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  Engineering Oriented Bulletin Board Systems Directory


               Last Update: March 2, 1991
               This Update: April 8, 1991

The Computer Plumber BBS is pleased to present the following directory of 90 Engineering-Oriented Bulletin Board Systems.

If you know of a bulletin board system that is strong on engineering or scientific subjects or have more information on those listed, please leave a comment to Art Petrzelka (SYSOP) on The Computer Plumber BBS at 319-337-6723.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- There are many different types of Engineering Bulletin Boards, just as there are many different types of engineers.

There are three types of boards listed in this directory:

  1. Engineering-related BBSs,
  2. Product support boards, and
  3. Other BBS resources of use to engineers.

BBS entries below marked with an asterisk (*) do not yet have a description included with this directory. Unless otherwise noted, all entries operate 24 hours a day, and can be accessed at 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity (8N1) at full duplex.

                      QUICK DIRECTORY
                 Engineering-Related BBS's

Sponsored by Technical Societies:

    AEG FORUM (GO AEG) The Business BBS      213-477-0408

* ISA Computec BBS 205-995-6590

    MechEng (was CIME-ISE)                   608-233-3378
    NSPE PEPP BBS                            703-684-2871
    SCIQ                                     313-769-4488

Sponsored by Individuals or Companies

Primarily Engineering-Related:
    The Biomedical Engineering BBS           201-596-5679
    BOSTON GAS BBS                           617-235-6303

* The Computer Center BBS 707-746-0827

    The Computer Plumber                     319-337-6723
    Comtech BBS                              619-689-1865

* Data Bank 206-868-6434

    The Data Cache                           414-543-9060
    The Depot                                717-853-3599
    Digital X-Connect BBS                    214-517-8443
    EBBS (Engineering Bulletin Board System) 805-253-2917
    Energy Management Systems                913-842-6110
    Energy Services BBS                      904-772-1537
    The Engineers' Club                      408-265-3353
    EVI Titusville                           407-268-1949

* The Eyeballer 702-647-9266

    The Interocitor                          214-258-1832
    MatChat                                  415-655-1753
    M&C Magazine BBS                         813-377-7032
    Megalon BBS                              713-479-3323
    Milwaukee HP48SX BBS                     414-362-2020
    The MOG-UR'S EMS                         818-366-1238/8929

* New-Con (Concrete) 301-687-9417

    PPC BBS                                  213-978-0024
    The Preservation-BBS                     618-549-8448
    QU-AN-TO                                 415-255-2981
    SCIence FACTor BBS                       206-562-7083
    The Science Lab                          301-466-0949
    SciQuest                                 414-353-1576

* Scooters Scientific Exchange 215-657-5586

    Tangent Engineering BBS                  206-778-5360

* The Tech BBS 414-233-4506

Computer information services which have an engineering section:

    AEC-ONLINE                               818-360-7022
    Alacrity BBS (ACAD)                      206-643-5477
    Comp-U-Ease                              408-286-8332
    Santee Micro BBS                         619-562-8735
    "YA! WEBECAD!"                           812-428-3870

* BIX Engineering conference * Compuserve IBMAPP Forum, Section 13, Engineering/Technical/Scientific * Compuserve EETNET * Intelec Network Engineering Conference * ILink Network Science Conference * Relaynet Engineering Conference * ADEnet (Alacrity Design & Engineering Network)

Sponsored by Public Bodies

    Applied Modeling Research                919-541-1325

* California Division of Mines & Geology 916-327-1208

    CEAM BBS                                 404-546-3402

* COGSNet BBS 303-740-9493

    EPA ORD BBS                              513-569-7610
    Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) BBS  202-646-2887
    HMIX BBS (Hazmat)                        708-972-3275
    NIU CEET BBS                             815-753-2308

* U. of Minnesota Engineering BBS 612-625-6091

    US Geological Survey                     703-648-4168
    VA-Tech College Engineering BBS          703-231-7498

Manufacturer's & Sales Representatives Support BBS's

* Altera PLA/PLD BBS 408-249-1100

    Byte Craft BBS                           519-888-7626

* Burr-Brown BBS 602-741-3978

    The Circuit Cellar BBS                   203-871-1988
    CONUG East Coast BBS                     407-725-8978
    EEsof MICROWAVE CAE SOFTWARE             818-991-8548
    GE Plastics
    Georgia Power Corporation                404-368-5058

* Heuristics (for owners of OnSpec only)

