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                        Diary of a Hacker Part 3
                        By:The Blade Cuisinart
   Prolouge: You know, after writing this series I witnessed  
   something real bizzare.  A large response.  I wrote these
   Text so that people would understand what it CAN be like
   for Hackers, Phreakers, Etc...  I am not saying what we do
   is right or good, but I write it so you understand.  I wanted
   to take a moment to thank all the people who read this.  If
   it was not for you, these would never have been written.
   At any rate, after much thought on the subject, I am here
   to offer you all a proposal of the continuance of this 
   text.  There are many things I have done in the world
   under the moniter.  If the people reading this Text wish
   it, I will continue to write these text.  I know the
   SysOp of the Masquerade who has agreed to post these
   Text on his BBS, wants me to, and if you do, I will.
   Anyone who wants me to continue, call the Masquerade
   708.963.4551 and let the SysOp know.  Since Thumper is
   planning on putting a NUP soon, if this does not get into
   circulation on time, when you get to the Matrix Prompt,
   (the logon screen for you rookies) just Format the Hard
   Drive.  I know, I know, but thats the only way you'll be
   able to Apply.  ;)  Don't you just love the subliminal
   So to all of you, I say thanks.  And on with the last!
                              November 24th
   Dr.Antristo was out of town with the inmates(family) to visit
   other relatives...(more inmates).  So I had the Computer to
   myself this weekend.  After my little stint at Argonne Natl.
   Lab, my father had come home and told me about it, he figured
   that since I was into computers, I'd like to know they were 
   having a problem with theirs...namely a Hacker.  I laughed and
   told him they'd catch him eventually...(Yeah, right) and ate
   my dinner.  Later in the evening, I juiced up the computer and
   dialed out to one of my more preferred Pirate BBS's.  I talked
   to a few of the others on its Multi-Node chat...(which in that
   time was considerbly slower.) and we discussed matters of big
   importance...crashing the local school computers.  Hmmm, I had
   no real input, seeing as I was a Hacker, not a Phreaker, but
   I added my two cents anyways.  Then later (45Min) some of the
   other Hackers came online and began to debate Techniques on
   how to get into Military computer systems.  I laughed when I
   watched them type this all out.  I was thinking to myself that
   that only happens in the movies..(for those of you who saw
   War Games, I know EVERYONE has seen it) but, I was wrong.
   These guys were insistant that there was a "Backdoor" to a 
   Computer in the Department of Energy.  I wasn't about to 
   believe that on the grounds that I didn't believe in secret
   codes, or Hidden Back Doors, or anything that made Hacking 
   look a little less than reality.
   After listening to a few guys plead their cases to the rest
   of us, I finally told them I would check it out.  If only
   to shut these guys up.  The others agreed.
   They asked me if I could gain access to the DOE Central
   Computer System.  I told them of what I had done earlier in
   the month.  They were awestruck.  I asked the other, more
   reality planted Hackers if these guys knew what COMPUTER
   really meant...this was the first time I had encountered
   the dreaded WaReZgEeK.  It is something I never forgot.
   I searched in a vain attempt to access the "Backdoor" to this
   supposed military computer.  I had not, nor have I ever found
   it to this day.  After looking for almost an hour, the only
   thing I found was that my eyes were irritated.  I dropped
   carrier and returned to the Pirate BBS in [206].  All of my
   colleagues were present for me to lecture these two little
   chucklefucks about lying.  After a browbeating, they admitted
   that they made most of it up.  The others began phreaking the
   houses of the two WaReZgEeKs..(I believe its now called War-
   dialing, or something like that) I have no clue how they found
   out who they really were, but they must have been better than
   I talked to the others for a while, disussing the two chaps
   and wondering if there were more coming...(for all of you out
   there who have people who sign their names in Ascii and talk
   about how "Wasted/Trashed/blitzed" they were, fill their
   text or E-Mail with swears, or even how many times they got
   laid last night, BOOT THEM OFF YOUR BBS!  And for any of you
   little shits reading this, what a shame you don't know what
   REAL Hackers might have learned something.)
   If only us Hackers could predict the future....I can't imagine
   what the larger groups, The Humble Guys, RAZOR, FLT, iCE, PE,
   UNT, ACiD, NeMeSiS, TDT, Future Crew, >T<>C<?, UNC, must have
   to deal with and be going through.  But I am getting off the 
   main theme.  Anyways, they left and we heckled them, and had
   a good time.  Afterwards, I logged off and Dr.Antristo called
   me long distance to tell me about the meeting with the Inmates
   Thanksgiving....Yummmmm!  My dad made Turkey, Peas, Corn,
   Mashed Potatoes w/gravey, and Wine.  We all feasted, yes the
   other inmates graced me with their presence too ;).  After our
   meal I went down stairs and began to logon other BBS's looking
   for typical information.  To my surprise I ran across the guy
   from the Elite BBS I got my AT&T access codes from.  After 
   talking to him, and relaying/trading information to him, I 
   told him of the "Secret Backdoor" in the Computer at the DOE.
