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                            B. O'Blivion 1992

Repeat after me:

   "If I am reading this to you, then I believe that you are questioning,

detaining, or arresting me, or searching my person or possessions in the course of your official duties

   "I do not consent to any search or seizure of any part of my person or

property, nor to any property of others under my control. I do not consent to any person's examination, search, or removal of any information storage equipment or media in my possession. You are hereby notified that such information storage equipment or media contain private written and electronic mail, confidential communications, and other material protected under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and other statutes.

   "I respectfully decline to answer any questions beyond confirmation of

my identity, and require access to legal counsel immediately. I demand that access to legal counsel be provided to me before any questioning takes place. I will answer no questions nor give any information outside the presence of my legal counsel. All requests for interviews, statements, consents, or information of any sort should be addressed to me through my attorney. I invoke the protection of the rights given to me by the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States."

   "I further notify you that the speech and information contained on

information and storage and handling devices and media at this site are protected by the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, and that any unlawful search or seizure of these items or of the information they contain will be treated as a violation of the Constitutional rights of myself and other users of these devices and media."

   "I further notify you that any such violations of any person's legal or

Constitutional rights which are committed at any time, by any person, will be the subject of civil legal action for all applicable damages sustained. I require that at this time all officers participating in this illegal search, seizure, or arrest identify themselves at this time by name and badge number to me and to my legal counsel."

   [Include if applicable]
   I further notify you that I am a Computer System Operator providing

private electronic mail, electronic publication, and personal information storage services to users in this State and among the United States. Any person causing a breach of the security of, or violation of the privacy of, the information and software herein will be held liable for all civil damages suffered by any and all users thereof."

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