    HP Calculator BBS                        503-750-4448

* JDR Microdevices BBS 408-559-0297

    Leo Technology BBS                       603-432-2517

* Motorola - Austin 512-891-3733 * Notorola - Toronto 416-497-8989 * Motorola - San Diego 619-279-3907

    National Semiconductor                   408-739-1162
    OPTO 22                                  714-892-8375

* Professional RBBS 702-356-1048

    Savannah Power BBS                       912-966-3645
    Shilstone Software                       214-361-7925R
    Tees Engineering                         409-727-8388

* TI's PLD BBS 214-997-5665

    WCSCNET                                  713-568-6401

Other Related

    Climate Assessment Bulletin Board

* CTC/IEEE Jobs Database 508-263-3857

    DOC Economic Bulletin Board              202-377-3870
    FERC CIPS                                202-357-8997
    IGES BBS                                 301-963-6234
    Info Resources Svcs                      202-535-7661

* NBS Comp Perf Evaluation Group 301-948-5717

    Preservation BBS                         618-549-8448
    Science Resources Studies                202-634-1764
                    BRIEF DESCRIPTIONS
                  (In Alphabetical Order)

Engineering Related BBSs

AEC-ONLINE; 818-360-7022; 1200,2400; Sysop: Lorne Steiner,

 Northridge, CA.; Sponsored by Los Angeles AutoCAD Users Group;
 XYZmodem; no subscription or ratios, phone validation; Voice Support
 Line:  818-366-9407; Tomcat Mail Door, QWK packets; Wildcat!  BBS;

Designed for professional users of AutoCAD. Member of ADE-Net, Alacrity Design and Engineering Network.

AEG FORUM on The Business BBS; 213-477-0408, 300-9600/HST/V.32/Hayes,

 Sysop (SIGOP), Richard C. Kent, LOS ANGELES, CA; Relaynet
 Sponsored by: Association of Engineering Geologists; XMODEM, YMODEM,
 ZMODEM; 20 minutes FREE daily; $3.00/hour thereafter; No ratios,
 Validation Required; Voice Support Line: (213) 477-2707
 PCPursuitable; Mail Packet Format: ZIP or ASCII

Association of Engineering Geologists AEG Forum on The Business BBS (213) 477-0408 Type GO AEG Contents: E-Mail, Geology publications, online advertising,

        order geology publications, job openings, public
        bulletins and news on engineering geology, opinion
        polls, geology programs.

Access: open to public upon approval

      300-9600; 8-N-1, true ANSI, 24-hours

SIGOP: Richard C. Kent, AEG Public Information

Alacrity BBS (206)643-LISP 1200/2400; Sysop, Jason Osgood Focus is answering AutoCAD support questions and application programming. Alacrity BBS is the home of Alacrity Software, creators of numerous public domain and shareware utilities for use with AutoCAD. Features an extensive AutoCAD oriented message section and files database. Has logged over 10,000 phone calls since inception in September 1988. Also maintains a listing of AutoCAD related bulletin boards.

The Biomedical Engineering BBS; 201-596-5679, 300/1200/2400

 Sysop, John F. Andrews, Newark, NJ, Searchlight BBS; 90 Megs
 Independently operated out of the Biomedical Engineering Research
 Laboratory of the New Jersey Institute of Technology; Xmodem, Ymodem,
 Kermit, ASCII, ZModem; no fees; validation required, download ratio

An engineering BBS dedicated to information exchange between engineers and researchers from all backgrounds who are working in the biomedical arena. Emphasis on text files, discussions of research, and interaction between academia and the biomed industry. Over 60M on line for programs and files. Echo site for medical and biomedical newsletters, mailing lists, and bulletins, including the Health Infocom Network, SNM, and Health Physics Society. Forums on Medical Imaging, DSP, and Medical Instrumentation. Regular postings of conferences and seminars of broad scope sorted by region, from "local" through "International". Announcements of professional society activities (EMBS, BMES, others)

BOSTON GAS BBS; 617-235-6303, 300/1200/2400/9600 HST/DS

 Sysop, Jon Anderson, Wellesley, Mass.; PCRelayNet, ID = GAS
 A Specialty BBS for Anesthesia, Engineering, Medicine and Science;
 PCBoard 14.5 (beta); free access unless an institution/business,
 Autoverification available; Zmodem/Batch; Ymodem(s) ; Lynx; Kermit;
 Xmodem(s) and others; 1:20 Upload/Download Ratio; MarkMail, Qmail
 3.0, MegaMail, 344M Hard Disk.

