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11 November, 1993

Well guys, this is CyberChrist. I am sure that there have been rumors flying around about how I got busted or something along those lines, but I wanted to set the record straight. For all intents and purposes, I am out of the scene for a good while, but more on that later. I wanted to warn everyone about something that happened to me from a guy that was supposed to be my friend: Warchild.

We will begin in early Septmber, when Dave Lindsey, aka Warchild, called me up and told me that he had moved to Atlanta (404). I had known Dave for a little while and had seen him on IRC, but other than that, didn't know him too much. He told me that he was living in some shithole in town and didn't really like the people he was staying with. My sister had moved out to school and we had a spare room. After talking it over with my mother, I told him it wa cool and he moved in. He gave my mother some money and told him to make himself at home. After a couple of days, he started using my computer all the fucking tie, which was actually ok, since I needed some time off, plus he was helping me restructure SWaT. For a good three to four weeks things were going great. We got rid of some morons in SWaT and restructured things and things were going great. SWaT was back in a major way and people were getting stuff on time and we even began to eat into Strike Force's boards and beat them on everything.

Dave and I were talking over some beers at Hooter's one night and he brought up an idea that I had thought of earlier, which was to form a cracking group. I thought it'd be a pretty cool idea, so I talked it over with Disk Killer and Black Mischief and everything seemed to be pretty cool with them, so we went for it. Dave got to work on setting up accounts and we ran into the real Renegade Chemist and he agreed to help us out. Things seemed great and from the way everyone was talking, things were going to roll. All along, I was thinking that Warchild had a good head on his shoulders, since he loved to brag about how he had scored something like a 1470 on the SAT and how he had gotten a bachelor's in Economics in 2 1/2 years at the University of Florida. Well, things began to sour pretty bad when he and The Renegade Chemist began having their spats. I'd have to say that they both seemed pretty full of it, since our only real release was supplied by Disk Killer and the rest of the NUAA guys. I liked talking to TRC and he seemed ok, so I didn't see the problem. Dave was gung-ho and ready to kick him out at any second. I didn't really give a fuck, I just wanted to see any one of them supply something worth a shit. Then we got the call from Heretic in Fairlight, who wanted to do a merge with SWaT (The FiRM, for those of you that wanna bring up a thorn <g>) and Fairlight. I talked it over with Dave and he and TRC and Disk Killer all agreed, so we all went over to Fairlight.

All this time, I should let everyone know what was going on behind the scenes, so to speak. My mother and my sister (who went to college if you'll remember) were not getting along. If anyone knows anything about Italians, they'll know that Sicilians and sisters are pretty close, so I was on my mom's case about lightnening up on her. My mother was also having a hard time dealing with her recent divorce and had turned to substance abuse, which included booze, smoking and drugs. It was hard for me to see this going on everyday and I tried to stay behind sometimes from college to just make sure she didn't do anything stupid.

Well, by this time, it is mid-october. Dave starts talking big talk and how he can do all this crazy shit. He started beating his chest on boards like Elusive Dreams and I went to help him (go back and read all the posts on the board and verify it for yourself if you want to). I really didn't want to deal with the ragging, but this dork didn't give it up. Eventually Warchild stopped his incessant ragging and I kept it going for a week, which was a bad idea, but this blackhearted asshole went and used it against me. He went and talked to Strider and got Heretic kicked out of Fairlight, which may or may not have been a good thing, but we were stuck with people who, in all sincerity, didn't know what the fuck they were doing, considering their claim to fame was Sinister. I don't have to name the people, you can look them up. At any rate, it was at this point that Warchild started going behind my back and talking shit about me. Spreading lies about me and the way I lived. I don't crap tiffany cufflinks, but I do clean up after myself. At any rate, it was all childish shit. He started telling people in Fairlight how much he hated me and how I always went on ragging and all. I was trying to save his ass, but this faggot dork went on and on about me. He spent all his time on my computer and on my phone, to the point to where I had to move to my basement so I wouldn't have to deal with him clattering at the keyboard at 4:30 am and moaning about how clueless he was about OS/2. On top of all that shit, I was trying to study Physics and Pascal and this geek just didn't understand when it was time to quit and go to bed. I was tired and between nagging my mother to let me use the van to go to the gym and rugby practice and this idiot tying up my computer and phreaking his ass off, I felt like bungee-jumping into the interstate. Finally, he went and leased a laptop and talked me into trading in my motherboard and VGA card for a 486/66 and a crappier VGA card.

