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                           Jeff's BBS Review
                       Developed by Jeff Hunter
         & the Temple of the Screaming Electron   510/935-5845
     NIRVANAnet(tm) 9:900/2 / Fidonet 1:161/211 / PuppyNet 1:900/1
                        Last Updated: 07/01/93

This listing is produced by & the Temple of the Screaming Electron BBS. It may be copied and distributed as long as no changes are made to the list.

There are many lists of bulletin boards available. However, since there are so many systems on-line, it is sometimes impossible to find the few quality systems that exist without dialing hundreds of numbers. Numbers that often have nothing to offer. This review should help to reduce the scope of the problem by providing a short description of each BBS reviewed, so that BBSers can call the systems that offer what they want.

So that the Screaming Electron can accomplish other things besides just generating BBS Reviews, the BBS Review is implemented as a distributed questionnaire. What this means is that you can fill out the questionnaire on a number of different bulletin boards, and your answers will eventually end up in the BBS Review. The BBS Systems that currently have the BBS Review are:

BBS Name Phone Baud Type Location

&TOTSE 510-935-5845 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA KnowledgeMatters 510-935-4878 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA Lies Unlimited 415-583-4102 2400 RA 1.11+ South San Francisco The Lighthouse II 301-645-8624 9600 RA 2.0G1 LaPlata, Md

For PHONE NUMBER CHANGES and BBS DELETIONS, leave E-Mail for Jeff Hunter at & the Temple of the Screaming Electron.

Reviews that are more than six months old are automatically deleted. This keeps old numbers from staying around for years and years, and insures that BBSes which change over time get fresh reviews periodically.

BBS entries are keyed by phone number. You can change ANY review at ANY time by simply answering the questionnaire again using the same phone number.

If you are interested in running the BBS Review on your BBS System, contact Jeff Hunter at & the Temple of the Screaming Electron, or download the file BBSREVSY.ZIP (The BBS Review Sysop Pack) from &TOTSE.

BBS Name Phone Baud Type Location

BBSes in the 000 Area Code:

Dune & The BatCave 000-000-0000 38400 DARKSTAR Vallejo, Ca

        PRIVATE BBS WITH GUI(graphical user interface)   /s. Reviewed by: 
        Energizer Bunny on 06/17/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 004 Area Code:

ChaosBox 004962577966 OPUS Seeheim, FRG

        Specialised in magickal themes (files and intern. echoes). Reviewed 
        by: Hendrik Bohm on 04/15/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 063 Area Code:

Unauthorised Access 063-670-8063 24OO ELITE +[44] Newark, UK

        We specialise in hard to find technological information on subject 
        such as phone phreaking and computer hacking. Reviewed by: Phantasm 
        on 11/12/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 071 Area Code:

Languages BBS 071-240-4017 2400 RA Salvador, Brazil

        A BBS for  Programers! But if you like some goostuff about H & P 
        call it too. Reviewed by: Bit on 03/11/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 202 Area Code:

The Afterlife BBS 202-723-7187 9600 RENEGADE Washington, DC

        The Afterlife BBS is the home of the Electronic Review magazine, 
        which is published every month, and available to first-time callers. 
        Our wide variety of message sections include Sci-fi/Fantasy, Humor, 
        Philosophy, and Adult.  The Afterlife is also a member of FidoNet, 
        EpubNet, and ITCnet. Reviewed by: Todd Jacobs on 06/13/93 @ 
        Lighthouse II

BBSes in the 203 Area Code:

The Armageddon BBS 203-967-8225 2400 WWIV Stamford Ct.

        Well my BBS is now at 2400 will be 14.4 in two weeks or less.We have 
        lots of message areas.Lots of Gifs and text.Well more gifs then 
        text.I would like to be in your net nirvana I could contribute 
        messages from Ct. Reviewed by: Satan on 03/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Sea of Noise 203-886-1441 14400 WAFFLE Norwich, CT

        Sea of Noise is a small private system run by Mr. Noise, & reflects 
        his interests:  civil liberties, viruses, a-life, encryption, & 
        weirdness.  If you are a member of &TOTSE, leave your handle as a 
        reference so I can validate you... SON is a small private system. 
        Reviewed by: Urizen on 03/22/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 206 Area Code:

Anti-DevolutionaryNineteen T 206-348-6942 2400 WWIV Everett, WA

        24 hours...  It's a text file board.. Some good message subs, etc... 
        only been up for 2 or 3 months/probably less...  Okay board, *WILL* 
        get better... Reviewed by: Suicidal Failure on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE

Crystal Mountain 206-866-3621 9600 RA Evergreen-Oly, WA

        A board for cultural exchange. Reviewed by: Dogen on 03/12/92 @ 

hold on,I gota chek my pizza 206-355-9561 2400 WWIV Everett, Wa

        War Dialers, Code thiefs, Text files, we don't care about your user 
        info, networked with other cool text file BBS's, cool ansi's coming 
        soon, if I don't have it now I'm wrokign on getting it. Reviewed by: 
        Jason on 05/16/93 @ &TOTSE

Island-Connect 206-675-5550 14400 MAJORBBS Oak Harbor, WA

        PAY BBS, 85 Cents/Hr. CD-ROM, Teleconference Channels, 4-Lines, 
        206-675-5550 =-= 2400, 3-Lines 206-679-6179 =-= 14.4 K, 1-Line New 
        Users Get 2 Hrs Of Free Time. NO Phreaking, Hacking, Ect. Files, 
        Discus. Reviewed by: Jazzman on 12/24/92 @ &TOTSE

Lake Side 206-568-7198 9600 HERMES Mukilteo, WA

        Macintosh board Hack/Phreak/Pirate stuff I guess... Sysop is: Iron. 
        Reviewed by: Suicidal Failure on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE

Nightmare ICN 206-488-6337 14400 GREMCIT Seattle, WA

        It is CItdael, so it is mostly messages, but the citnet is full of 
        all sorts o of topics.  We just got a bunch of VR files, and we used 
        to have a Pirate sub running Renegade called "Jerusalem-B" but it 
        went down a few months ago. Reviewed by: The Beta Pirate on 04/11/93 
        @ &TOTSE

The Quarto Mundista BBS 206-786-9629 9600 RA Olympia, WA

        The Quarto Mundista BBS is a text file based board affiliated with 
        the Center For World Indigenous Studies.  The board is an 
        informational service provided to Indian Nations and interested 
        individuals free of charge.  We have 8.5 megs of text files online 
        on Indigenous Issues, and Fido and ICDM message bases. Reviewed by: 
        John Burrows on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

Sacred Grove 206-634-1980 9600 MAXIMUS Seattle, WA

        The Sacred Grove is a Pagan-orientated BBS run for the benefit of 
        the Neo-Pagan and Occult communities. It has over 80 message areas 
        dealing with various aspects of religion, magic, and the occult and 
        an extensive library of files online. It has been up since 1990. 
        Reviewed by: Grendel on 03/09/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 207 Area Code:

The Candle Light 207-897-6036 2400 SPITFIRE Fayette, Me

        We have 50+ On-Line games, 245,eg harddrive running SF 3.2 
        registered on a 386/SX 16MHZ. Reviewed by: The Gunslinger on 
        12/21/92 @ &TOTSE

Eternal Synaesthetic Dystopi 207-786-4264 14400 RENEGADE Auburn, ME

        All Day, H/P BBS, one node, screaming fast menus, viruses, porn, 4 
        gigs.  Eternal Synaesthetic Dystopia is the full name. Reviewed by: 
        Sycotik Goldphish on 05/02/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 208 Area Code:

Private Idaho 208-338-9227 9600 MUBBS Boise, Idaho

        "The Dumpster Diver's BBS", as featured in Mondo 2000 #'s 7&9.  The 
        only Techno-Anarchist Pagan BBS in Boise, Idaho.  Home of Smurfs In 
        Hell Software ("Bad Software for Bad People").  65 Megs of files 
        onlinine. Great free forum message board.  Well worth the long 
        distance call. Reviewed by: Beast Of Eden on 06/03/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 209 Area Code:

Cabin Fever 209-536-0693 14400 RENEGADE Sonora, CA

        Good Stuff..  Give it A Call and C. Reviewed by: President Bill 
        Clinton on 04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

The Paradox 209-536-0409 9600 RENEGADE Sonora, CA

        This is the best BBS in the Tuolumne County Foothills! We specialize 
        in hard-to-find files and many NEW programs, GIF's .MOD files, etc. 
        etc. Reviewed by: Jester Beanie on 10/05/92 @ &TOTSE


        JUST PUT ON-LINE PLEASE CALL BETWEEN 8:00 A.M TO 10:00 P.M. Reviewed 
        by: Love-Bug on 02/28/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 212 Area Code:

BlueDog BBS 212-594-4425 9600 MAXIMUS New York, NY

        NYC FileBone Hub. FidoNet and USENET Message Areas. Files from 
        File Echos available. Local Echo's provide Technical support for 
        OS2. Reviewed by: Philip Perlman on 10/29/92 via Netmail

BluePhishen' 212-924-9627 9600 RA New York , Y

        ! GIG of H/P/A/ online! # nodes @ 14.4 3/386DX33's on a LANtastic 
        Network FidoNet Address 1:2603/406 Member "FPXNet" 1:82/6 UNIX nodes 
        coming... Visiting sysops FREE. Call if you dare======>>>>>>>. 
        Reviewed by: Phiber Optik on 04/25/93 @ &TOTSE

The Crystaline Entity 212-945-1909 2400 RENEGADE New York, NY

        Hacking/Phreaking oriented as well as adult file oriented... 
        Automatic access, no user verification... Automatic Adult Access, No 
        Verification... $15 to Register... Gets you 2 hours and no d/l 
        ratios. Reviewed by: Razor on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

PoST MoRTeM 212-744-7269 9600 TG New York CIty, NY

        PoST MoRTeM - 24 Hrs - 7 Days - 200 Megs -  Text on every subject 
        known to man with a focus on anarchy, h/p/c/a/v, majick & politicia. 
        Huge section of Viruses & source code for observation purposes 
        only.  Open to interesting people with *some* knowledge of 
        computers. Reviewed by: Comatose on 12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 214 Area Code:

Palindrome WriterNet 214-437-2734 9600 MAXIMUS Richardson, TX

        Message-oriented board for intellectual and literary discussion, 
        with fiction writing workshops and camaraderie online, sub-boards 
        for SF/fantasy fandom,&a 10-yr history of online fun! A few 
        writing-oriented files are here, but not a D/L BBS.FidoNet124/8107. 
        Reviewed by: Shalanna on 11/05/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 216 Area Code:

The Necropolis BBS 216-966-8970 2400 RENEGADE Canton, OH

        Hey, its cool. We've got lotsa neat stuff. If you like NIRVANAnet, 
        then you'll like this board. And I love you. Reviewed by: Anarchist 
        Lies on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 219 Area Code:

The Dark Tower 219-865-0788 16800 RENEGADE Schererville,IN

        All types of Computer are welcome. Running 24 hours give us a call 
        anytime <FaKE> dist. Site. ARFNet 219 Regional Hub. Running 120 megz 
        w/ a 386/40 and a USR 16.8 Courier Dual Stanard. Reviewed by: Faust 
        on 12/24/92 @ &TOTSE

The Zoo 219-267-8234 2400 RBBS Warsaw, In

        Its a new BBS not real busy (yet), 24 hrs a day operation, 42 meg of 
        downloads Star Trek files, plenty of games to keep ya busy. Message 
        base comes and goes. Any one can enjoy The Zoo, doesn't everyone 
        ???? You should call this BBS Cuz, I want ya too. Reviewed by: Rob 
        Engle on 04/11/93 @ Lighthouse II

BBSes in the 301 Area Code:


        24 HRS A DAY  9600 V.32 V.42 OVER 60 MG OF FILES MNY 
        David Watson on 02/17/93 @ Lighthouse II

The Lighthouse II 301-645-8624 9600 RA 2.0G1 LaPlata, Md

        The Lighthouse II BBS is the home of Lachen Creations s/w. Great 
        Door games for any BBS type: PokerDor and HangMan and more to come. 
        These are free d/ls. Other Lighthouse interests include Windows / 
        Music and MIDI. Reviewed by: Louis H. Nemec on 04/11/93 @ Lighthouse 

The Lighthouse II 301-932-8309 9600 RA Waldorf, MD

        This BBS is dedicated to Windows, and Music messages.  Windows files 
        are avail able and several Doors are running.  The doors include 
        Global Wars, Wizards Ar ena and Tradewars 2002. Reviewed by: Louis 
        Nemec on 01/18/93 @ Lighthouse II

Old Timer's BBS 301-645-1049 9600 WILDCAT Waldorf, MD

        24 hours, warm and helpful sysop.  Loads of files, great message 
        base,  warm and helpful users, and decent doors section.  All are 
        welcome.  In operation for over 3 years.  Down home feel. Reviewed 
        by: Rick Dragife on 03/17/93 @ Lighthouse II

rude dg 301-934-3741 14400 WILDCAT hughesville,md

        full axcess after second call (60min.) files,message area,doors 
        still growing lots of fun try it! Reviewed by: Travis Long on 
        04/11/93 @ Lighthouse II

Tim's House Of Fun BBS 301-705-7115 14400 SPITFIRE Waldorf, MD

        Many On-Line Doors, .QWK mail support, make a 10-20 dollar donation 
        for more time and NO UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD Ratio...(Donation not 
        required!!).  Advertise free in the Want-ads.  Adult message area 
        and many adult files!  Everyone is welcome at Tim's House Of Fun 
        BBS! Reviewed by: Tim Ward on 01/18/93 @ Lighthouse II

Tyler's Byte Busters BBS 301-843-9276 14400 SLBBS Waldorf, MD.

        Up 24 hours a day 7 days a week general files available limited door 
        games not in a mail hub so available more frequently to the average 
        BBS user. Reviewed by: Steve Tyler on 03/17/93 @ Lighthouse II

BBSes in the 302 Area Code:

Mail Mill BBS 302-477-1314 9600 MAXIMUS Wilmington, DE

        Mail Mill BBS is for the avid EchoMail user.  We carry over 100 
        international EchoMail Conferences.  Access is FREE and EASY! 
        FidoNet: 1:150/350, FishNet: 21:84/2. Reviewed by: Aron Smith on 
        10/29/92 via Netmail

BBSes in the 303 Area Code:

The Lensman Sci-Fi BBS 303-290-9243 9600 GT-POWER Denver, CO

        News, Chat and Files of interest to Fantasy and Science Fiction 
        Fandom. Mostly text and graphics files, very few executables.  News 
        gathered from various "inside" soucrces. Reviewed by: The Lensman on 
        03/22/93 @ &TOTSE

Odd BBS 303-933-8666 9600 WWIV thornton co

        It's a message BBS. Great users that speak their mind. We have Japan 
        anime Gif s. that's about what we do. Never real busy. Reviewed by: 
        Jsfh on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 304 Area Code:

AIS BBS 304-420-6083 2400 RA Parkersburg, WV

        This bbs is run by the Department of Treasury, Bureau of the Public 
        Debt, AIS Security Branch.  It has security related files available 
        to everyone upon sign on and an underground section of files 
        available upon request.  No validation is required for upgrade, just 
        ask and you shall receive. Reviewed by: Kim Clancy on 12/24/92 @ 

BBSes in the 305 Area Code:

The FLoaTinG PaNcREas BBs 305-987-2837 14400 MAJOR6 HoLLywOoD, FL

        HOMe oF THE FPg BroTHErHoOD. CaTerinG To THe oBsCurE, tO hATrED, To 
        PRejUDiCe, tO raCisM, anD cyBerCuLTurE. InFO SouRcE oF THE SouTH.  
        oNLinE unDerGrouND TFiLE DaTaBASE.  haTE goD. Reviewed by: Majestic 
        Cockster on 04/11/93 @ &TOTSE

Virtual Symplex 305-270-8636 2400 CELERITY Miami, fl

        I have many Anarchy text files. I would like to join up with some 
        systems and get more and publish some /s. Reviewed by: Bugs Bunny on 
        06/06/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 306 Area Code:

NUCLEAR WiNTER 306-931-0975 14400 TELEGARD Saskatoon, Sask.