Our primary interest is in distribution of information in Medicine, Science, Engineering, including e-mail, relay-echo's and shareware/freeware distribution. Our bulletins contain comprehensive descriptions of our activities. Our Sysyop is a mechanical engineer/physician. The BBS is open to the public, but private conference areas are maintained.

Byte Craft BBS; 519-888-7626, 300/1200/2400 bps, Sysop Walter Banks, Waterloo,

 Ontario; Wildcat; Sponsored by Byte Craft Limited, no subscription,
 no ratios, validation required. Voice Support Line: (519) 888-6911

Customer support and demonstration software BBS for Byte Craft Limited's products which are code generation tools for embedded micro computers. They include a C6805 compiler for 6805 family, cross assemblers simulators and symbolic debugging packages.

Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling's (CEAM BBS); 404-546-3402; 300-

 19200 bps HST; EST; Sysop Shawn Turk; Athens, GA;
 Wildcat! BBS software, sponsored by U.S. EPA Environmental Research
 Laboratory, no fees. Kermit, X/Y/Zmodem, MegaLink, Ymodem-Batch
 Phone: 404/546-3548 or FTS 250-3548 (Person to Person)
 Athens Environmental Research Laboratory, College Station Road,
 Athens, Georgia  30613

This BBS is designed and used for the distribution of public domain exposure assessment models supported by the CEAM and for interactive user support. All CEAM models (and Fortran source code) that are available for the personal computer environment can be down loaded from the CEAM BBS file area. The BBS can also be used to deposit questions concerning model theory, application, and installation.

The Circuit Cellar BBS; 203-871-1988; 300/1200/2400; Sysop: Ken

 Davidson; Vernon, CT; TBBS 2.1M, 60M
 Sponsored by: Circuit Cellar INK Magazine; X/YMODEM, Kermit, SEAlink;
 No Ratios, subscription or user validation; Voice Support Line:

The Circuit Cellar BBS was first established to support the projects presented by Steve Ciarcia in his Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar articles formerly found in BYTE magazine. Upon leaving BYTE, Steve started his own magazine called Circuit Cellar INK. The Circuit Cellar BBS continues its committment to supporting all those involved in computers and electronics at both the hardware and the software level. The BBS hosts numerous conferences containing discussions ranging from embedded con- trollers to using electronics to induce different dream states. File areas contain collections of engineering and cross-development tools not often available from a single source.

Climate Assessment Bulletin Board 301-763-8071

Operating agency: Climate Analysis Center, National Weather Service,
Department of Commerce

Contents: Historical climate information - daily, weekly, and monthly, heating degree days, weekly climate bulletins. For further information contact Vernon Patterson, Climate Analysis Center

COMP-U-EASE; 408-286-8332; 300-9600bps; Sysop Stuart Smith, San Jose,

 CA; PCBoard; ~600 MB; COMPEASE on RIME; $25 subscription optional,
 mail validation; XYZModem; 10:1 ratio; QMail, MarkMail doors

This is the San Francisco Bay Area message hub for RelayNet. It echos the national AutoCAD and engineering message bases. The local engineering co-sysop, Ed Hwang, manages a large and varied file base of engineering programs, with lots of AutoCAD hints and helpers from ACAD expert Keith Rosenberg. Comp-U-Ease also carries a huge general interest file library, plus 79 RelayNet message conferences. The board runs off an expensive 5-PC LAN; Stuart welcomes all comers, and appreciates all subscribers. Membership give you freedom from U/L-D/L ratios, and access to the private phone lines.

Computer Plumber BBS: 319/337-6723; 300-9600bps HST; SYSOP Art

Petrzelka, Iowa City, Iowa; Wildcat!/Tomcat! 40M
 Free access, questionnaire required for access upgrade; XYZmodem,
 Hyperprotocol, Lynx, testing Bimodem. Has QWK format mail door.

The Computer Plumber BBS is devoted to those engineers who work with industrial applications of computers, especially data acquisition, supervisory control, process monitoring, operator interface, or SCADA. TCP conferences include a PID tutorial program, Engineering Design, and Instrumentation. Also publishes Byte's BIX Microbytes.

Comtech BBS; 619-689-1865; 19200 bps; Sysop, Edward Rataj; San

 Diego, CA; PCBoard 14.5; 65M; Subscription: $50/YR AFTER 30 DAYS;
 No Validation or Ratios; XYZmodem

Dsecription: Specializing in Contract Engineering. Finding work and msgs of other CE's. CE files and contact. Some Resumes.

