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% % % The end of Blitzkrieg % % % % Transcribed by Phantasm [09/01/93] % % %

The following text is transcribed from a message which was left on Preat0rs answering machine at 502-499-8933.

Hello, this is John or Predat0r the former SysOp for Blitzkrieg BBS. I'd like to say as of the 12th of January, 5.00pm, 502-499-8933 will no longer be an active line which means the system's gone.

When I get a new line and a new number I'll put it on Pentavia, Ripco, other real popular boards like that. I'd like to say thanks for everybody who supported the system while it was up.

From February of 1990 to January 1993 it had 27,834 callers. The last official user to call was Sinister Solution.

I'd like to say when the new system goes back up it'll be bigger, better and even more underground than it was now.

I officially retire as Predat0r and I officially retire Blitzkrieg. So when the new system goes up, I'll have a new handle and a new name for the board.

If you need to get in touch with me, use the post office box, there still good and if you want my new voice number you figure out how to get it.

Stay free and I'll see you all again real soon…

End of file.

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