        Elite board p/h/a files and convo... home of DaB (Dead at Birth)... 
        Soon to be specializing in Telegard support...No file point ratio, 
        unlimited mooching... No new user password... shuttle log on... 
        Sysop: Necrotic Sock Co-Sysop: Dixie Flatline. Reviewed by: Necrotic 
        Sock on 03/22/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 307 Area Code:

DefCon4 307-235-8911 2400 CNET Casper, Wy

        An Amiga only BBS, 120megs online.  Special access for ld callers, 
        dozens of online doors games.  Excellent system with a friendly 
        Sysop. Reviewed by: Darkwolf on 04/08/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 309 Area Code:

Computer Violence 309-699-1361 2400 RA Creve Coeur, IL

        Not a huge selection but probably has the most HP48 calculator files 
        in the country. On line 24 hours a day. Reviewed by: Shortdog on 
        03/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Zeller East 309-387-6690 9600 RENEGADE Groveland, IL

        Many Messages/Anarchy Files/24Hours/14.4k Baud. Reviewed by: Radster 
        on 01/18/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 310 Area Code:

Long_Island Rainbow 310-370-4113 9600 MAXIMUS Torrance, CA

        BBS specializing in DEC VAX and IBM PC/AT/386/486 files; BBS runs 
        05:00-23:30; over 8,000 files available for download or F'req. In 
        operation 7 years. 100+ posted Echomail areas. Fidonet Node 102/138. 
        EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) message area and files. HST 
        16.8K/v.32bis modem. Serves as South Bay HUB 130. Reviewed by: 
        George Dahlco on 10/29/92 via Netmail

BBSes in the 313 Area Code:

Amiga ShareWare HQ 313-473-2020 2400 CNET BBS Livonia, MI

        Only Amiga, 2-lines, HST-DS 14400. Reviewed by: Bill Allen on 
        10/05/92 @ &TOTSE

The Hollow Tree 313-847-4167 14400 REVOLUTI somecity, SS

        It is a private board that most people can't get onto!! It is really 
        a nice Board with a nice sysop. Reviewed by: Nate Bohn on 05/13/93 @ 
        Lighthouse II

THe Midnight Flamingo 313-629-1331 14400 RENEGADE Fenton. MI>

        In 1 week it should have a 280mg hd.Its just a fun bbs. Reviewed by: 
        Kirk Hammett on 12/30/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 314 Area Code:

The IN-MED BBS 314-968-9140 9600 RA St. Louis, MO

        The IN-MED BBS is a 24 hour BBS designed to facilitate communication 
        between health care workers.  Forums are available for discussions 
        regarding specific medical problems.  Also featured are on-line 
        games and database searches.  In addition, the IN-MED BBS sponsors 
        the St. Louis area Foxpro Users Group. Reviewed by: Adam Summers on 
        12/28/92 via Netmail

BBSes in the 316 Area Code:

Dirty White BoyZ 316-524-2758 14400 RENEGADE Wichita, KS

        Up sporadic, used as portal for other users in group. Reviewed by: 
        Darkland Sneek on 04/15/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 317 Area Code:

ClassiComputerFieds 317-359-5196 14400 CUSTOM Indianapolis, IN

        Up in 5 cities - more to come. Classifieds, Email, Philes for 
        IBM/MAC/AMIGA Inter-city Email, Internet gateway to come. Boardwatch 
        Magazine. STL, USA Today, etc. For FREE DEMO enter account number 
        "GUEST". Call Indy or Nasville (615/391.2473), Knoxville 
        (615/671.1910), Atlanta (404/294.8555), more. Reviewed by: Count 
        Zero on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

Homey's Hangout 317-823-8184 38400 TRIBBS INdianapolis, IN

        Fun, doors, games and adult section... netowrk e-mail soon   sheehs, 
        all these lines, well its 24 hrs too. Reviewed by: Homey Santana on 
        06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

mdbs BBS #1 317-447-6685 2400 OPUS Lafayette, IN

        BBS for KnowledgeMan and Guru developers.

mdbs BBS #2 317-448-4235 2400 OPUS Lafayette, IN

        BBS for mdbsIV and Object/1 developers.

The Metaphysical Workshop 317-736-6439 2400 TRANSAMI Franklin, In

        Hours: weekdays> 10pm-4pm, weekends 9pm-9am This is the only (and 
        best!) metaphysics bbs in Indy! There are 25+ message bases, and i 
        am working on a file request system(text only). Reviewed by: Daemon 
        on 01/18/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 319 Area Code:

The Realm of Shades BBS 319-233-6719 57600 GT POWER Waterloo, Ia

        The Realm is a good, free BBS that doesn't cater to one particular 
        thing, but instead offers a bit of everything. Many online games, 
        170Mb of storage, an online tape restoration door, and over 40 other 
        doors. I carry the ThrobNet Adult Network and GT Power Net. Give us 
        a call! Reviewed by: Napalm Drop on 04/01/93 @ &TOTSE

The Revolution BBS 319-583-2748 2400 RA 1.11 Dubuque,IA

        24 hours, about 20 megs online and growing all legal.:-( Growing 
        quickly. Reviewed by: Hitman on 06/17/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 34- Area Code:


        Reviewed by: Quijote on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 39- Area Code:

Night Express 39-755728865 16800 RATSOFT perugia italy

        24hrs. us robotics hst ds 16.8k modem, 140 megs storage supportin 
        Atari St-Ste-tt-Falcon-Ms dos 
        wareDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Reviewed by: Doctor Byte on 
        06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 401 Area Code:

Perfect BBS 401-949-4409 2400 MBBS Johnston R.I

        Up 3-10 pm weekdays, all day until 11 pm weekends. General in 
        nature, hackers/abusers etc recieve special access. We have around 1 
        gig of files, anyone can use this system. Reviewed by: Mr. Perfect 
        on 05/13/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 402 Area Code:

The Software Library 402-558-5104 9600 RA Omaha, NE

        This bbs is a corporate BBS by Highland Software.  Has files, and 
        games. Support system for Prochess, and Registration site.  Call and 
        see! Reviewed by: PHIL ROOT on 02/01/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 403 Area Code:

devival research labs, inc. 403-258-3632 2400 XENO calgary alberta

        this bbs is a mostly message area bbs, with obscure files. all 
        executables are amiga save two or three, and they deal with 
        everything from the temple ov psychick youth to the church of the 
        subgenius, from anarchy to conspiracy. Reviewed by: Elektryk Gipsi 
        on 04/15/93 @ &TOTSE

The Grid 403-987-2660 14400 RA Devon AB

        A cool litle BBS specializing in mods and demos and all kinds of 
        neato stuff. some h/p/a online. good message areas... SGSi ANSi 
        group HQ Fun for everyone! Reviewed by: Madman on 12/31/92 @ &TOTSE

Shaft In Greenland 403-463-7875 14400 RA Edmonton, AB

        Shaft In Greenland running Ra on a 486-33, containing the regular 
        stuff. Reviewed by: Flatulence King on 03/17/93 @ &TOTSE

The Wicket 403-458-8751 2400 RA1.11PR ST Albert,alta,Can

        100% Text files board. simple as that.   [4o3]458-8751. Reviewed by: 
        The Dictator on 04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 404 Area Code:

The Ansible BBS 404-664-6572 57600 VISION-X Atlanta, GA

        Running registered Vision-X (404 - #5)  2400-57600  NUP: XENOCIDE. 
        Reviewed by: Davis on 03/22/93 @ &TOTSE

ARMAGEDDON 404-578-6950 14400 SPITFIRE Marietta Ga

        24hrs 7 days  Doors..Files...etc...120megz 1 year in oper. Its a 
        decsent bbs and everyone is welcome. Reviewed by: Tanis Half Elven 
        on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

DaRk KrAd ][ 404-594-8546 24OO RENEGADE Atlanta, GA

        24 hrs. elite bbs - adult orentated access by matrix. Reviewed by: 
        Teutonic Knight on 01/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Fito BBS 404-977-3480 14400 RENEGADE Marietta, GA

        Text files, messages, and electronic publishing. 170 megs. Reviewed 
        by: Clip on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

GonZoland BBS 404-974-5767 14400 PCBOARD Atlanta,Ga

        Alternative Attitudes and lifestyles. Reviewed by: Dr Gonzo on 
        04/11/93 @ &TOTSE

iNFoMoDiTiES 404-591-5753 16HST RA Atlanta GA

        iNŸ”M”DiTiES - You Infomation Source... Over 6600 Text Files Online 
        UNoŸŸicial Feeds For : .\C‹D iCE MiRAGE & Other ANSi 100's Of ADULT 
        Graphic (Off The Wall Graphics - Not Tipical) 100's Of Textfile 
        Topics And Many Other Files Online! Reviewed by: Fetus. on 02/28/93 
        @ &TOTSE

The Interlink Systems 404-977-1276 38400 RENEGADE Marietta, Ga

        24 Hours, 2400,9600,14,400,38,400... It's been up for about 3 
        months... Reviewed by: Willaberry on 03/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Radio Free America 404-612-0340 14400 RA Marietta, GA

        Home of the evil computer hacker.  Full access first call.  No 
        ratios. No user infoform.  No questionairre.  A delight for the 
        dedicated information junkie.  Everything from William Shakespeare 
        to Erik Bloodaxe is covered in our files areas.  Unnecessary 
        violence and gratuitous sex! Reviewed by: Voyager on 05/13/93 @ 

Shifty's Place 404-473-1121 19200 WC30 Atlanta, GA

        Atlanta's Premier Adult Entertainment BBS - Over 30,000 Adult Files, 
        Games MultiLine Chat, Doors, and More. Reviewed by: Randy Smith on 
        04/08/93 @ &TOTSE

the swamp 404-296-6038 19200 OPUS stn mtn, ga

        24 Hrs. a day, 7 days a week... Free access first call, no ratios.. 
        Reviewed by: Sun Shine on 07/01/93 @ &TOTSE

The Turtle Shell 404-687-9155 2400 OSIRIS atlanta ga

        Pagan orientated:  the best occult orientated files in the south 
        Also has more occult files than any bbs in the south << 40 MB >> 
        system motto:  Actively discouraging Antidisestablishmentarianism. 
        Reviewed by: Wind-Walker on 06/03/93 @ &TOTSE

Webbs 404-352-8548 2400 RENEGADE atlanta ga

        Stdent board of atlanta ga. (actually we just got  a 14.4 modem) Ibm 
        & mac files,  all free, no ratio, we only ask that you be relatively 
        clean in your posts      Pit  & other online games. Reviewed by: 
        Kwisatz Haderach on 04/15/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 405 Area Code:

VAP Arena 405-536-8344 14400 PCB Lawton, OK

        Cool texts and ansi's has direct link to Hamberg Germany and the 
        coSysOp is the author of the K-Rad blue boxing progi called 
        BlueBeep!  This BBS is also FREE so come one, come all and give us a 
        call! Reviewed by: Vistor on 07/01/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 406 Area Code:

Byte Me BBS 406-458-5844 2400 WILDCAT helena mt

        our hours are 8pm-10pm (406-458-5844),10pm-7am (406-458-5311) 
        mountain time. Reviewed by: Kirk Hodges on 03/19/93 @ &TOTSE

Cybercycosis 406-721-2105 9600 Missoula Montana

        One of the better radical boards in Montana that I've seen. 
        Hack/Phreak files, informational txt files. Strange message section. 
        24 hrs a day. Reviewed by: Flesh on 12/30/92 @ Lies Unlimited

The Darque Power BBS 406-771-0000 2400 SPITFIRE Great Falls, MT

        P\5 110Mhz, 285MB HD, CD-Rom... ** Private BBS - Soon to be public! 
        ** Over 8 Gig.Bytes of files! Reviewed by: Master Darque on 02/25/93 
        @ &TOTSE

tHE dISCO hOSPITAL 406-543-6356 38400 TELEGARD Missoula, MT

        24 hours, Megs of alternative texts, 40 free-expression message 
        areas, full access to first time callers, Blue Wave offline mail 
        system. NeuroNet echo HQ. Demos, games, Many texts. Electronic 
        Freedom Fighters Unite! Reviewed by: Justin Case on 04/25/93 @ Lies 

Garden City Micronet 406-251-4427 9600 Missoula, MT

        Rightwing BBS, operated by a brain-dead sysop. Not worth calling, 
        unless you really have to. Reviewed by: Flesh on 12/30/92 @ Lies 

BBSes in the 408 Area Code:

24 Hours-a-Day 408-448-1126 9600 RA San Jose, CA

        Anyone can call at 448-1126. No fees. I have 30+ echos. lots of tctc 
        files and psychology files. I am a Fidonet node 1:143/302. Reviewed 
        by: Mike Rhymes on 03/23/92 @ &TOTSE

ANDRONIX BBS 408-281-2048 2400+ MY OWN San Jose, Californ

        The system is currently undergoing a face-lift and there is not much 
        online. I am still finishing up the new software. Look for more info 
        in the near future. I welcome and callers during the transition and 
        you will not be forgotten. Thanks! See ya... :-). Reviewed by: A.J. 
        Teel on 04/29/93 @ &TOTSE

AsmLang and OS/2 Board 408-259-2223 9600 San Jose, CA

BayNar-Net 408-926-8547 2400 WILDCAT San Jose, Ca

        24 Hours/day. Model Rocketry, Astronomy, Ham, Games, Kids - files 
        and programs, messages and more. Sponsored by: BayNar Model Rocket 
        Club. Reviewed by: Sammy Jones on 04/29/93 @ &TOTSE

Burn This Flag 408-363-9766 9600 RA 1.11+ San Jose, CA

        Text files and messages for the south bay. Member of NIRVANAnet(tm).

Driven Element 408-267-2335 9600 FEATHERN San Jose, CA

        Featuring IBM, Amiga, Atari ST and Macintosh support.  International 
        mail networks, Law enforcement/public service, Amateur 
        radio/Electronics and programming theme. 24-hour operation.   
        Excellent technical support. Reviewed by: Mike Delaney on 08/24/92 
        via Netmail

The Falcon BBS 408-270-2678 9600 RA 1.11+ San Jose, CA

        Our Nets include: FidoNet @1:143/320, RANet @72:408/16, CalNet 
        @49:408/320, DoorNet @74:7408/320 Many online door games, message 
        bases, 150 megz online. We are a Barren Realms Elite League 
        Coordinator. Reviewed by: Brendon Baumgartner on 08/24/92 via 

The FaMiLy CiRcUs 408-926-0470 9600 MAXIMUS San Jose, CA

        Large selection of Door Games , Massive Msg Base , Over 100 megs of 
        files Free access Free Everything  Member of Fido Net , Cal-Net , 
        Trek Net ,????? Net. Reviewed by: William Lade on 12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

French Connection BBS 408-266-8702 9600 TELEFIND San Jose, CA

        Mac TeleFinder GUI BBS. Macintosh utilities/Mac FidoNet Echos 24 Hrs 
        except NMH. Reviewed by: Barry Dryden on 08/24/92 via Netmail

The Holodeck BBS 408-248-2532 9600 San Jose, CA

House of Ill Compute 408-338-6860 9600 MAXIMUS Boulder Creek, CA

        Excellent message and files base, with particular emphasis on 
        privacy issues, encryption, libertarianism, Electronic Frontier 
        Foundation, and politics, politics, politics. Also some men's issues 
        areas. Many Libertarian Party activists frequent this board. Pretty 
        Good Privacy 2.0 source is available. Reviewed by: Arkuat on 
        11/05/92 @ &TOTSE

Liberty Bell 408-243-1933 2400 San Jose, CA

        BBS of the Santa Clara Libertarian Party.