CONUG East Coast BBS; 407-727-0331; 300/1200/2400/9600/14400 HST,

407-725-8978; 300/1200/2400; Sysop, Alex Soya
 Concurrent Users Group BBS, sponsored by Logan Industries,
 manufacturers of software for concurrent operating systems.

System is for computer Professionals interested in Computer Science and multiuser/tasking operating systems, including Digital Research's Concurrent DOS and Microsoft's Windows and OS/2. System access is FREE to CONUG members, from others, however, it is expected that you contribute by either uploading files or financially support the system with contributions based on your download/upload ratio.

The Data Cache; 414-543-9060; 300-24– bps; Sysop Todd Zabel;

Greenfield,WI; RyBBS; 70M; XYZmodem, Puma, Kermit; no ratios,
subscription optional; Sponsored by ToRa Systems

Oriented toward HAM radio, electrical engineering and science topics. Has files and message areas for PCs and Amigas.

The Depot BBS; 717-853-3599; 1200/2400; Sysop, Michael Lurie;

 Susquehanna, PA RBBS-PC v17.3a; 147Mb; XYZmodem, Kermit; no
 subscription, validation or ratios

The Depot is an RBBS system, open to the public, with an emphasis on Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Engineering systems. There are 2 message areas, the "Main" message base, and the CAD Conference. The CAD Conference is dedicated to the free exchange of information regarding PC-based (mostly) engineering applications. The collection of downloadable software includes specific sections for CAD/CAM/CAE, Math & the Sciences, Programming, and miscellaneous other categories. There are NO CHARGES, and NO UPLOAD requirement. The Depot, located in Susquehanna Depot, PA, was opened to the public in April '89 because the Sysop (an engineer and CAD user) could find no other BBS like it…

Digital X-Connect BBS; 214-517-8443; 300-9600 bps; Sysop: Andrew

Walding; Plano, Texas; RyBBS; 120M; over 35 external protocols; no
ratios, validation required, subscription in some areas.  Voice
Support Line - 214-517-3717

This board is for Engineers, Technicians, Programmers and Technical Managers. Specialized files areas, a free on-line Resume Service, on-line PCPMenu Program support area. They call us "Protocol Heaven" as we support over 35 external ul and dl protocols!

The Economic Bulletin Board 202-377-1986/4450

Operating agency:  Office of Business Analysis; Office of the Under
Secretary for Economic Affairs, U. S. Dept of Commerce

Contents: Current economic news from DoC Economic Affairs(EA) agencies including press releases, economic indicators, official DoC summaries of economic news, information on how to obtain data tapes, and summaries of reports and studies produced by EA agencies. Also included are press releases issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

EEsof MICROWAVE CAE SOFTWARE; 818-991-8548 For product support of EEsof software for digital board-level design, including ACADEMY ™, Touchstone ®, Touchstone/RF ™, Touchstone Sr. ™, Libra ™, Microwave SPICE ®, OmniSys ™, E-Syn ™ ANACAT ™, Xtract ™, EMSim ™, MiCAD II ®, Filter Design Programs ™, The MMIC Design Workstation ™, GaAs FET Model Library, Foundry Library Options.

Energy Management Systems BBS 913-842-6110 This board has been started as a help to all plant engineers and maintenance people. It is hoped that everyone calling here can get help in keeping up with all the changes that are happening in maintaining a company building and controlling rising energy costs. We will try to support as many energy management systems as we can. I know there are several systems around, but with this board we might be able to help someone with a problem on their system.

Energy Services BBS; 904-772-1537; 19200 bps; Sysop, Wayne Vearil;

 Jacksonvlle, FL; PCB14.5; 150M; RIME ->Energy; Sponsored by Service
 Engineers; No Subscription, Validation or Ratios; All File Transfer
 Protocols; Mail Door Packet Format: Mega Mail, QWK

Energy Services- the conference host for the Engineering Conference on the Rime Network. Interest Energy Management, Electrical and Mech. Engineering.


Voice line: 805-252-2177
Mailing address:   EBBS, P.O.Box 75537, Los Angeles, California 90075

EBBS is a subscription service. While mainly of interest to Civil AND STRUCTURAL Engineers, it offers programs in a number of engineering fields. Many of the programs are only available to subscribers and will not be found on free bulletin boards. EBBS is very strong on Lotus 123 engineering applications.

