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       _______                                         _____________  
     /        | ___ ________  _______ _____ ____ _____|             | 
   /       _  |     \        \        \    |    |       \ _      _  | 
  |      /   \|  |   |   |    |   |    |   |    |   |    | |    |  \| 
  |     |     \ ___ /        /        /    |    |    __ /  |    |      
  |      \ _ /|     |        \        \         |   |      |    |      
   \          |     |    |    |   |    |        |   |      |    |     
   __\ _______|     |____|____|___|____|______ _| __|    __|____|_____  
 /         |_______ ___ ____ ___ ____ ______ /    \ ____|__    |      |
|       _  |       |   |    |   |    |       \ __ /        |   |      |
|       \ \|   ____|   |    |   |    |   |    |_|__      __|         /   
  \       \        |       /    |    |       /     |    |  \       /  
|\_|       |   ____|       \         |       \     |    |   |     | 
|          |       |   |    |        |   |    |    |    |   |     |    
|________ /________|___|____|________|___|____|____|____|   |_____| 

iNTR0 ~~~~~ Ever heard of the information highway? Yeah, me too, so many times that if I ever hear some loser who can't tell twisted pair from Twisted Sister mention it again, I'm going to run him down with my information Corvette! The media and the politicians have made this the rallying cry of the techo-wannabe's who are flooding the 'Nets with thier crys of "Information for the people!" Hmmmm… haven't I seen that before? Isn't that what the true hackers have been crying all along?

Well, the techno-wannabe's are in for a big shock. If they think that the information highway is some electronic El Dorado and the Internet is its foundation, then they better prepare themselves for the worst. The internet was around a long time before they got their Macintosh Quadra 640 and bought an issue of Wired. And during that time, the 'Nets grew from isolated electronic villages into a raging data metropolis. The media and thier worshipers have it all wrong, you see. Calling the international data networks a 'highway' is like calling Los Angelos the Santa Monica Freeway. The Internet is not just some bundle of copper, but rather the worlds largest city where thoughts fly around the world in seconds.

These newbies logging onto the net for the first time are not much different than the farmhands who flocked to New York after World War II. They don't have the first clue how sophisticated the established city dwellers are and only have an inkling of what really takes place in its streets. I think Bruce Sterling said it best when he wrote:

"Things happen there that have very serious consequences. This 'place' is not 'real', but it is serious, it is earnest… Some people became rich and famous from thier efforts there. Some just played in it, as hobbyists. Others soberly pondered it, and regulated it, and negotiated over it in international forums, and sued one another about it, in gigantic, epic court battles that lasted for years. And almost since the beginning, some people have committed crimes in this place."

tH3 fAKtz ~~~~~~~~~ So if the Internet is a city of millions, than there are bound to more than just shiny skyscapers and hallowed halls of learning. Every city has its dark allies, its seedy bars, its whore houses, its head shops, its gambling halls, its adult bookstores, and its pawnshops. And every city has its self righteous police force who are just as likely to be found hanging out in these places as they are to be busting them. This is the high standard which Corrupt Sekurity BBS strives for!

This bbs serves as a meeting place for those who desire to exchange information and meet people who are more interested in how the system works (and how it can be abused) than in where to find the latest Cindy Crawford gif. This is a place where the crooks, the creeps, and the outcasts can hang out in complete anonymousity without ever having to leave thier bedrooms. Here is the current state of the bbs.

-+ The system is currently in a beta test stage and will be fully online by

 July 26th.

-+ All accounts will be free until September 1st when we will be forced to

 start charging a small fee in order to maintain the system.

-+ The price will be $7/month or $15/for three months

-+ Each month, 10 free accounts will be given out to the top five uploaders

 and top five message posters

-+ The first month, 20 free accounts will be given out to the top 20 users.

So what do you get for your hard earned money???

-+ Multi line chat -+ Local and Internet connections -+ Full/True Usenet support for selected news groups (like alt.2600) -+ Many message bases with multi-level access (Currently Over 8000 Files) -+ Completely anonymous, private mailing address ( -+ Multiple privilege levels from newbie to eleet. -+ Ansi and color support -+ Many file bases with multi-level access -+ Private user file areas, to allow users to exchange files privately -+ Unread message download feature -+ Full IRC chat capabilities – With [-TNoBoX-] 4.0 / BBS Ver. -+ Plus all the standard shit you would expect from a decent board!

oUtRo ~~~~~ Login to the system under the userid of bbs to apply for an account, however the system is not quite up yet… but if you are impatient, finger to get a quick update. Or just mail and put send info in the subject line and it will send you the most recent copy of this file.

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