On the home front, things were not going well. I also have a little sister and she basically started skipping school all the time. I told my mother and she didn't seem to give a shit. I'm sorry people, but when you're in college and kicking yourself for not done better and being able to get into a better institution, you make sure that your 14-year old sister stays on top of her shit and gets good grades. Anyway, things got progressively worse until one night, when my sister from college came to visit, my mother and I had an arguement. For like the fourth time, she chose to go be with her nappy boyfriend instead of seeing her daughter. Dave of course, is happily spreading or some bullshit or calling some friends of mine and talking shit behind my back. My mom and I had it out and on Oct 26, 1993, she kicked me out of the house. I didn't really know what the fuck to do, so I went with my sister back to Auburn to figure shit out. I left Dave in charge of my shti and asked him to keep it for me. That was probably the single worst mistake I have ever made and will regret it for a long time to come. While I was at Auburn trying to get a job and get my shit straight, Warchild went and sold my console copier. It wasn't the fact that he sold it, but the fact that he went and kept the money. $350.00 of it. When I saw him the next week, he gave me $200 of it. He told me that he left the $150 back at the house, but that he would wire it to me the next day. I took the $200 which I spent on food, gas and rent. I called him the next day and he told me that he couldn't find that and that he thought my mother stole it from his wallet. What the fuck is my money doing in HIS wallet anyway? Of course, he happily told me how he had spent all this other money on beer and gotten drunk. Guess where the $150.00 went..

That was only the beginning of things. I got a chance to talk to some people and I found out that this cocksucker had gone and badmouthed me for no reason. Sure, we had disagreements, but I took this guy into my house and let him use all my stuff and never asked for anything back but just a little fucking courtesy. Penniless and a paycheck not in sight for three weeks, I had agreed to sell Warchild my computer for a cool $2000. That included 16 megs of RAM, 1.3 gigs, a 486/66 (which we both put money into), a tape drive, 3.5" drive, SB Pro, Adaptec 1541 SCSI, OS/2 totally tweaked out, and a gig half full of shit. Worth a little more than $2000, but I needed the cash. He was going to get the cash from some magical trust fund that he said he had setup that gave him $1500 every month. We had agreed to $500 a month, which would help me get back on my feet and let him use the computer all he wanted. Plus, he had a laptop.

Well, the magical trust fund never materialized. Three weeks after I had been kicked out of my house, my mother kicked him out for being late on the rate and having racked up over $500.00 in phone bills, along with installation charges for phone lines for some super-elite board he wanted to put up. When he left, he tried to leave with the computer. My mother stopped him, since it was obvious that he couldn't pay me for it, so the fucker rips out the mother board, VGA card and 16 megs of RAM and takes off. Later on, I got to go back and get the rest of my stuff, which included the computer cards and HDs. He kept the motherboard, $150, 16 megs of RAM and VGA card. As far as I know, he sold it all, trying to pay off his bills and keep the Florida bill collectors off of his ass. Of all that stolen stuff, I have yet to see dime out of it. I put my own motherboard and VGA card into the newer ones and I feel I should at least get those back from him. I should also get the $150, since the console copier was mine and not his. The most blackhearted thing about it all is that he goes and sells the shit so he can go and put a roof over his stinking head while I sleep on the floor at my sister's apartment, waiting on this idiot to send me money that is justly mine and making plans for this idiot to go to Auburn and supposedly help me out. This faggot backstabbing asshole, who once told me that he thought of me like a brother, went and screwed me and everyone over. Fairlight went down the shitter because he has the leadership abilities of a wet pimple. He went to TDT because Hard Core figures to be enough of a sucker to send this dickhead a modem so that he can get some lame board up.