The Engineers' Club (TEC); 408-265-3353; 300-9600 bps; Sysop, Robert

Griffith; San Jose, CA; Wildcat! BBS; 80M; XYZmodem, Jmodem; 20:1
file ratio, no subscription; Tomcat Mail door, QWK packets

The Engineers' Club is a Bulletin board Dedicated to Electronic and Mechanical Engineering. Files are mostly engineering related as are the Message areas. TEC also has a message folder (Computer Corners) for computer buffs to exchange ideas. Another message folder (Society Events) has regular postings of local ASME activities. SysOp is Robert K. Griffith (Sr. Electronics Engineer specializing in microwave and millimeter wave circuit design). Co-SysOps are Ron Smithson (specializing in computer related topics and problems) and Bill Weitze (specializing in mechanical engineering). While our target audience is small, all are welcome to browse the board.

EVI Titusville; 407-268-1949; 300-2400; Sysop: Howard McGinnis,

Titusville, FL; RemoteAccess BBS; 100 Megs Sponsored by Electronic
Visions, Inc.; No Subscription, On-line Validation; Most popular
protocols, no ratios Voice Support Line:  407-632-7530

This BBS is being setup to support users of MODCOMP computers. These computers are (were) used extensively in process control and data acquisition systems. In addition, we hope to maintain files concerning process control and data acquisition for industry.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Issuance Posting System (CIPS) The CIPS provides the full text of the FERC daily issuances, press releases, the Commission agenda and a daily listing of all filings made to the Commission. This service is available 23 hours every day. It is not available between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, please call Sid Barinder on (202) 357-5570.

General Electric Plastics The firm has provided an ENGINEERING DESIGN DATABASE available to interested engineers. The database contains information on stress/strain, creep, fatigue, and other properties of GE plastics. The system runs software to aid in the selection of plastics. It requires 1200 or 2400 baud modem and Tektronics emulation software (or a Tektronics terminal, I presume). For more details call 800-845-0600.

Georgia Power Corporation 404-368-5058; 300/1200/2400 bps

 Georgia Power's Engineers' & Architects' Information Service
 2 lines & internal phone system plus local dial-in numbers in several
 Georgia cities.

System was first placed on line on Friday, February 5, 1988. New users are automatically registered in the Engineer, Architect and Software Exchange conferences. Conferences for Georgia Power Marketing personnel and contractors have also been established. For access please leave a Comment for the Sysop. An additional conference is available for Sysops of other BBS's. This BBS supports engineering and construction professionals. It has lots of AutoCAD files as well as electrical and mechanical engineering programs.

HP Calculator BBS 503-750-4448; 300-2400 For those of you who might be interested, HP has a BBS for their calculators. Contents are mostly HP-48SX stuff.

IGES ( National Bureau of Standards) 301-963-6234; 1200bps The various committees working on the development of IGES use this system for communications and sharing of results. If you have opinions or questions on IGES this is the place to go.

The Interocitor; 214-258-1832; 300-9600 V.32bis/V.42bis; Sysop,

Steve Rainwater, Irving, TX; FidoNet 1:124/2206 Remote Access; 120M;
XYZmodem, no fees, no ratios, validation by questionnaire.

The Interocitor is specifically oriented towards artificial intelligence and robotics. There are message and file areas for expert systems, artificial neural networks, voice recognition, natural language processing, robotics, and other, less mainstream topics such as virtual reality. We have what is possibly the largest collection of public domain files related to AI. Users are validated and able to download on their first call after answering a simple questionaire. No download ratios, fees, or other restrictions apply. We also pick up the Fidonet AI, NEURAL_NET, and ROBOTIX echoes right now and will be adding more, related, networked message areas in the future.

Leo Technology BBS 603-432-2517; 300-2400bps; SYSOP: Eric Poole

 Sponsored by RKT Engineering.

MatChat BBS 415-655-1753; SYSOP: Doug Williams MatChat is a BBS for those who work in or are interested in materials-related fields. Materials folk include those interested in mines, ceramics, NDE, solid-state physics, welding, corrosion, etc., and MatChat is intended to provide a forum for this widely divergent community to get together.

Measurement & Control Magazine BBS; 813-377-7032, 300-2400; Sysop,

Robert Aronson


 MACNET - $25.00 per year (MEASUREMENTS & CONTROL subscribers).
          $40.00 per year (non-subscribers).
          $45.00 per year (combination rate).