Lynn-Western Newswires 408-778-5994 9600 Morgan Hill, CA

necronomicon 408-942-0691 14400 PROCOMM milpitas,ca

        This is a new BBS. I am testing my ability and patience to see what 
        it takes to run one. Right now, no messages except test messages. 16 
        MB file (execute- able and text) available. It has been in 
        operation, lets see... almost 9 hour s now! Call for fun I suppose 
        and help me test. Reviewed by: Kmart on 06/03/93 @ &TOTSE

Parallax View 408-274-0965 9600 FOREM DX San Jose, Ca

        24 hour system running an atari 130xe with 10 meg scsi drive, 320k 
        RAM (256k Ram disk) and a Kludged up version of FOREM ST in BASIC... 
        system is 90% message based.. Reviewed by: Mike Broderick on 
        03/11/93 @ &TOTSE

PiNKSEx 408-439-SUCK 2400 WAFFLE Santa Cruz, CA

        PinkSEx subscribes to the theory that everyone is here for a reason 
        and we're curious why YOU think YOU'RE here.  A tinyLittleBBS on the 
        coast running in sillyMode -- 24 hours a day in stereo w/ a 
        cyberLinkUp to Bill Clinton's frontal lobe.   h0nest. Reviewed by: 
        Dexter A. Spanfield on 03/19/93 @ &TOTSE

PiNKSex BBS 408-399-9084 14400 WAFFLE Los Gatos, CA

        PinKSex -- open 24hrs a day for your viewing pleasure. -- featuring 
        tradeWars, twitFree, sanity w/out compromise -- nothing is truly 
        better than the best -- why not? Reviewed by: Dexter A. Spanfield on 
        06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

The Place BBS 408-438-5015 9600 RA Scotts Valley, CA

        Many On Line Games Involved with Fido Net and Other Local Nets of 
        California etc... Reviewed by: Dan Dogherra on 02/17/93 @ Lighthouse 

The Rising Storm 408-739-8693 9600 WILDCAT Sunnyvale, CA

        Open 24 hrs, 7 days a week except for mail transfers.  This BBS is 
        for those that are interested in emergency preparation and survival. 
        Tied into the Fido network, the Survnet network, the Worldnet, and 
        the 4x4 network. Reviewed by: Kirk DeHaan on 08/19/92 via Netmail

There Goes the Neighborhood! 408-879-1870 19200 TELEGARD Campbell, CA

        A message and text BBS much like this one! It will be up by Feb 1, 
        1993 at latest! It Is auto-access to ANYONE! Few basic rules...Not 
        to much! Reviewed by: Jah on 01/25/93 @ &TOTSE

The Wizard's Den 408-578-4595 9600 BINKLEYT San Jose, CA

        Operation is 24 Hours a day. Oriented towards Astronomy, OS/2, OS/2 
        programming, Networking. Fidonet File Requestable - 1:143/301 Usenet 
        - Reviewed by: Rich Hall on 08/19/92 
        via Netmail

BBSes in the 412 Area Code:

Entertain Me! BBS 412-567-6782 38400 SPITFIRE Kepple Hill , PA

        open 24hrs a day 7 days a week w/ over 600Meg of files (currently) 
        and new nodes coming soon! A real blast for anyone. Adult sections 
        and more. This BBS was down for a few months during winter but is 
        staging it's triumphant return We had almost 1000 users and are 
        hoping for a lot more! No subject is Taboo! Reviewed by: Troglobyte 
        on 05/27/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 413 Area Code:

city scape 413-568-5241 14400 TRIBBS Westfield, ma

        24 Hours.. Cd-Rom.. Many Msg bases..  and more.. Reviewed by: Merlin 
        Too on 05/30/93 @ &TOTSE

The Illusion BBS 413-789-9957 14400 WILDCAT Agawam, MA

        24 hrs a Day 200 Megs Online. Access on 1st call. Reviewed by: 
        Shamen on 03/24/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 414 Area Code:

House Laio Millitary Intel 414-231-6886 16800 SBBS Oshkosh, WI

        It is the private remains of wisconsin's second largest bbs, the 
        terminal velocity. 1.3 gig online, ++ ofline, 2 usr 16.8k DS, now a 
        board for the use of House Laio in the Genie battletech game. 
        Reviewed by: The Purple Sage on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 415 Area Code:

!MAPHIA! 415-36-CRIME 16800 /X 2.33 SF , CA

        !MAPHIA! is dedicated to HACKERS & PHREAKERS!!  We operate on /X 
        2.33 with 3 NoDeZ RiGnDoWn and have 1.2gigz or HD online.  This is 
        an Amiga System but ALL PHREAKERS allowed.   c.c.c.ya. Reviewed by: 
        Brujjo Dihital' on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

After Hours Communication 415-386-7372 2400 PCBOARD San Francisco, Ca

        2.2 gigabytes        adult messages & politics    Must be 18+ years 
        2 years in bay area        Call to find a large selection of adult & 
        other files. New personals section with user profiles and 
        downloadable photo's in gif format. Great way to meet people across 
        the states. Reviewed by: Heather Johnson on 03/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Bay Talk BBS 415-864-6430 2400 San Francisco, CA

The Cutting Edge 415-751-0588 14K MBBS 6.1 San Fransisco,Ca

        Multi Line teleconferance  On-line games  12 CD's online 24hrs 
        70,000 files , High speed lines.   100+ local and networked message 
        fourms Very new needs users.   If you want somthing we don't have 
        We'll get it Low low subscriptions  DEMO accounts availible Also 
        instant access 900 #. Reviewed by: Panther on 06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

CyberDen 415-472-5527 9600 WAFFLE San Rafael, CA

        For the CyberIndustrial Punk in all of us. Internet and UUCP links. 
        Tons of Newsfeeds. Free use of e-mail! All types of systems welcome. 
        Active message base! For info email! Sysop: 
        Xorcist. Reviewed by: Mental Void on 04/25/93 @ Lies Unlimited

DaRk FoRcE BBS 415-753-3115 24OO PCBOARD San Francisco, Ca

        Call and find out for yourself... maybe you'll like it, maybe you 
        wont... oh and if ANYONE knows how to use PcBoard, please feel free 
        to call my board and hopefully I'll be there, cuz I hardly know how 
        to use it... since TG crased on me... Reviewed by: Easy on 04/25/93 
        @ Lies Unlimited

David's Basement 415-332-3943 2400 TELEGARD Sausalito, CA

        170 megs of online files (plus a few tapes of offline stuff) 
        GaSPnet, FidoNet, RaVeNet, TCalNet, DoorNet (NC), UseNet gateway 45 
        online games (selection growing each day). Reviewed by: David on 
        04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

Deep Space 415-731-5163 2400 San Francisco, CA

DPNet 415-788-8663 2400 San Francisco, CA

Draken's Keep 415-469-5809 9600 San Francisco, CA

Flat Earth BBS 415-691-9461 9600 Los Altos, CA

Game & Travel BBS 415-221-6456 2400 TG.27 San Francisco, CA

        Lots online games, Echo Message, File bases. PD software games. 
        Reviewed by: Ralph Peng on 12/30/92 @ Lies Unlimited