   He told me that were such a thing to exist, the military would
   have gotten rid of it long ago.  He also told me that it would
   be almost suicide to hack into the Military Mainframes and the
   such.  I asked if it could be done.  He really didn't know and
   said that he wouldn't be a proper judge to say. How nice.
   I asked about suggestions that he might have, he said that it
   SHOULD be like any other Major Corperation System.  After I
   listened to him preach about how I would get caught, REAL fast
   if I went into the Military Computers, I left the BBS to call
   Doc' was in Gary, he told me to come get pick him up.
   I hopped into the everfaithful MouseMobile to spring him from
   his misery.  A few hours later, we were back in my room doing
   what we loved most, Hacking.  I got into Argonne and fixed me
   a new pass, then transferred into the DOE, then with my stolen
   Identification, I made another jump past their "Superior"
   security systems.  I gained access through their system by an
   operater who had been monitering the system.  After chatting
   with him about Physics, and the such,he left me to go in the
   Main system.  (I told him I was lost.  Computer Illerate)  The
   next thing I knew I was looking at inforamtion on Star Wars
   project.  Hmmm, how ironic that its really 97% finished.
   (Media said it was 37%....B.S.!)
   I rummaged around the system for about 10 minutes when the
   operater came back online and told me that they were shutting
   down for some kinda core dump, he then told me to go to the
   #4473 Extention for the next 30 minutes.  I asked where that
   was, (remember, I am SUPPOSED to be Computer Illerate) he
   paused and then said something about a Military Computer
   Database then left.  I went to check out this Extention...
   After a 2 second pause I was introduced to a new screen with
   a real bizzare look to it.  It was filled with a lot of stuff
   and numbers that I have never seen.  Dr.Antristo said they
   were file numbers, and file extentions.
   I had no clue what all this shit was, so I went past it like
   it wasn't there.  After searching the mainframe, which looked
   sorta like a Windows program, I found that the system was
   based in the Washington D.C. area.  As soon as I figured out
   that I was calling there, I unplugged the computer, hung up,
   and hid under the covers of my bed.
   Dr.Antristo was almost hysterical, he kept screaming that we
   were in the Pentagon Computer again and again.  I felt like
   I was going to be sick.  I grabbed all my papers, and Text I
   had printed and began to stuff them into the garbage can.  I
   also ran out to Walgreens to get a REALLY BIG Magnet so I 
   could run all my Floppies over it, should someone come to
   knock on my door.
   While I was in the middle of my panicked stupor, I stopped
   to catch a brief glimpse of reality.  We had still been using
   the Loop Numbers.  Phew!  I told Dr.Antristo that but it took
   more coaching to calm him down.  After several Jolt Colas we
   felt a little better.
   The next day at school, after thanksgiving, we kept a weary
   eye for men in grey sedans and suits to pay us a visit.  We
   agreed at lunch to meet at my house and do a little more work
   on the subject, and get what we were looking for.  Also, we 
   got the impression we were going through the wrong computer
   systems. We needed to find a better place to start.  Hmm, I
   thought that mabye we could find a better place by going to 
   one of our original hacks...Jet Propulsion Labrotories.  Not
   a bad idea, and Dr.Antristo liked that better, at least if
   they caught us, we figured, they'd give us a job.;)
   After a long dragged out day at school, typical bullies after
   me, and 1 test in Algebra, I got home to find a State Troopers
   can parked in my driveway.  I almost passed out.  My fathers
   can and my sisters were also there.
   I got down on the gravel and almost started to write my will
   and bequeath things.  I pulled myself togther and walked to 
   the house, if I was going to be arrested, dammit, I would be
   proud of my achivements!
   I flung the door open and announced my presence.  On the couch
   was the good 'ol boy....err..woman.  My father entered the
   room and wanted me to meet his girlfriend, (my parents had 
   been divorced for several years).  I thought I was going to
   faint with relief.  My father must have noticed because I
   guess I went pale, he helped me to the chairs, she just sat
   there and stared at me, like I was a ghost.  (guess shes never
   seen someone shift colors before her eyes like that...rookie)
   After my father gave me some water to sip, I relaxed back into
   the chair, the thoughts of being interrogated by CIA ebbing
   She introduced herself as Leanna.  I introduced myself as..
   I left her and my father to bewilder over my strange behavior
   and kiss.  I went into the basement, and waited for Doc' to
   knock on the window well.  4:15, and he finally arrived.  Geez
   he was visibly shaken, saying he almost wet his pants when he
   saw the Cop car in my driveway. Anyways, we got to work, first
   we called the Loop Number, then the Bank in the other state,
   (if you don't remember which one, read the 1st text again;))
   after connecting, we called another Loop number again, to be
   sure, then switched on our little box.  If we could do anymore
   like bounce off satellites, I would have, Just to make it look
   After 15 minutes of searching for an opening into the main
   system, an operater began to help me with my trouble.  He
   asked who I was, I told him I was new to the company in the
   Data Processing Division.  (Data Processing has since changed
   its title to Computer Information Systems in that Company)
   He asked me for my clearance number, so I told him I had no
   clue and that I left it on my desk.  I guess he agreed with 
   that, because he then asked me why I was logging on from out
   side the building.  I explained that I had unfinished work to
   do, and that I left work early due to a nasty fever.  He fell
   for it, more or less, then asked me what system I was headed
   to.  Dr.Antristo and I exchanged looks of puzzlement, as we
   had no clue what he was talking about.  I just blurted out
   the Unix Mainframe.  He said good luck in finding it to me,
   and then left me to my suprise.  I wondered what he meant by
   that last statement, and paid it no mind.
