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           N O P C   C L U B   S Y S O P   M E M B E R S H I P

New Orleans Personal Computer Club, Inc. P.O. Box 8364 Metairie LA 70011 BBS: (504)486-7249 (504)486-7261

   (504)486-7294   (504)486-7245

Dear SysOp,

Thank you for inquiring about the NOPCC SysOp Membership! The NOPCC SysOp Membership offers a full featured membership to NOPCC for BBS System Operators and their spouses. This membership entitles the member to all Club sponsered meetings and activities, subscription to the monthly club newsletter, access to the club BBS with FIDO Net Netmail, Conferences and the latest releases of software distributed by the FIDO Net FILEBONE File Distribution Network as well as Internet E-Mail and almost 2000 Usenet Newsgroups, and any discounts offered to club members by Commercial Software and Hardware Manufacturers and Distributors.

Requirements for NOPC Club Sysop Membership

BBS Sysop, hereafter refered to as Applicant. BBS System owned and operated by Applicant, hereafter refered to as the BBS. New Orleans Personal Computer Club, Inc., herafter refered to as NOPC Club.

1. The Applicant is a bulletin board operator, the Applicant represents and warrants to NOPC Club that the bulletin board has been in continuous service for the three (3) month period immediately prior to the Date set forth on the Application; Applicant further represents and warrants to NOPC Club that the BBS currently receives a minimum of fifty (50) calls per week and has one hundred (100) users currently accessing the system. Only fulltime systems running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will be qualified. NOPC Club may make provisions for new boards, solely at the discretion of NOPC Club. 2. The Applicant will set up a user account to be accessed by officials of NOPC Club for verification of the BBS and compliance with the duties set forth in this agreement. Access must allow for regular membership privileges and access to the list of current system users. 3. Applicant agrees to display a pre-prepared opening logon screen to all callers to the BBS, exceptions granted only for users using any fast logon facility provided by the BBS, for every call made to the BBS displaying information regarding the NOPC Club Meetings. Changes to the pre-prepared screen format must be approved by NOPC Club. 4. Applicant agrees to logon to the NOPC Club BBS to obtain the current logon screens and have them in place between the 5th and 10th of each month. The filename for the current screens will be NOPCSmmy.ZIP, where mm is the month number as 01 - 12 and y is the year number 0 - 9, example NOPCS035.ZIP would be the screens for the month of March 1995. 5. The Applicant agrees to perform requirements set forth in sections 3 & 4 prior to acceptance and verification of Application by NOPC Club. 6. The Applicant agrees to complete the BBS Sysop Membership Questionnaire and return it to NOPCC at one of the following address: by U.S. Mail: New Orleans Personal Computer Club, Inc. Attn: Darin Celino, Sysop Program Director Post Office Box 8364 Metairie, LA 70011 by Electronic Mail: FIDO - Darin Celino 1:396/24 Internet - Message to Darin Celino in the Sysop Membership Conference of the NOPC BBS (504)486-7249 (504)486-7261 (504)486-7294 (504)486-7245 NOTE : Do not send password with application in the public Sysop Membership Conference of NOPC BBS. You will be called for this information. 7. Applicant acknowledges that NOPC Club is under no obligation to grant Membership until the Questionnaire has been received and qualified by NOPC Club and that NOPC Club can cancel membership at any time for any of the following reasons: reports that the BBS is not displaying the NOPC Club logon screen as set forth in parts 3 and 4 of this aggreement by any official or member of NOPC Club, format of the BBS changes or is found to contain a format not acceptable to the officials of NOPC Club, or no reason at all. Application for readmittance to the Sysop Membership program will not be granted for at least 90 days after an involuntary cancellation. For a new BBS (i.e. those that have not yet been operational for

at least 3 months) to be considered for qualification for a Sysop
membership, the BBS must at least already be fully operational with
it's own dedicated phone line and be running a registered version of
a qualified BBS software package.  NOPC Club may request proof of BBS
software registration as well as copies of phone bills or other
documentation as needed to substantiate proof of BBS's operation.

—————————– >8 CUT HERE 8< —————————–

(Send this section to NOPC Club) Questionnaire Bulletin Board Operator/SYSOP Membership

Return to:

New Orleans Personal Computer Club, Inc.
Attn: Darin Celino, Sysop Program Director
P.O. BOX 8364
Metairie, LA 70011
At one of the Online

Addresses Provided Above

                                             Application Date:___/__/___
___New Member   ___Renewal   Membership #:______  Expire Date:___/__/___
                    Spouse's Membership #:______  Expire Date:___/__/___
Bulletin Board Name________________________________________________
         SYSOP Name________________________________________________
              First Name for ID Badge______________________________
       Spouses Name________________________________________________
              First Name for ID Badge______________________________
  Voice Phone (   )__________________________Age:__________________

Business Phone ( )Extension: BBS Phone(s) ( ) BULLETIN BOARD INFORMATION General format of information/services provided by the Bulletin Board: _ _ Public or Private Access System?_ Which operating system does the BBS use?(DOS, WIN, DV, OS/2, LAN, etc) _ What BBS software is used?_ How long has the BBS been in service? How many lines are currently dedicated to the BBS?_ Are there any periods of time where BBS is down for routine maintenance (netmail processing, etc)? If so, please list these periods so we do not attempt to verify during those hours: _ Average number of calls received per month: Approximate number of users:_

So that we may call into the system YOU MUST PROVIDE AN ESTABLISHED ACCOUNT. Your request will not be processed unless you provide us a pre-established LOGON. Please set up an account with the following User Name and enter a Unique Password. Please make sure that this account has access to all information required for SYSOP Membership to the New Orleans Personal Computer Club.


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