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Message : 74 of 99 Posted : 02/03/92 at 7:38 am Subject : bust To : Everyone From : Cool Hand User Note: INC Vice Pres. ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ok I will let everyone right now know what is happening with TNSHB TGR and I dont want to hear no stories that have been handed down 5 times, here it goes… also Why should My word be taken here well it is because I talked to TNSHB & TGR several times a day since this happened and I had both of them in coference yesterday so I know what is going on and This may concern a lot of you so read it! Now yes TNSHB (The Not so Humble Babe) & TGR (The Grim Reaper) were busted last week.. TNSHB got it for Carding, Phreaking, Forgery, and Piracy and maybe some other charges. TGR got it for Carding.. Yes they are in big trouble.. ok.. The letter TNSHB put out see did while she was depressed and feeling bad.. and that is how she saw it at the time she may want to recant a few things now but maybe not… The second file The well thats the last thing it is.. Anyomous who did that was sought after how do I know Well he called me 3:00am after the bust at work and was dying to know what happened.. See he could not find out anything cause everybody's bbs was down or it was to late to call.. So I filled him in… In that letter he did he put an opion of mine in there that only him and I knew about so I know it was him… Now the truth file may have some truth in it but for the most part it is 3rd hand Info so dont beleive it.. Now with that out of the way.. This does effect all of us in the pirateing community.. see first this net and most bbs's either have feds on them or soon will have them here… They know who we are and what we are doing they are compiling a lot of data.. and TNSHB kept tape recordings of those who called her and very organized note which the feds have now… They did not get much from TGR… also TNSHB and TGR are cooperating with FEDS in what they want.. They have to bcause they are looking at a lot of time in Prison.. What would you do in thier shoes.. Now the big question is what are the feds going to do about the piracy situation.. I quess it is two soon to tell.. It is ashame that carding and the other stuff gets releated to our hobby.. I tried to call kenneth welch and peter beruk friday at the SPA and see if they would tell me anything but alls they wanted was my phone number what a bunch of dick heads.. It is obvious they dont want us to know what they are doing they dont want to help they just want to bust people because they are laten Homsexuals with nothing better to do in thier lives.. I am sure if they told me They were comming I would sell my pc and find a new hobby and I am sure most of you would follow… if you all have any questions I will answer them or ask TNSHB & TGR to get your answers.. Vision will still carry on and we will start netting Monday also USA is not dead but will suffer from this and probaly not be the contender it once was time will tell.. Sysops close your systems to new users and delete dead wait and those you do not know.. voice validate everyone. Later Cool Hand


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