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                   And now a word from our sponsor...

Electric Avenue is a twenty-one line BBS designed for grown-ups. Its populated by fun loving, friendly people who love to chat, play games, and have good conversations.

If you were a member of Electric Avenue, you could play games that aren't available anywhere else. You could download from a file selection that's refreshingly different from the same old stuff you everyone else has. You could play The Wild Side, an on-line fantasy that lets other people play along real time! You could send Instant Internet E-Mail and communicate with tens of millions of people world-wide. You could hang out and be part of the liveliest chats in the area. You could…well, why not come in and see for yourself?

If you're 18 or older, call us back at 899-3292 and log on with your favorite handle. Once you're voice verified you'll receive a two week free sample to check us out. (We are very strict about the age rule, so if you're not 18 yet, please wait until you are.)

It's a 24 hour on-line party, but be warned! Many people find Electric Avenue addicting!

  • There's Always a Party at Electric Avenue *

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