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  Engineering Oriented Bulletin Board Systems Directory


               Last Update: March 2, 1991
               This Update: April 8, 1991

If you know of a bulletin board system that is strong on engineering or scientific subjects, please leave a comment to Art Petrzelka (SYSOP) on The Computer Plumber BBS at 319-337-6723.


BBS entries below marked with an asterisk (*) do not yet have a description included with the full directory. Unless otherwise noted, all entries operate 24 hours a day, and can be accessed at 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity (8N1) at full duplex. All systems listed have been verified by Art Petrzelka.

                      QUICK DIRECTORY
                 Engineering-Related BBS's

Sponsored by Technical Societies:

    AEG FORUM (GO AEG) The Business BBS      213-477-0408

* ISA Computec BBS 205-995-6590

    MechEng (was CIME-ISE)                   608-233-3378
    NSPE PEPP BBS                            703-684-2871
    SCIQ                                     313-769-4488

Sponsored by Individuals or Companies

Primarily Engineering-Related:
    The Biomedical Engineering BBS           201-596-5679
    BOSTON GAS BBS                           617-235-6303

* The Computer Center BBS 707-746-0827

    The Computer Plumber                     319-337-6723
    Comtech BBS                              619-689-1865

* Data Bank 206-868-6434

    The Data Cache                           414-543-9060
    The Depot                                717-853-3599
    Digital X-Connect BBS                    214-517-8443
    EBBS (Engineering Bulletin Board System) 805-253-2917
    Energy Management Systems                913-842-6110
    Energy Services BBS                      904-772-1537
    The Engineers' Club                      408-265-3353
    EVI Titusville                           407-268-1949

* The Eyeballer 702-647-9266

    The Interocitor                          214-258-1832
    MatChat                                  415-655-1753
    M&C Magazine BBS                         813-377-7032
    Megalon BBS                              713-479-3323
    Milwaukee HP48SX BBS                     414-362-2020
    The MOG-UR'S EMS                         818-366-1238/8929

* New-Con (Concrete) 301-687-9417

    PPC BBS                                  213-978-0024
    The Preservation-BBS                     618-549-8448
    QU-AN-TO                                 415-255-2981
    SCIence FACTor BBS                       206-562-7083
    The Science Lab                          301-466-0949
    SciQuest                                 414-353-1576

* Scooters Scientific Exchange 215-657-5586

    Tangent Engineering BBS                  206-778-5360

* The Tech BBS 414-233-4506

Computer information services which have an engineering section:

    AEC-ONLINE                               818-360-7022
    Alacrity BBS (ACAD)                      206-643-5477
    Comp-U-Ease                              408-286-8332
    Santee Micro BBS                         619-562-8735
    "YA! WEBECAD!"                           812-428-3870

* BIX Engineering conference * Compuserve IBMAPP Forum, Section 13, Engineering/Technical/Scientific * Compuserve EETNET * Intelec Network Engineering Conference * InterLink Network Science Conference * Relaynet Engineering Conference

Sponsored by Public Bodies

    Applied Modeling Research                919-541-1325

* California Division of Mines & Geology 916-327-1208

    CEAM BBS                                 404-546-3402

* COGSNet BBS 303-740-9493

    EPA ORD BBS                              513-569-7610
    Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) BBS  202-646-2887
    HMIX BBS (Hazmat)                        708-972-3275
    NIU CEET BBS                             815-753-2308

* U. of Minnesota Engineering BBS 612-625-6091

    US Geological Survey                     703-648-4168
    VA-Tech College Engineering BBS          703-231-7498

Manufacturer's & Sales Representatives Support BBS's

* Altera PLA/PLD BBS 408-249-1100

    Byte Craft BBS                           519-888-7626

* Burr-Brown BBS 602-741-3978

    The Circuit Cellar BBS                   203-871-1988
    CONUG East Coast BBS                     407-725-8978
    EEsof MICROWAVE CAE SOFTWARE             818-991-8548
    GE Plastics
    Georgia Power Corporation                404-368-5058

* Heuristics (for owners of OnSpec only)

    HP Calculator BBS                        503-750-4448

* JDR Microdevices BBS 408-559-0297

    Leo Technology BBS                       603-432-2517

* Motorola - Austin 512-891-3733 * Notorola - Toronto 416-497-8989 * Motorola - San Diego 619-279-3907

    National Semiconductor                   408-739-1162
    OPTO 22                                  714-892-8375

* Professional RBBS 702-356-1048

    Savannah Power BBS                       912-966-3645
    Shilstone Software                       214-361-7925R
    Tees Engineering                         409-727-8388

* TI's PLD BBS 214-997-5665

    WCSCNET                                  713-568-6401

Other Related

    Climate Assessment Bulletin Board

* CTC/IEEE Jobs Database 508-263-3857

    DOC Economic Bulletin Board              202-377-3870
    FERC CIPS                                202-357-8997
    IGES BBS                                 301-963-6234
    Info Resources Svcs                      202-535-7661

* NBS Comp Perf Evaluation Group 301-948-5717

    Preservation BBS                         618-549-8448
    Science Resources Studies                202-634-1764
Copyright (C) 1990 by Arthur T. Petrzelka. All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to use this bulletin on any BBS or similar information service if the following conditions are met:

1) This copyright notice is retained, and no modifications are made to

this text except to add a header to identify the sponsoring BBS,

2) The registration form and the full list is available (with

ENGRxxxx.ZIP) in an accessible location in the same place that this file is used,

3) This file may not be used in any other form without written

permission. Requests may be made through The Computer Plumber BBS at 319-337-6723.

I started doing this because of the difficulty I had in finding these

systems. I'd like to find more and let other engineers know about them.

The number one goal of this file is to get engineers talking to each


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