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 It has come to my attention that there is a need for software 

catering to the elite BBS's. I decided to write one so 1) Nobody gets on except with invitation and 2) It can speed up things by having menus on-site.

 Tentatively, the first board using this software, "Centrum", 

will go up sometime early 1986. It will be totally private, access through the sysop sending mail to the invitee on another system.

 The software will differ from the norm in many ways. First of 

all, on MS-DOS systems, it will be as simple as putting a disk with the program on it in the drive and typing Centrum. It will read a config file (extender #, code) and dial. If it gets a busy signal or No connect, it will prompt the user whether or not to keep redialing.

 Logging on: The software finally gets through; and sends a 

string of characters representing the baud being used. Them it transmits serial number of program and version number. The board will then prompt for log on….checking user, password against internal refrence by serial number (protection from illicit copies). If not correct, goodbye. Assuming they get it right, the board will look at version number. If the version being used is not the same as the one the board is running, the board will automatically download new menus, program, or both. If just menus are revised, the user may continue. If the program is revised, the old version will hang up, and delete itself, replacing with the new version. The user will have 5 minutes during which all other users may not log onto the board…they may call back, or if not, the board opens up again.

While on: Rather than transmitting menus again and again, the board will send a code telling program to print appropriate menu. There will be a simple XOR data encryption the whole time one is on the board…you may change the code to use for your particular program. If the user uploads or downloads, there will be a Centrum protocall used. Almost all messages of reasonable length will be sent in short form by the board.

  User levels:  There are 3 levels: 1 (85% of the people), 2 

(for co-sysops, about 10%) and 3 (for sysops, 5%). the differences are as follows: level 1 can do almost everything, but level 2&3 can modify the board (Adding news, deleting users, some others). Level 3 can add new sub-boards, change user namesppasswordsiinfo. There will be a few (VERY few) remote Sysops.

  UploadsDDownloads:  This section will use special Centrum 

protocal. Each program is assigned points of value, from 1 to 10. Users who upload the best programs, therefore, can download the best. Uploading will add to your points, downloading subtract. For users of level 2, you can go as low as -10 points on credit, level 3 can get as much as they want.

  Logging off:  The board keeps track of serial numbers, times 

on, uploads, downloads, posts, and user level. ee


Another file downloaded from: NIRVANAnet™

& the Temple of the Screaming Electron Jeff Hunter 510-935-5845 Salted Slug Systems Strange 408-454-9368 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408-363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 415-567-7043 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 415-583-4102 Tomorrow's 0rder of Magnitude Finger_Man 408-961-9315 My Dog Bit Jesus Suzanne D'Fault 510-658-8078

 Specializing in conversations, obscure information, high explosives,
     arcane knowledge, political extremism, diversive sexuality,
     insane speculation, and wild rumours. ALL-TEXT BBS SYSTEMS.
Full access for first-time callers.  We don't want to know who you are,
 where you live, or what your phone number is. We are not Big Brother.
                        "Raw Data for Raw Nerves"


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