MechEng 608 233-3378 300/1200/2400/9600 baud 5 lines

Sysop:    Greg Jackson
co-sysop: Chris Miller   (Macintosh conference)
Outreach: Alfred Watson  (Outreach is a college/university support prgm)

Over 5000 files with 850 megabytes of storage. Formerly known as CIME-ISE, MechEng is the BBS of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. MechEng offers instant registration, no upload/dnload ratios, liberal time allowances, and no usage fees. As the leading society supported engineering BBS, many technical authors choose MechEng as their software release point. MechEng offers a user to user file shuttle area and supports engineering demo software if identified as such.

Megalon BBS; 713-479-3323; Sysop, Michael W. Johnson This BBS is about Engineering and Technical disciplines… Instrumentation to be particular. It has the following echos: Telemetry, Instrumentation, Engineering, Autocad, CAD-CAM, SURVIVAL, C Programming, DBASE, Science Forum, ELECTRONICS. The first call will be a request for validation and then a user gets 60 min. per day each day. Telemetry, Instrumentation, Engineering and Safety echos originate from the MEGALON! Anyone running a fido compatable mailer can request these echos by netmailing a request to 106/1999 c/o SYSOP. They will have to come get the echo for now.

Milwaukee HP48SX BBS; 414-362-2020; 2400/1200/600/300; Sysop: Kevin

Jessup; Milwaukee, WI; 6PM-7AM CST; RyBBS; 10Meg; No subscription;
XYZMODEM KERMIT; 1:20 Upload:Download; Voice Support Line:

Devoted strictly to software relating to the Hewlett-Packard HP28S and HP48SX calculators. Multiple message boards and file areas.

The MOG-UR'S EMS; 818-366-1238/8929; USR HST & V.32; PST

 Sysop, Tom Tcimpidis, Granada Hills, CA; Wildcat! BBS; 676 Mb;
 RIME address:  MOGUR

Sponsored by TGT Technologies; Subscription Optional; Mail Validation for full access XYZmodem, Bimodem, Puma; No Ratios Voice Support Line 818-366-4837; Mail Door: TomCat & MegaMail Mail Packet Format: .QWK, .TXT and Mega Many engineering sections catering to Television Broadcast Engineering, HDTV and IDTV, Computer Engineering for the IBM PC and compatibles, and many other diverse engineering interests and disciplines. The system is network affiliated with RIME. Multi-user with four nodes, hundreds of conferences and thousands of files. The system also supports strong programming sections as well.

National Semiconductor; 408-739-1162; 300/1200 bps National Semiconductor Microcontroller Applications Group Welcomes you to the DIAL-A-HELPER System. Dial-a-Helper is a free service provided by National Semiconductor Corporation for our Microcontroller customers and field sales personnel. Files on this system are available for your perusal and for downloading to your system if desired. If you have difficulty using this system, call (408) 721-5582 for help.

NIU CEET BBS; 815-753-2308; 1200/2400/9600 bps; Sysop, Terrance A. Olin;

 DeKalb, IL; Wildcat! 2.55N; 350M; XYZmodem, Bimodem, Jmodem, Kermit;
 No subscription, 15:1 ratio;
 (Sponsored by: Northern Illinois University
    College of Engineering & Engineering Technology
              DeKalb, IL  60115

Desc: Open to all interested Parties.

    Provide professional, college admin & general BBS Services

Mail: Terrance A. Olin

    c/o Northern Illinois University
        College of Engineering & Engineering Technology
        DeKalb, IL  60115

815-753-8055 Voice

OPTO 22 BBS; 714-892-8375; 300/1200 bps This Bulletin board is our no charge service for customers using computers in industrial control. For your convenience we have included: Software drivers for OPTOMUX and various computers; Application software examples; New product announcements; Third party software packages, including Paragon LC.

EPA ORD BBS; 513-569-7610, 1200/2400; Sysop: Jose Perez, Cincinnati, OH;

 PCBoard, 170MB
 Sponsored by U.S. EPA/ORD, No fees, ratios or validation
 Voice Support Line, 513-569-7272

Created to serve as a forum for the exchange of scientific and technical research information both within and external to EPA.

PPC BBS; 213-978-0024; 300/1200/2400/9600; Sysop,

Personal Programming Center Bulletin Board Service

Supporting users of Handheld and Portable Computers, Programmable Calculators (mostly HP), and Artificial Intelligence. This bulletin board was established by Personal Programming Center (PPC), an independent user group that, since 1974, has been supporting pro- grammable calculators and handheld computers. PPC was incorporated in California in 1982 and disbanded in 1988. Our main interest is artificial intelligence and its applications. We are also interested in certain technologies related to the latest in handheld computers. These include ham radio, artificial intelligence, forth language (especially HP-71B forth), and other sciences.

