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                       How To Crash a Commadore BBS

Part One - How to crash a RAVICS BBS

Try to chat with the sysop. If it starts to say "Attemp #1" and so on, then

just hit 'C' >VERY< fast a few hundred times. After it pages the sysop about 30 times it will give an out of memory error in such and such a line.

Part Two - How to crash an IIBBS

This will only work if the sysop is running either an un-modified version

of IIBBS, or he has the very first version. Log on as a new user. Log off and then log on again as a new user. Then log off and try to log on again as the SECOND new user you logged in as. In the old version, the BBS dosn't initialize the drive after writing to the relative file. Therefore, when you try to log in as the second new user, it will try to read past the bad position but will never find it. This will leave his drive spinning until he can come in and reset the system. If it dosn't work the first time try again with two more new users, and so on. The system will just sit there sending a carrier to you. When the drive is left spinning it will heat up the metal frame in inside of the 1541 drive. This will cause the readwwrite head to be knocked out of alignment, costing the sysop a mere $45…

Part 3 - How to crash a 64 Exchange

Go into the download section and start to download a file. When it is ready

to send (it should say 'A to abort, B to change block size. Ready to send') then select B and enter '99e99' when it asks for the new block size (99e99 is a number bigger than the computer can accept). This will only work on older versions of 64 Exchange.

Part One - Another Way to Crash IIBBS

Log on and enter the message base. At the prompt enter '99e99'. This will

cause an overflow error. If the sysop has a crash handling routine, then use the method in How to Crash C64 BBS's - I and fry his drive. Here is another way. If you log in and it says 'You have mail' or whatever, but it dosn't list who it's from and the date, then go into the e-mail section. Proceed to read your mail. It should say 'No mail found' or whatever. At the prompt, enter 'R' for reply or 'D' for delete. It will delete your mail and cause an Illegal quantity error.

Part Two - How to Crash a RAVICS V9.3

Log on as a new user. When it say it's creating your ID hit a bunch of keys.

This will lock up the program and leave his drive spinning.

Part Three - How to Crash Hal BBS 4.6

Enter 255 for your ID # and 'HAL' for the password. If the sysop has the

BASIC version this won't work. But if it does you will now be in the sysop menu. Have fun…

Part Four - How to Crash Ace Line 3.5

Log on and check to see if they are running the version modified by General

Zod (it should have his name all over it). If it is just call back about 10 times. Sooner or later it will cause an Out of Memory error.

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