I'm not asking for sympathy. I'm asking everyone to take this fucking asshole and kick him off of your board. Everything I had done up until I met this dick was great. SWaT was a great group, no matter was clueless idiotic cracking bastards might think. Just ask the sysops. This guy is nothing but a curse and it is a fucking shame that I had to pay the price for this bastard to dick me over. He didn't get a 1470 on the SAT. He never took it. He never went Florida and got a bachelor's in Economics. He flunked out after about 2 quarters there and lived off of people there. There were girls from Florida calling my house to talk to Dave all the time to get him to come down and give them their money. He bragged about it to me, how he screwed these chicks over. He is nothing but a fraud and will say anything to get you to trust him and then he will screw you out of as much money as he can. If he gets busted, he is the type of person to screw anyone over to save his ass, including turn people and boards in. He told me that he had quit the scene earlier because he almost got busted and "talked his way out of it". If it means anything, he was in TDT at the time and afterwards, 2 TDT boards were busted, one right in his back yard. I'm not saying he did those, but stop and think about it for a second. He's back in TDT now, supposedly running the TDT American Division (or would that be ripping them off).

As far as I go, I'll recover. I honestly don't expect to see a motherboard or 16 megs of RAM or a VGA or $150.00 from him, so I'm not holding my breath. Suffice it to say that I will survive and go on with everything and study all the shit that I want to. I am out of the scene for a good long time, though, and I don't plan on coming back anytime soon. I am selling the Dual, HDs, full tower and scsi card, so if anyone wants to help me out, call someone in 404 that knows me and tell them that you want to buy some of the shit. Do me another favor and post this file and spread it and let people know that this guy is worthless.

In closing, I'd like to say that it's a goodbye, but I'll be back. I met a lot of good people that helped me out through it all and I learned a great deal. The good outweighed the bad, although the bad weighed pretty fucking heavy. In particular, I'd like to thank Der Schatten, Spaceman Spiff, The Cardinal, and everyone else local that pitched in. Without those guys, a lot of this would have been hot air and this file would have been a lot shorter <grin>. SWaT was a blast, and so was everything else. In a year or ten, I might do it again. Until then, adios.


Greets (just had to <grin>) Der Schatten (Skynet II?? Nahh….) Spaceman Spiff (go hex edit something) Rambone (no more modem games! Good luck with everything.) Rifleman (See ya on IRC. Learn to code and do some trainers again) Disk Killer (Too bad it had to end. Things were great. TTYL) Potsie (Go bail Denizen out :) ) Mandrake (we'll get the Harleys out soon enough) Black Mischief (it's called ToneLoc comma bitch) Nueromage (you're a good guy. Keep it up and maybe you can write one of these :)) RadaR (Keep the board up dude. Thanks for getting me fired <g>) Aviator (back again!!!???) Quazar (You're ok, I guess.. :) Keep 404 clean and stay cool) Shihear Kallizad (Here, read my X-Men <grin>) Vapor (You get laid at 13, now look what happened) Cool Hand (either get it kicking ass or kill it. Enjoy the Nintendo) Lestat (Stay cool hombre.) Captain Kaos (If you can read this, go to school) Accuris (Greatest guy I know as far as sysops. Too bad you went early) White Rose (Thanks for all the support. Stay in touch) The Cardinal (CODES!! GIMME CODES!) Mr GoodWrench (Greatest SWaT sysop. Your loyalty was great. Thanks for everything) Corigan (Goldfish are a WAY better hobby than BBSing.) Weapon X (both of them) Iceman (thanks for your efforts. You were great) The Wiz (stay in the circus) Marauder (call me when you get to NC) The REAL Renegade Chemist (good luck. I'll be in touch) Antonio (fucking forgot your handle) Hoppermania (coolest Euro I know. Good luck with RAZOR) LiON (my little brother :) ) Aftermath (run FelonyNET for the rest of your life <g>) Sidewinder (anyone for lunch?) Silus Guardian (keep the board going and go for #1)

well, you get the idea. I don't want to have to start doing columns. :)


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