertown_PA,Andy_Rosen,1-610-369-8081,9600,VFC,V32b,V42b,XA,CM,URA ; Host,610,South_East_PA_NC,Boyertown_PA,Andy_Rosen,1-610-369-8081,28800,VFC,V32b,V42b,XA,CM,URA Hub,100,Berks_County_Hub_#1,Boyertown_PA,Andy_Rosen,1-610-369-8081,28800,VFC,V32b,V42b,XA,CM,FIX,URA ,101,The_Sanitarium,Boyertown_PA,Andy_Rosen,1-610-369-8081,28800,V32b,V42b,XA,CM,FIX,URA ,102,The_Cemetary_Gates,Sassamansville_PA,Matt_Williams,1-610-754-9354,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,URA ,104,Atlantis,Collegeville_PA,Steve_Accor,1-610-489-6691,14400,CM,XX,V32b,V42b,UMX ,105,The_Lynx,Sanatoga_PA,Rick_Martin,1-610-327-3243,14400,CM,XA,V32B,V42B,UTG ,106,The_Terrordome,Barto_PA,Chris_Saltarelli,1-610-754-7299,14400,CM,XA,V32B,V42B,URA ,302,Bart_&_Homer's,Wernersville_PA,Shawn_Duffey,1-610-678-2431,28800,XA,CM,V34,V32b,V42b,UVB ; Region,102,HSAnet_CT_RC,Groton_CT,Tim_Rush,1-203-448-6171,9600,V32b,V42b,V34,H16,CM,XA,UVFC ; Host,203,Area_203_NC,Groton_CT,Tim_Rush,1-203-448-6171,9600,V32b,V42b,V34,H16,CM,XA,UVFC ,1,Night*Watch_BBS,Groton_CT,Tim_Rush,1-203-448-6171,9600,V32b,V42b,V34,H16,CM,XX,UPC,VFC ,2,Sand_Lands_BBS,Salem_CT,Jay_Boyd,1-203-859-2642,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UVFC ,3,Sand_Lands_II_BBS,Salem_CT,Jay_Boyd,1-203-859-0102,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b.UVFC ,4,Beyond,New_London_CT,Shawn_Brogan,1-203-443-3857,9600,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UVFC ; Region,104,HSAnet_CA_RC,San_Lorenzo_CA,Dan_Hornback,1-510-481-9774,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ; Host,510,Area_510_NC,San_Lorenzo_CA,Dan_Hornback,1-510-481-9774,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ,101,The_Night_Creature_BBS,San_Lorenzo_CA,Dan_Hornback,1-510-481-9774,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UWC ; Region,105,HSAnet_FL_RC,Weeki_Watchee_FL,Kim_Breckenridge,1-904-596-6234,14400,CM,XX,V32b,V42b ; Host,904,Area_904_NC,Weeki_Watchee_FL,Kim_Breckenridge,1-904-596-6234,14400,CM,XX,V32b,V42b ,101,Nature_Coast_BBS,Weeki_Watchee_FL,Kim_Breckenridge,1-904-596-6234,14400,CM,XX,V32b,V42b,HST,UWC ; Region,106,HSAnet_WI_RC,Green_Bay_WI,Steve_Kolb,1-414-468-6920,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ; Host,414,Area_414_NC,Green_Bay_WI,Steve_Kolb,1-414-468-6920,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ,1,CoVe_oF_ChAoS,Green_Bay_WI,Steve_Kolb,1-414-468-6920,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UTA ,2,First_Step_Mail_System,Green_Bay_WI,Mark_Phillips,1-414-499-6646,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UQK ,3,MarLyn's_Manor,Green_Bay_WI,Lynn_Heisler,1-414-432-1393,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UTA ,4,PROTOtype,Green_Bay_WI,Scott_Semrau,1-414-499-8288,2400,CM,XA,UTG ,5,Tokay_Gecko,Green_Bay_WI,Wayne_Wallace,1-414-497-6143,9600,CM,XA,V32,URG ,6,Dominion_Of_The_Dominatrix,Green_Bay_WI,Christina_Krueger,1-414-469-6866,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,UZZ ,7,NaSTy_NoDe,Green_Bay_WI,Jim_Geurts,1-414-465-3773,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,VFC,URG Hub,100,Appleton_Hub,Kaukuana_WI,Patrick_Fazendin,1-414-766-9601,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ; Region,107,HSAnet_TN_RC,Chattanooga_TN,Ron_Mitchell,1-615-886-2521,14400,V32b,V42b,CM,XA ; Host,615,Area_615_NC,Chattanooga_TN,Ron_Mitchell,1-615-886-2521,14400,V32b,V42b,CM,XA ,101,River_Canyon_Rd._BBS,Chattanooga_TN,Ron_Mitchell,1-615-886-2521,14400,V32b,V42b,CM,XA,UMX ,102,Chatt._State's_91_Rock_BBS,Chattanooga_TN,Jay_Toncray,1-615-697-2596,14400,CM,XA,V32b,V42b ,103,La_Villa_Strangiato,Rossville_GA,Greg_Murray,1-701-861-6727,28800,CM,XA,VFC,V42b,UMX ; Region,109,HSAnet_NM_RC,Albequerque_NM,Gary_Snyder,1-505-254-9817,16800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,HST,H16 ; Host,505,Area_505_NC,Albequerque_NM,Gary_Snyder,1-505-254-9817,16800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,HST,H16 ,101,The_Crypt,Albequerque_NM,Gary_Snyder,1-505-254-9817,16800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,HST,H16,UMX ; Region,112,HSAnet_VA_RC,Leesburg_VA,Jason_Englander,1-703-771-4268,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b ; Host,703,Area_703_NC,Leesburg_VA,Jason_Englander,1-703-771-4268,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b ,101,Necroscope_BBS,Leesburg_VA,Jason_Englander,1-703-771-4268,14400,CM,XA,MO,V32b,V42b ; Region,113,HSAnet_GA_RC,LaGrange_GA,James_Parmer,1-706-882-0120,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,VFC ; Host,706,Area_706_NC,LaGrange_GA,James_Parmer,1-706-882-0120,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,VFC ,101,LTL_Online,LaGrange_GA,James_Parmer,1-706-882-0120,28800,CM,XA,V32b,V42b,VFC,UMX ; Zone,14,HSAnet_Australia_HQ,Enfield_NSW,Tony_Antoniou,61-2-744-6972,28800,V32b,VFC,V34,V42,XA,CM,MO,FIX ,1,HSAnet_Australia_HQ,Enfield_NSW,Tony_Antoniou,61-2-744-6972,28800,V32b,VFC,V34,V42,XA,CM,MO,FIX ; Region,15,NSW_Region,Enfield_NSW,Tony_Antoniou,61-2-744-6972,28800,V32b,VFC,V34,V42,XA,MO,FIX ,1,File'a_Mania,Lisarow_NSW,Arron_Hollis,61-43-291318,9600,V32,MNP,XA,CM,UEZ ; Host,101,LarZ's_Drumkit,Enfield_NSW,Tony_Antoniou,61-2-744-6972,28800,V32b,VFC,V34,V42,XA,MO,FIX ,2,Hangar_18,Sydney_NSW,Andrew_Goodwin,61-2-457-9284,2400,XA,UOB,FIX ,3,AmiOZ_BBS_Australia,Riverstone_NSW,Gary_Colligan,61-2-627-4442,9600,V32b,V42,CM,ZZ ,5,Delta-9_BBS,Kogarah_NSW,Michael_Tran,61-2-587-6110,28800,V32b,XA,CM,UPB ; Region,70,QLD_Region,Jimboomba_QLD,Neil_Staib,61-75-477-184,28800,CM,XW,V42,V42b,MNP,VFC,FAX,FIX ; Host,750,Country_BBS,Jimboomba_QLD,Neil_Staib,61-75-477-184,28800,CM,XW,V42,V42b,MNP,VFC,FAX,FIX ;S ;S ;S The following flags define special operating conditions: ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S CM Node accepts mail 24 hours a day ;S MO Node does not accept human callers ;S LO Node accepts calls Only from Listed ;S HSAnet addresses ;S ;S ;S The following flags define modem capabilities supported: ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S V21 ITU-T V21 300 bps full duplex ;S V22 ITU-T V22 1200 bps full duplex ;S V29 ITU-T V29 9600 bps half duplex ;S V32 ITU-T V32 9600 bps full duplex ;S V32b ITU-T V32bis 14400 bps full duplex ;S V33 ITU-T V33 ;S V34 ITU-T V34 ;S V42 LAP-M error correction w/fallback to MNP ;S V42b ITU-T V42bis ;S MNP Microcom Networking Protocol error correction ;S ;S H96 Hayes V9600 ;S HST USR Courier HST ;S H14 USR Courier HST 14.4 ;S H16 USR Courier HST 16.8 ;S MAX Microcom AX/96xx series ;S PEP Packet Ensemble Protocol ;S CSP Compucom Speedmodem ;S ZYX Zyxel series ;S VFC V.Fast Class ;S V32T V.32 Terbo ;S ;S NOTE: Many V22 modems also support Bell 212A. ;S ;S If no modem flag is given, Bell 212A is assumed for 1200 bps ;S systems, ITU-T V22bis is assumed for 2400 bps systems. ;S ;S A separate modem capability flag should not be used when it can be ;S determined by the modem flag. For instance, a modem flag of HST ;S implies MNP. V32b implies V32 and V42b implies V42. MNP,HST and ;S V32,V32b and V42,V42b flag pairs are unnecessary. ;S ;S ;S The following flags define the type(s) of compression of mail ;S packets supported. ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S MN No compression supported ;S ;S NOTE: The only compression method standard in ;S HSAnet is archiving, using one of the following ;S formats: ARC, ARJ, or ZIP, with archive names ;S defined by the specification for ARCMail 0.6. The ;S absence of the MN flag indicates that ARCMail 0.6 ;S compression is supported by this node. ;S ;S ;S The following flags define the type of software used for file requests. ;S ;S ;S File Req Flag Software Package ;S ;S XA Frontdoor 1.99b and lower ;S Frontdoor 2.01 and higher ;S Dutchie 2.90c ;S Binkleyterm 2.1 and higher ;S D'Bridge 1.2 and lower ;S TIMS ;S XB Binkleyterm 2.0 ;S Dutchie 2.90b ;S XC Opus 1.1 ;S XP Seadog ;S XR Opus 1.03 ;S XT VFIDO <Virtual BBS Fido Interface> ;S XW Fido 12N and higher ;S Tabby ;S XX D'Bridge 