GUIDEBOARD 415-964-3858 2400 TBBS San Francisco, CA

        Cabbie's Guide to San Francisco -- Where to go for restaurants, 
        doctors, auto repair, and various services. Multi-Line. Reviewed by: 
        Richard Schwartz on 05/13/93 @ &TOTSE

Harv's Hideout 415-467-8966 9600 San Francisco, CA

Impromptu File Exchange 415-358-9201 9600 Foster City, CA

In Living Color 415-585-7579 9600 TELEGARD San Francisco, CA

        Kewl bbs. 24 hrs 240 megs o filez.  KEWL message section, HOGENET ZC 
        BRE, TW, other registered online games. Reviewed by: James Esteves 
        on 12/30/92 @ Lies Unlimited

IN<F>EX (info. Exchange) 415-282-3823 9600 TELEGARD San Francisco, CA

        Dedicated to the exchange of information.  Active Programming areas, 
        and beta site for many Telegard utilites written by the SysOp.  Host 
        of RaVeNET, also very active with GaSpNET, and has 120mb's of 
        available space.  over 1 yr in operation, and rarely "down".  
        Formerly "e Phunky Pharm". Reviewed by: Tony The Tiger on 12/30/92 @ 
        Lies Unlimited

InfoGate BBS 415-967-2356 9600 Mountain View, CA

KKSF 415-391-2657 2400 San Francisco, CA

Knight Court BBS 415-345-2194 9600 SEARCHLI San Mateo, CA

  • EXTREMELY* active door games including Global Wars, TradeWars, and

BBS Crash. In operation for a few years, new number coming soon.

        Specializing in chess with a chess door. Reviewed by: Terminator on 
        12/30/92 @ Lies Unlimited

Late Night Software 415-695-0759 9600 FIDO San Francisco, CA

        This BBS is designed to support Late Night Software's shareware 
        UFGATE. It is also the FidoNet/Internet and USENET gateway for 
        FidoNet nets 161 and 125. File request or download UFGATE.HOW for 
        more information on sending mail to/from the Internet to/from 
        Fidonet. Reviewed by: Tim Pozar on 09/21/92 via Netmail

Leviathan RBBS 415-387-5117 9600 San Francisco, CA

Lies Unlimited 415-583-4102 2400 RA 1.11+ South San Francisco

        A BBS focusing on political realities. The point being that this 
        reality is created by consensus and the only way to change the 
        reality is to change the consensus. NIRVANAnet(tm) node 9:900/8.
        Reviewed by: Mick Freen on 06/03/91

The Mage's Tower 415-382-1885 9600 Novato, CA

Mover Mouse BBS 415-898-2644 9600 Novato, CA

nazi net 415-422-8742 14400 FCU oakland,ca

        It's all about keeping this country free of all foriegners. Nazism 
        /s. Reviewed by: Hitler on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

Oracle 415-365-4819 9600 Redwood City, CA

        The Oracle is a pretty new Doors-based BBS.  The system is simple, 
        and you can advance quickly.  The games it runs are pretty cool 
        as well, so give it a try, it's mellow. Reviewed by: Anubis 
        on 01/03/91

Pacific SunStone 415-359-6036 9600 Pacifica, CA

Pandora's Box 415-457-6740 9600 T.A.Gá San Rafael, CA

        Official T.A.G. Beta Site! FidoNet: 1:161/457 Lotsa PASCAL and TAG 
        Stuff! All Populare File Echo's Available. Reviewed by: Peter 
        Baggiolini on 10/08/92 @ &TOTSE

RECOVERY BBS 415-255-2188 9600 RA San Francisco, CA

        12 Step Recovery Programs, AA, NA, Al-Anon, SAA, etc. Echomail 
        areas, meeting lists, some program literature.  Available 24 hours 
        except ZMH (2-3 AM PDT).  Caller netmail also available. Reviewed 
        by: Rich Gorin on 08/27/92 via Netmail

The Road Not Taken 415-206-1638 2400 WWIV Berkeley, CA

        A place for messages... from cutthroat debates to benevolent 
        blathering. Reviewed by: G.A. Ellsworth on 04/29/93 @ &TOTSE

SeaHunt BBS 415-431-0473 9600 San Francisco, CA

SFPCUG 415-621-2609 9600 San Francisco, CA

        San Francisco PC User Group. Large collection of PD and shareware
        file transfers.

The Skeptic's Board 415-572-0359 9600 San Mateo, CA

        Home of the Bay Area Skeptics society. Files on UFO's, pstchics, and
        other weirdness. Lots of text files.

T0M 415-961-9315 2400 RA Mountain View, CA

        24 hrs Co$ts 0. 80Mb. ANSI-FREE BBS.  MACs welcomed. Reviewed by: 
        Finger_man on 05/13/93 @ &TOTSE

Ultramagnetic Empire 415-641-9862 9600 WILDCAT! San Francisco, CA

        Files, Messages, Gang Violence. Reviewed by: Erase on 06/24/91

Villa Straylight 415-365-6384 9600 Redwood City, CA

Zen Connection 415-389-9245 9600 Mill Valley, CA

BBSes in the 416 Area Code:

Downtown Militarized Zone 416-450-7087 14400 DLG PRO Toronto, Ontario

        The Downtown Militarized Zone (DMZ) is dedicated to the exchange of 
        information, especially what one might term, Forbidden Knowledge. 
        Lots of texts online as well as flourishing message bases that cover 
        the full spectrum of PHA and general topics.  Home of ECHO OF THE 
        DAMNED and [CiSSD]. Reviewed by: The Dope Man on 01/25/93 @ &TOTSE

LuD BBS! 416-936-5965 2400 TELEGARD Toronto, ON

        LuD BBS is Canadas Largest UFO related BBS. Specializing in files 
        related to UFOs and the unexplained, LuD offers a variety of files 
        and messages devoted to discussions about UFOs, The Paranormal, 
        Gov't Coverup/Scandal, and Computer Viruses and the Underground.  
        WHO For V-TOE Net a new UFO net open to new BBSe. Reviewed by: Dv8 
        on 04/25/93 @ Lies Unlimited

The Pharcyde 416-936-6663 2400 DLG PRO Toronto, ON

        The Pharcyde is an auto-vallidation system, focusing on various 
        aspects of the Computer Underground.  Originally a private H/P BBS, 
        now an auto vallidation system, The Pharcyde has over 3000 H/P 
        Related files, and no ratios. Cult of the Dead Cow Factory Direct 
        Outlet/Revival! Magazine Dist. Reviewed by: Lister on 06/24/93 @ 

Sensible Insanity II 416-897-0439 14400 PCBOARD Toronto Ontario

        Up 24hrs 7days a week. Dedicated to the art of Hacking and 
        Phreaking. If you fit into the category of 'hacker', then by all 
        means, call! Toronto's Hackers exchange BBS. Reviewed by: Predator 
        on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 417 Area Code:

TriStar Information System 417-889-8743 23KBP RA Springfield, MO.

