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  In Memory,       :        :: :                  :  |_  _; Karl Marx
       ,~~         :        :::'istorted          :   `||     says:
    --)(           :    :::.          ::::        :    ||  "Aufheben!"
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    2 June 1994    :       Text File #31          : Mongoloid Telecom

… suburban teenage angst rears its ugly head

Like, its 3am. Denny's parking lot … we're all smoking our cigarettes and trying to think through the foggy haze that we have gleefully transformed our minds into. The landscape is gaunt … the attitude is dispersed and replaced with a communal cesspool of swirling and raw fun. We don't know who we are or why or when but we do know that we can trust each other and we can believe that though we might not know what we'll do to our- selves, we know what we wouldn't do to anybody else.

But as the curtains of night are lifted and we filter back to our own little place, the unsettling realization of reality comes reeling back. Fuck, we think, fuck - this really sucks.

… whatever

See, this is just the shit that has made me do what I done did. But first!- a few words to help provide some background into these things.

1. Bulletin boards are crucial.

 I have always felt that telecommunications is not only the
 most fertile place for individualism, but also critical in
 maintaining the self, electronic or not. Bulletin boards
 are the last refuge for the socially persecuted ... the 
 socially deviant ... and the socially unacceptable. BBS'es
 are faceless, raceless, genderless (sometimes!) forums of
 intellectualism ... perhaps J.S. Mill would find his 
 marketplace of ideas only in bulletin boards. When the
 Orwellian disaster occurs, bulletin boards and the creative
 force that drives it will be the key to any sort of under-
 ground freedom. 

2. Bulletin boards are art.

 Aside from being politically important, BBS'es are also 
 aesthetically important. A painter begins with canvas and
 works with it. A sysop begins with a board program and
 works with it. A friend of mine once said that everyone
 should have their own board ... and design it to fit their
 own personality and expression. Sounds good to me, but 
 maybe not here and maybe not now. It seems that I'm in a
 sea of blank canvasses propped up as paintings! I can't
 really say that I've seen a board in 216 that has a very
 distinct personality in a long time.

3. Johnny Rotten has the right idea.

 John Lydon once said that the Sex Pistols broke up because
 it became what it was and that was it. "We did it and we
 moved on. It was all very natural." People need to learn
 their limits. The Cure should have broken up years ago, 
 for instance. Arrakis should have been offline for a long
 time. And I don't really want to commit the same crime 
 that I profess against!

… so, this means what?

Well, kids (and I do mean baby goats), let's quit beating around the bush. The TDL/Necropolis era is OVER. There will no longer be a Necropolis bulletin board system. It is permanently offline.

Now, when I first put up the Dragon's Lair way back when, I thought about the day it would go offline. I'd be off to college, the board-death date would be widely known, there'd be a big online wake … well, it didn't happen that way. In a burst of wild realization, it came plummeting down without any warning.

I don't want the Necropolis to become old hat. I don't want it to be second-hand watered-down over-the-hill et cetera etc. Towards that end, it is over.

Now, there have been a lot of swell times over the years on the ol' Necropolis. Some things we would like to talk about and some things probably best left unsaid. In the end, I would suggest that the Necropolis was one of the more successful and maybe significant bulletin boards in Stark County's illustrious history. Maybe that's being a little immodest, but I think its true, objectively speaking (is there such a thing…?).

In short, I've lost the passion and the edge that used to keep things running. But there's no blame to be placed here and there isn't really any negativeness about the whole affair. I don't regret anything about the Necropolis or TDL and that's the way it will remain now.

This is the end of the Necropolis, but I seriously doubt whether this is the end of my sysoping career. Already, plans for a new project are in order. Something entirely different than the Necropolis … hopefully better! There are a couple of things I need before it goes back up: 1. A 14.4k modem, 2. Long-distance and 3. A new BBS program.

Actually, the board program is already selected… that won't be revealed for a while though. More than likely, you'll see this new project towards the end of the summer.

BBS'ing in Stark County has become utterly horrible. Akron isn't even much better. There is absolutely no resourcefulness, no creativity, and no mental processes at work. I must say that I am thoroughly revolted at the idea of BBS'ing. But like many users I know, I doubt I'll be gone.

… tying up loose ends

Right now, the only board I call regularly (semi-regularly) is Radio KAOS. You can contact me there. Distorted Digital Erection is on temporary hiatus until things can be worked out and some new direction is given. Belch is still in the works. There will probably be a Necropolis going-away cookout or something, but that's still in the works too. My voice number is now 966-PILE and you can call me there anytime to chat or whatever.

I would like to hear your thoughts on my decision, so if you could call that # and leave a message on the machine… that'd be cool.

Well, that's that. Those of you who thought another 3-month repair session was on, guess again!

I loved being a sysop. Now I'm another user… may Gog be with me!

                    Distorted Digital Erection     

An AUFHEBEN Production! Support Boards: Tyrant: Number: "Why, I don't know much of The Necropolis .. DDE WHQ!.. 216.OFF.LINE anything!" -Eraserhead Radio KAOS … Moonshadow .. 216.830.4657

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