   We looked around for a few more minutes, checking the files
   out in the area.  I ran into another branch of the computer
   which took me into another unclassified area of the computer
   where there were files galore.  While I stared at the moniter
   Dr.Antristo continued to look at the status of our position,
   in other words, to make sure we were not being traced.
   By this time, I was well on my way to immortality within the
   confines of Hackerdom!  I accessed a pitifully guarded info
   section containing some files on Project XX-12, which at the
   time was considered a classified subject.  It had nothing to
   do with anything.  It was about some Chemical Weapons testing
   in Nevada, I wouldn't even bother D/L'ing that.
   In about 20 minutes I found what I wanted, the government section
   on classified weaponary, and ariel technology.  Should I have
   gotten this, I more than likely would have spread it out, but
   to this day I know it would have been a bad decision.  In those
   few seconds of my life I had never been more scared.  Dr.Antristo
   had not been watching the Box we created with the 20 second warning
   flash.  A guy calling himself Lt.Commander Vacek got online and
   told me that we were to start answering questions, or face federal
   charges of impersonation, invasion of privacy or some shit like
   that...I almost strangled Dr.Antristo for not keeping a better look
   on the Box.  The guy on the other line asked me what I had been
   looking for and I told him I was lost...he paused..I had guessed he
   didn't like that attitude, so he asked me why I was really there.
   I told him I was just looking for some information.  That he believed
   so he moved on.  I was not happy about this, so I asked him to not
   do anything, thinking I could get away with it.  he told me that
   hacking was wrong, and that punishment had to be metted out. I
   asked what he was going to do to me, and he simply replied that he
   would forget that I was even here, and that I did not exist, IF I
   would answer to him what the names of the people were in the Hacking
   of the New York Phone Company or some shit like that.  I told him I
   had no knowledge of that even occuring, (and I still don't...did that
   happen?  Anyone know?) He remained silent for a little before typing
   again, this time he asked me for the names of some of the people in
   certin groups...I knew who he was referring to, so I told him I 
   would make a quick Text of them and upload it to the Computer.  This
   seemed to satisfy him, so he allowed me to do it.  I went shelled
   and went into the DOS to whip up a quick batch of the names.
   As I typed, I thought to myself, what was I doing, I was becoming
   a NARC, and for Feds, or Military...I was about to betray all the
   people I hung around with just to save my own miserable ass.  I
   was about to become what I hated in life the most.  A Turncoat.
   I finished typing and returned to the comm program, and to an
   impatient Lt.Commander.  He demanded that I give him the file, so
   I did.  After the transfer he told me I was free to go, and he then
   took the liberty to boot me generous of the bastard.
   Dr.Antristo shut off the computer and looked at me, I could tell
   he was furious with me for selling out.  He then proceeded to shout
   loudly about Honor, Duty, and how I owed it to others that I was
   still a Hacker, and if it wasn't for the rest, I would have been
   nothing.  He then began screaming about the fact that I just became
   a NARC and that I would be shunned from every BBS on the Planet,
   and that I would be PhReAkEd to death, or to the point of changing
   my home phone number.  I looked back at him laughing, which seemed
   to just piss him off all the more.  He wanted to know why I was
   laughing at him.  I told him why.  
   I am many things, I am a Hacker, I am a White Collar Criminal, I
   am even an Idiot.  But!  The one thing I am NOT is a NARC.
   he demanded to know why it was that I just gave that asshole on
   the other side all the names of some of our Co-Hackers.
   I told Dr.Antristo that I figured that the guy on the other end
   didn't have a clue as to who these people were, but assuming he
   did, I altered the names.  I wrote instead of my friends, I wrote
   my enemies...and NOT from the 'Net.  I wrote the names of the
   assholes who picked on me at my High School.
   When Dr.Antristo heard that he busted out in laughter and quickly
   apologized for his misunderstanding.  I told him it was VERY
   understandable, and that I would have acted no differently.
   however, I wanted to make it clear that I was not, and if fact
   have never been a NARC.
   We both had a good laugh at the fact that the info we gave the
   guy was our nastiest enemies.  Later that week we found out that
   there had been some "Questionings" going on at my school that
   involved some Local, State, and "Speciality" Agents.  The guys
   names I gave had been questioned about some Breaking and Entering
   of Government Computers.  No one around here has ever heard of
   that....................have you?
   And I still drink Jolt!
                         Another Fine Text by
                          The Masquerade BBS       
   Dedicated to The Electric Mage
                1972    -    1990
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