1.30 ;S Frontdoor 1.99c/2.0 ;S InterMail 2.01 ;S None QMM ;S ;S ;S The following flags indicate the types of ;S file/update requests supported. ;S ;S |————————————————–| ;S | | Bark | WaZOO | ;S | |———————|———————| ;S | | File | Update | File | Update | ;S | Flag | Requests | Requests | Requests | Requests | ;S |——|———-|———-|———-|———-| ;S | XA | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | ;S | XB | Yes | Yes | Yes | No | ;S | XC | Yes | No | Yes | Yes | ;S | XP | Yes | Yes | No | No | ;S | XR | Yes | No | Yes | No | ;S | XW | No | No | Yes | No | ;S | XX | No | No | Yes | Yes | ;S |————————————————–| ;S ;S ;S The following flag defines gateways to other domains (networks). ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S Gx..x Gateway to domain 'x..x', where 'x..x` is a string ;S of alphanumeric characters. Valid values for 'x..x' ;S are assigned by the HSAnet International Coordinator. ;S This flag is not authorized for use by any node ;S unless specifically authorized by the IC. Currently, ;S there are no registered domain gateways. ;S ;S ;S The following flags define the dedicated mail periods supported. ;S They have the form "#nn" or !nn where nn is the UTC hour the mail ;S period begins, # indicates Bell 212A compatibility, and ! ;S indicates incompatibility with Bell 212A. ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S #09 Zone 13 mail hour (09:00 - 10:00 UTC) ;S #18 Zone 14 mail hour (18:00 - 19:00 UTC) ;S ;S NOTE: When applicable, the mail period flags may ;S be strung together with no intervening commas, eg. ;S "#09#18". Only mail hours other than that standard ;S within a node's zone should be given. Since ;S observance of mail hour within one's zone is ;S mandatory, it should not be indicated. ;S ;S ;S The following flag defines user-specific values. If present, this ;S flag MUST be the last flag present in a nodelist entry. ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S ;S Ux..x ;S A user-specified string, which may contain any ;S alphanumeric character except blanks. This string may ;S contain one to thirty-two characters of information that ;S may be used to add user-defined data to a specific ;S nodelist entry. The character "U" should NOT be ;S repeated, eg, ",UXXX,YYY,ZZZ" not ",UXXX,UYYY,UZZZ". ;S ;S It is recommended that the initial "U" is not followed by ;S a comma and that flags following the first entry be ;S separated by a comma, as in the above example. ;S ;S Entries following the "U" flag must be of a technical or ;S administrative nature. While experimentation of new ;S software functions using this flag is encouraged, ;S advertisement is strictly prohibited. ;S ;S For applications other than those shown, or if you have ;S questions concerning the use of this field, please ;S contact your Regional or Zone Coordinator. ;S ;S ;S HSAnet authorized 'user' flags:- ;S ;S EchoMail Coordination: ;S ;S ZEC Zone EchoMail Coordinator. Not more than one entry ;S in the zone 13 segment may carry this flag and that entry ;S must be the current Zone EchoMail Coordinator. ;S ;S ;S BBS Software: ;S ;S AG Amiga FC First Class RO RoboBBS ;S AM 2 AM-BBS FR Force! SB SuperBBS ;S AN AnsiBBS GA GAP SC Syncronet BBS ;S AP Apple Oriented KI Kitten SK Ski*Net ;S AT Auntie MG Magpie SL Searchlight ;S BB Bread Board MB MajorBBS SP Spitfire ;S BP BBS-PC MX Maximus SX Simplex ;S CE Celerity OB Obliveon TA Tag ;S CN Cnet-Amiga OP Opus TB TriBBS ;S CM Commodore PB ProBoard TG Telegard ;S CT Citadel PC PCBoard UL Ultra BBS ;S DL DLG Software PH Phoenix VT Virtual BBS ;S DS DSoft QK QuickBBS VX Vision-X ;S EB ElectronicBBS RA Remote Access WC Wildcat ;S EX Express RB RBBS-PC WF Waffle ;S EZ EZYcom RG Renegade WW WWIV ;S ZZ Miscellaneous ;S ;S ;S Other User Flags Currently Authorized for use in Zone 13: ;S ;S FAX This number accepts incoming faxes ;S FIX This node supports Allfix FileFind ;S Z19 Zyxel 19,200 modem protocol ;S ;S

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