        A BBS for all. Member of FidoNet, and RANet networks. Member of 
        local SASEC (Springfield Area SysOps Education Coolition). Stop by 
        and check it out. Reviewed by: Roger Fouche on 03/17/93 @ Lighthouse 

BBSes in the 418 Area Code:

South Side 418-838-1654 14400 TGARD Charlesbourg,quebe

        It's A H/p Board With K00l Mag's Ans Filez Come Take A Look. 
        Reviewed by: Blood Sucker on 04/25/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 419 Area Code:

The Avalon 419-354-6659 9600 RA Bowling Green, OH

        The Avalon is a general function BBS, FidoNet 1:234/26.  100 megs of 
        downloadable software, Tradewars 2002, Global war, Chess, Fidonet 
        echos.  V32, V42bis. Reviewed by: Chris Obee on 01/14/93 via Netmail

BBSes in the 44- Area Code:

LiveWire 44-244-68148 14400 RA Chester, UK

        Don't bother putting me in cos I'm UK! :). Reviewed by: Kelvin 
        Lawson on 12/24/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 501 Area Code:

Freedom One HST 501-932-7932 9600 RA Jonesboro, AR

        Ham Radio, Freedom rights, religon, ect. Reviewed by: Red Ryder on 
        06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

Radio Free Arkansas 501-961-9605 2400 HRMS Little Rock, AR

        Up on and off since 1987, RFA is sort of an existential BBS. It sort 
        of has files. It sort of has messages. But they're not NORMAL 
        ones... Reviewed by: Wired Child on 12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 503 Area Code:

Alternate Universe 503-461-3346 2400 WWIV Eugene, OR

        Wierd BBS run by a 14-year-old depressed girl who uses the alias 
        Valeris...   There'z a decent message section and a few 
        (hack/lam)ers frequent it.  8^). Reviewed by: Ace31175 on 01/18/93 @ 

Asafoetida 503-754-6340 2400 SUPERBBS Corvallis, oregon

        a vulgar oriented bbs with lots of games and operation 
        for about 8 months now...enjoyable by anyone (can choose if you want 
        vulgar language) around 150 megs of file area space...sysop is a 
        great guy :). Reviewed by: Surik Throat on 04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

The Dark Side BBS 503-752-6122 9600 SUPERBBG Corvallis, OR

        IT Opps, It's up 24 hours a day..  Umm. Yeah. Reviewed by: Kevin 
        Mills on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Extreme Dreames All Text BBS 503-775-0374 14400 WILDCAT Portland, Oregon

        Standard all text fare... H/P/A/V/AV plus huge occult (New Age/Wicca 
        other) areas.  Semi Private Virus Access, I have more viruses that 
        you really need. Extreme Dreames sports the Worlds Only Virus 
        Creation Online Door.  But hey, that's already been determined in 
        VSUM... Validation by uploading 1 good file. Reviewed by: Thing One 
        on 04/08/93 @ &TOTSE

Foundation's Edge 503-362-6895 14400 RENEGADE Salem, Oregon

        Two nodes, home of FSnet, only about 60 megs of files, incredible 
        message sections, large programmer support bases.  In operation 
        since January 1992. Reviewed by: The Pilot on 06/03/93 @ &TOTSE

the lair of the beast 503-687-6829 14400 WWIV eugene, or

        It is 24 hours open, textfiles on many subjects including pagan, 
        supernatural, alistar crowely, etc.  Give it a call and see what 
        things are like in the oregon area. Reviewed by: The Silicon Beast 
        on 03/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Too Dark Park 503-359-6415 14400 RENEGADE Portland,Oregon

        A bbs for Nihilists, Subersives, hackers and virus writers. Everyone 
        gets access on the first call, lots of underground texts & utils. + 
        more viruses than you will ever need. Reviewed by: Crow on 02/01/93 
        @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 504 Area Code:

Mumbo Jumbo Kathedral 504-891-0693 9600 MAX New Orleans, LA

        Magick and Occult.

The Street Corner 504-892-7190 9600 CNET Covington, LA

        Its Got 310 Megs Of Online Storage.. 16.8k HST/DS/ASL/FAX Modem. 
        Tons Of Amiga And Ibm Files. Reviewed by: Lore on 12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 505 Area Code:

4th street 505-293-0059 9600 cedar crest nm

        goo bbs get adult files. Reviewed by: Crash on 01/28/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 508 Area Code:

The Chicken Coop! 508-667-7234 9600 RA Billerica, MA

        FidoNet node 1:324/295.  A great BBS running 24 hours a day. There 
        are over 2200 shareware and freeware programs for all to download!  
        Lots of echos and some online games too! Give a ring! Reviewed by: 
        Daniel Shapiro on 01/28/93 via Netmail

Psychosis 508-829-9550 2400 MAXIMUS Holden, MA

        Psychosis is a tech oriented board, specializing in Virtual Reality, 
        Artificial Intelligence, and programming. We maintain a very user 
        friendly outlook at the same time. We have C, C++, Electronics, 
        Robotics, AI and Multitasking Fido echo's. Our C/C++ file base is 
        also very large. Reviewed by: Mark Spencer on 12/30/92 via Netmail

Total Eclipse 508-865-7234 12000 MAXIMUS Millbury, MA

        Total Eclipse specializes in OS/2, its users, and a friendly 
        atmosphere to converse and chat. Two lines provide low counts of 
        busy signals, and allow 2 way chatting (3 with sysop :>). FidoNet 
        OS/2 base, and other large subs. New hard drive = more expansion!  
        Great selection of files! No duplicates! Reviewed by: Ben Goodwin on 
        12/30/92 via Netmail

BBSes in the 510 Area Code:

&TOTSE 510-935-5845 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA

        An ALL TEXT BBS specializing in high explosives, political extremes, 
        unusual sexual devices, mind-enhancing chemicals, brain-damaged 
        philosophy, and illicit information. A safe haven for visionaries and
        paranoids. 100 Megs. Raw Data for Raw Nerves. NIRVANAnet(tm) HQ,
        node 9:900/2. Reviewed by Jeff Hunter on 06/15/91 @ &TOTSE


        Reviewed by: Dash on 02/01/93 @ &TOTSE

Alpha Centari 510-947-5835 14400 WWIV Concord, CA

        A Mac BBS!  Good on-line games and large file base! Reviewed by: El 
        Pollo Loco on 05/13/93 @ &TOTSE

Beyond Reality 510-426-0298 2400 Pleasanton, CA

The Big Board 510-582-9364 2400 Hayward, CA

BODY DHARMA ONLINE 510-836-4717 9600 OPUS Oakland, CA

        BODY DHARMA is primarily a message-based system, with over 200+ 
        echomail conferences from many networks, oriented towards promoting 
        the health of body, mind, spirit and planet. The home of DharmaNet, 
        a Buddhist network. Also, full file support for Opus-CBCS. Reviewed 
        by: Barry Kapke on 11/12/92 via Netmail

Camphor Fountain BBS 510-547-5741 2400 TELEGARD Oakland, CA

        Over 130 national & international message areas from FidoNet, 
        SkyNet, PODS, DharmaNet, The Baha'i Network, PioneerNet, and The 
        California Network. Information on law, world events, family life, 
        world religions, recovery, creative and professional writing, food, 
        health & healing. Files and more. Reviewed by: Cassiopeia on 
        04/25/93 @ &TOTSE

The Cemetary Gates EIES 510-889-8515 14400 CELERITY Somewhere, Ca

        Internal Theft Syndicate (ITS) Network, Partnerz in Krime (PIK) 
        Network, Echo of the Damned (EOTD).  Carries 120Mb of Underground 
        Information with absolutely no ratios of any type. Reviewed by: The 
        Gate Keeper on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Cheers 510-706-0904 9600 Antioch, CA

City of Tanelorn 510-803-0319 2400 SPITFIRE Dublin, CA

        Some good files. A registered member of Barren Realms Elite, an 
        inter-bbs game that is very good. Pretty good message base, too. 
        Reviewed by: Thuryn on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

Club California 510-724-5755 14400 WWIV Fremont, CA

        Sexual orientated, free for all, instant access, tons of text files 
        racism, carnage, and many new and upcoming topics, Check it out. 
        Reviewed by: Sameer Whadwahn on 04/01/93 @ &TOTSE

Computer Addiction 510-278-2287 19200 VBBS San lorezo ca

        Have Clubs, adult files,  177 meg HD.  What to get alot of people 
        involed and looking fo many co-sysops of ages 20 and up.  Call today 
        and get more info. Reviewed by: Harry Mitchell on 11/12/92 @ &TOTSE

Computer Communications BBS 510-672-9325 9600 WILDCAT! Concord, Ca

        Computer Communications belongs to FidoNet, FamilyNet, PowerNet and 
        Mustang Software's Support Networks for WILDCAT!, Qmodem/Qmodem-Pro, 
        and OLX/SLMR. Over 11 thousand messages online - over 2 thousand new 
        messages per day! Free 30 day trial membership option - always a 
        Free level too! Reviewed by: Eric Cozzi on 01/25/93 @ &TOTSE

The CyberNinja Dojo 510-770-9250 2400 TINYBBS Fremont, cA

        6am-11pm Mon- f[A[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[Mon-Thur, 24 hour Fri-Sun 
        For programmers, lot's of code, utilities, docs.  Free.  Decent 
        message sections.  New and growing fast! Reviewed by: Todd Grigsby 
        on 06/06/93 @ &TOTSE

Daddy's Hideout 510-779-0291 14400 GT POWER Antioch, Ca.