The Preservation-BBS 618-549-8448; 300-2400bps

SYSOP: Bob Pauls; Carbondale, IL 62901

The Preservation-BBS exists to provide technical and strategic advice to callers regarding the use of historic preservation tools for the development of communities. Preservation is both an art and a science requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to community, building and site protection. Standards exist by which all historically and architecturally significant structures should be repaired, replaced and adaptively reused. The BBS serves as technical resource as well as a forum for preservation activists to explore creative solutions to the loss of the world's cultural heritage.

QU-AN-TO; 415-255-2981; 1200/2400 bps; Sysop: Dr. Ken Hunter QU-AN-TO is a BBS for users of QUantitative ANalytic TOols. Major topics supported are mathematics, statistics, engineering, and some of the sciences (e.g., astronomy, electronics, geology). We are a serious BBS, primarily for people who use quantitative techniques in their professions or studies. Access by individuals interested in games, graphics, or utilities is discouraged.

Santee Micro BBS; 619-562-8735; 300/1200/2400 bps; Sysop, Dennis

 Conversation, Latest files, Live Doors
 Reviews, File Downloads, Sale/Want Ads
 Prometheus 2400 baud Promodem
            The Santee Micro
            10125 Woodpark Dr.
            Santee, CA. 92071

Savannah Power BBS; 912-966-3645, 1200/2400 22 Hrs.; Sysops, William

 Hamilton, Gary Hodges, Robert Tuck, Tim Venters; Savannah, GA
 An Independant Technical BBS for the Instrumentation and Control
 Departments; free, verification required

The purpose of this BBS is to allow Instrument and Controls Technicians from around Southern Company and this area to exchange programs, technical info, hints for solving problems, problems associated with equipment, and any other data that may be useful to our individual plants. This BBS is for only I&C shops and other Technical Crafts.

The Science Lab BBS : (301) 466-0949 1200/2400/9600/14400 (HST/DS)

Sysop, Mitch Hobish, PhD

TSL is a subscription-only system, dedicated to science and technology education, policy, and news. We are a member node of the InterLink conference network. Our large collection of scientific and technical files (50Mb and growing) and related programming utilities (15Mb) makes this an excellent one-stop resource. Novices as well as experienced professionals are welcome.


Voice line is 202-634-4636

From the National Science Foundation. The system lists federal funds for research and development, scientific and engineering expenditures, and international comparisons of science and technology data. For more information contact Vanessa Richardson at NSF.

SCIence FACTor BBS; 206-562-7083, 1200/2400 bps; Sysop,

 Bruce N. Baker, Bellevue, Wa.; PCBoard 14.0, MetroNet, PCRelay

Science Factor is a Science/Education/Technical/Engineering Board. It is run by a Electronics Dept Chair on a 10 Mhz - 70 MEG XT clone. Zmodem. Free/donor access levels, D/U Ratio 10/1, phone validation required. Voice: 206-455-3636 Ext. 331 The following is available :

  • Regular updates of information from NASA Spacelink.
  • Concentrated science type file base.
  • Local and National Science/Tech/Ed/Eng conferences.
  • Located in Bellevue, Washington open 24 hours a day.
  • Leans in the direction of Electronics, Physics and Mathematics.

SCIQ BBS 313-769-4488; 300-2400bps, 4 lines; Sysop, Robert Tait;

 Ann Arbor, MI; Sponsored by Industrial Technology Institute;
 XYZModem, Kermit, ASCII; no subscription or ratios, validation
 required; Available 4:00 AM to 3:00 AM daily; Galacticomm, 60M; Voice
 Support Line:  313-769-4498

The SCIQ BBS is dedicated to serving the sensing, quality, and vision industry, as it is related to manufacturing of durable goods. Intended to be an informaion and discussion board, it has a variety of Special Interest Groups, and a News forum, with electronic reprints of select journal articles, and specilized news items. The board is also availabe as a platform for customer support by manufacturers and vendors. A small technical file library is available. Users can start and moderate SIG's if they are within the mission of the board

SciQuest BBS; 414-353-1576; 19200 bps; Sysop: Jeff Otto; Milwaukee, WI;

 DSZ, Bimodem, MPT, SuperK, Jmodem, PcKermit, Megalink, WXmodem;
 subscription optional, mandatory validation, 15:1 ratio users, 25:1
 ratio sysops; Remote Access, 310 meg; RAQMX Mail Door, Fido Mail
 format; Fido 1:154/32; 22.5 hours/day

SciQuest BBS is a science, math and engineering BBS, dedicated to education and support of these technical areas. Approximately 50% of the 130 meg of online files are in these categories. Support is also give through fidonet echos of related subjects. Offline reading is available through RAQMX, and furthermore all files are freqable. SciQuest allows file transfers up to 19200 bps through the use of a Hayes Ultra 96 V.32/V.42 V.42 bis modem. Although subscriptions are available, they are not mandatory. Registration (validation) for local users can be achieved through a call back verification door. Long Distance callers must leave a message requesting validation.

