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I recently came accross the following in an issue of "Link-Up" magazine. They were contributed by readers accross the country. Some are very appropriate, and most are fairly clever… .

                BBS COMMANDMENTS:

. 1 Thou shalt love thy BBS with all thy heart and all thy bytes. 2 Thou shalt love thy fellow hacker as thyself. 3 Thou shalt remember thy name and thy password. 4 Thou shalt not POST IN ALL CAPS! 5 Thou shalt only use one alias. 6 Thou shalt call a BBS two times a day (at most). 7 Honor thy Sysop and thy Co-Sysop. 8 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors password, nor his or her real name,

 computer, software, nor any other thing belonging to him or her.

9 Thou shalt not post messages that are stupid, worthless, or have no

 meaning whatsoever.

10 Thou shalt use the english language properly. 11 Thou shalt spell thy words correctly. 12 Thou shalt delete thine own mail. 13 Thou shalt delete thine olden messages. 14 Thou shalt help other users. 15 Thou shalt not post annonymously when offering criticism. 16 Thou shalt keep thy foul language to thyself. 17 Thou shalt not occupy thy BBS with thine arguments, for verily, I say

 unto thee that thou shalt maketh a fool of thyself.

18 Woe be unto any user who attempts to crash thy BBS, for he or she

 shalt be cast out from the sanctuary of thy hobby and must repent
 by doing penance of 40 days and 40 nights of voice-only communications.

19 Thou shalt first dial BBS numbers during the day by way of voice line

 to assure correct numbers.

20 Thou shalt not post other users real names. 21 Thou shalt not post messages while drunk. 22 Thou shalt confine thy messages to those of friendship, requests for

 assistance, aid to the needy, advice, and advancement of thy hobby;
 and thou are obligated to repel he who would transgress upon these

23 If thou doth promise to reply to a message and thou doth not, then surely

 thou shalt spill coffee into thine keyboard.

24 Thou shalt not giveth any false information when applying for membership

 to thy BBS, for verily it is written that whosoever shall do so will
 surely be found out and thy welcome on all boards will be denied forever
 and ever.

25 Thou shalt log on properly and in accordance with thy Sysop's rules. 26 Thou shalt observe BBS time limits. 27 Thou shalt not upload "worm" programs. 28 Thou shalt not ask stupid questions that are already fully explained

 in thy BBS instructions.

29 Thou shalt not compromise the security of the United States of America

 in thy postings and hackings.

30 Thou shalt not violate applicable state/federal/local laws and

 regulations affecting BBS telecommunications, or thy will face the
 wrath of thy judicial system.

. .

             BBS Bill of Rights -

1 Users shall have the right to free speech. 2 Users shall have the right to privacy. 3 Users shall have the right to appeal before being booted from the system. 4 Users shall have the right to be stupid a maximum of three times. 5 Users shall have the right to shut up. 6 Sysops shall have the right to do whatever the hell they want unless it

 violates the above statutes.

. .

* End of file * Press <ENTER> to continue

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