Shilstone Software; 214-361-7925R; Sysop, Jay Shilstone; Dallas, TX;

 RBBS-PC; 10M; Sponsored by Shilstone Software Co.; Voice Support
 Line: 214-361-9681; No subscription or ratios, minimal validation;
 X-modem, 1K X-modem, ASCII

Primarily intended as a support BBS for our customers, we are also trying to accumulate software relating to concrete and construction. Also looking for data files (i.e. zip codes, SIC code, anything that might be of use in a database format). Expecially like to find database of printer control codes for lots of different printers. You need to put R after phone number for reverse modem detection. If that doesnn't work, try ";ATA" and wait about 20 seconds for confirmation.

Tangent Engineering BBS; 206-778-5360; Sysop, Lew Merrick; Lynnwood, WA;

 300/1200/2400; Wildcat; 15M; Sponsored by Tangent Engineering; no
 subscription or ratios, validation required; XYZModem, Jmodem; Hours
 6PM-6AM & weekends.

The Tangent Engineering BBS is open to the public from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM Monday through Friday and 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday. The justification for this BBS is client support. Public access comes secondarily. Validation is required for uploading privileges and realistic access time. Areas are of interest to engineers and technicians. Areas for files and discussion include: CAD, CAM, FEA, Technology in general and Space.

Tees Engineering BBS 409-727-8388; 300-2400bps; Open 6 pm to 7am CST. Al Tees, author of many shareware engineering programs, runs an engineering BBS. Users of Tees software and all others interested in engineering software applications are invited.

US Geological Survey; 703-648-4168;300/1200 bps; Sysop, Jason This is a public board but full user benefits are not granted until the Sysop updates your completed registration. Since this board is paid for by the USGS and many USGS employees use this board, we are interested in any files, happenings, etc. of interest to the geological community in addition to the interests of normal computer users. The three conferences are:

 SYSOPS : For Registered Sysops of Other PCBoards.
 dBASE  : For Any Users Interested in dBASE (II,III,+).
 CD-ROM : For those interested in CD-ROM Technology.

VA-TECH College of Engineering BBS 703-231-7498 Lots of engineering students/each with a PC, make this an interesting bbs for engineering software.

"YA! WEBECAD!"; 812-428-3870; 300-19200 bps; Sysop: Don Habegger,

 Evansville, IN; RIME ->WEBECAD; XYZmodem,Bimodem,Puma,etc; 5:1
 Ratio/125k or $20 annual, validation after first call.  WildCat!,
 420MB, Tomcat!  Mail Door, Voice Support Line:  812-428-3927


 Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Here are the systems that are

no longer on-line. Please delete these from your dialing directories, in order to save the sanity of the person who has ended up with these numbers. I've seen a lot of lists with disconnected numbers on them.

Brainstorm BBS 601-798-9477; 300/1200/2400 bps; 8N1; SYSOP:

Dave Thompson; FidoNet 1:18/60
  Dave has informed me that he will cease operation at the end of

July, 1990. Dave will still be operating as a point on Fidonet.

Copyright (C) 1990 by Arthur T. Petrzelka. All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to use this file, or the enclosed BULLETIN.TXT as a bulletin (with attached header to identify the sponsoring BBS) or to distribute this file on any BBS or similar information service if the following conditions are met:

1) The copyright notice is retained, and no modifications are made to

this text except to add a header to identify the sponsoring BBS,

2) The registration form is included, or referenced in an accessible

location in the same place that this file is used, and that ENGRxxxx.ZIP is available in the same manner,

3) This file may not be used in any other form without written

permission. Requests may be made through The Computer Plumber BBS at 319-337-6723.

A friend (whom I have never met) once found his similar effort in a

book in a bookstore, with no credit given to him, or any indication of how to keep the list going. I hope that this copyright effort is a waste of time, and evidence of paranoia. :-)

I started doing this because of the difficulty I had in finding these

systems. I'd like to find more and let other engineers know about them.

The number one goal of this file is to get engineers talking to each


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