        100 megs of files, Net/Echo mail, available 24 hours. Reviewed by: 
        Starmaster on 04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

Dear Theophilus 510-831-8436 9600 SS 2.2 Danville, Ca

        We are sponsored by Saint Timothy's Youth Ministry, we focus on the 
        Mac and 600 MB online for downloading plus Apple System software, 
        online games, FidoNet and a welcoming message base. We are open 
        daily from 0700 to 0200. Reviewed by: S on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

Decibel BBS 510-865-4065 1200 WWIV4.22 Alameda, CA.

        As of now, it is only in the configuration stage. On this computer, 
        it only has 20meg HDD with almost 40 meg after Stacker...Its not 
        open but an hour a day, as I am working on getting its own private 
        line... =Omicron The Annihilator=. Reviewed by: Omicron The 
        Annihilator on 05/02/93 @ &TOTSE

The Diamond Mind 510-791-8926 2400 Fremont, CA

DiMENSioN 7 510-743-9757 9600 RENEGADE Alamo, CA

        Call DiMENSioN 7 BBS. Something fer everyone. 0-31 day warez. 997 
        megs, plus making it's own custom gifs with the sysop's 16.8 million 
        color scanner & video capture board. You like GIFs? You like Warez? 
        Then call. Enormous msg section too. Call it. NOW. Reviewed by: The 
        Jammin' Enforcer on 12/31/92 @ &TOTSE

The Dragon's Cave 510-549-0311 9600 RA Berkeley, CA

        24 hr. operation, primarily S F & F roleplaying, limited file bases, 
        mainly messages. Part of FurNet. Also carrying ham radio/scanner 
        user's echos, Cartoons & Animation and Dr. Who/British SF. 
        Registration questionnaire required for message posting/file DL 
        access. Uploads require E-mail prior. Reviewed by: The Dragonrider 
        on 10/15/92 @ &TOTSE

DVPCUG 510-943-6238 9600 TBBS Walnut Creek, CA

        Diablo Vally PC User Group. Multi-line. Networked. Thousands of PD
        and shareware files.

Entrepreneur Online 510-791-0259 2400 WC3.55M Fremont CA

        Downloads First call... over 135,000,000 megs online, Multi-Node 
        BBS! Reviewed by: Patrick Debelak on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Extreme Reality 510-370-8430 2400 RENEGADE Martinez, CA

        Extreme reality is best for it's message areas. There is 160 megs 
        available for downloads and uploads. They are open 24 hours a day, 
        iNFiNeT and Fidonet. Reviewed by: Seth on 06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

Fuzzball Land 510-935-6350 14400 WWIV Walnut Creek, CA

        Lots and lots and lots of: Files for all types of computes 
        (utils/games/pics) Messages Bases (WWIVnet, WWIVlink, ICEnet)  @5060 
        On-line Games (all registered and fully active) Users that keep the 
        board active and exciting. Reviewed by: Mr. Fuzzball on 06/03/93 @ 

G A D M 510-886-1621 9600 Hayward, CA

The GIFt Shop ™ 510-689-4686 16800 WILDCAT! Concord, Ca.

        Over 1.8 gigs of files, 4 lines (HST 16.8 - 689-4378). Specializing 
        in HIQuality GIFs and HiColor Graphics, FLI/GL/DL animation, 
        WAV/MIDI/MOD/VOC, Multimedia, Multitasking/LAN, Communication, DOS & 
        Windows files. Adult files include 
        Reviewed by: Good Sex on 03/22/93 @ &TOTSE

The Grassy Knoll 510-283-5162 9600 RENEGADE Moraga, CA

        Brand new board, needs more users. Lotsa files and disk space for 
        more So new that it cannot be totally evaluated, just call and check 
        it out. The more, the merrier and we need more users big time! 
        Reviewed by: Megadeth on 07/01/93 @ &TOTSE

The Grateful Med BBS 510-689-0347 9600 TELEGARD Concord, CA

        The Grateful Med BBS is for those interested in the medical 
        professions, but it does not limit itself to those. It welcomes all 
        who wish to enjoy cyberspace! We carry FidoNet subs, as well as 
        ADAnet subs, in ALL areas, not just medicine! Call now, 24 hours a 
        day! Reviewed by: TC Dufresne on 08/15/92 via Netmail

Great AbysS 510-482-5813 9600 TG-BETA Oakland, CA

        The AbysS is a Telegard Beta site, you will find all Telegard 
        utilities old and New.  AbysS, FidoNet Hub (1:161/510) as well as 
        the GaSpNet Host (8:86/0). We currently have two BRE leagues going, 
        Global Wars, Tradewars, SRE, etc. AbysS is the TGSDN and TG support 
        echo Source.  Forwarder No# 510-357-1974. Reviewed by: Gary M. 
        Stewart  (aka)  KeyMaster on 05/13/93 via Netmail

Guardian's Gateway 510-830-4616 9600 TELEGARD San Ramon, CA

        Telegard Regional Site, West Coast.  TRYING to get a decent/very 
        good C programing section.  Some GIF's, some of this, some of that. 
        Reviewed by: Snipe on 03/25/91

HADDOCKS RATIONS 510-655-0145 2400 TAG oakland,ca

        A bbs dedicated to the freedom of speech and expression. also the 
        freedom of software sharing. also the freedom to do EXACTLY what you 
        want to with your own pets. I mean, damn. you paid for 'em didn't 
        you? Raise yer glass! Reviewed by: Robin Hack on 03/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Hall of Mirrors 510-452-5564 9600 Oakland, CA

hardware depot 510-942-0762 SPITFIRE Walnut Creek, CA

        This is a brand new BBs dedicated to the buying and selling of 
        hardware, and also a message base.  They also have a files section 
        that is smaller, but growing!! Try it out, you just might like it! 
        Reviewed by: Azon on 03/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Hot Rod's Haven 510-837-6559 2400 VBBS Danville, Ca

        Hot Rod's Haven has a lot of offer BBS users. It has a large message 
        base, two networks, and great files. Also, there some great games to 
        play including a totally edited Tradewars Game with 15 new ships. 
        Been up over a year, and don't plan on going anywhere. Give us a 
        call!   VBBS  510-837-6559. Reviewed by: Hot Rod on 06/13/93 @ 

Imperial City BBS 510-631-1569 14400 RENEGADE Moraga, CA

        170 megs, 12oo-14.4k, Great Message areas, Popular Onliners, Many 
        files! Runnuning renegade, A -STAR WARS- oriented bbs. This board is 
        for everyone! In Moraga! Open 24 hours a day. No Fees! donations 
        accepted. SysOps:Byzantine and XModem. Reviewed by: Byzantine on 
        02/01/93 @ &TOTSE

InfesTaTion 510-283-6375 19200 WWIV Lafayette CA

        This bbs open 24hrs an hour adult files lots great messge base! 
        Reviewed by: Concorde on 06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

The Iron Tower 510-528-9901 14400 RENEGADE Berzerkeley, Ca.

        H/P/A Net, open 24 hrs/7 days, 230+ Megz, Renegade Support Echo's  
        SysOp's : Sparhawk & Emperor. Reviewed by: Madman on 04/08/93 @ 

The Jester's Realm 510-277-1555 2400 TAROT San Ramon, Ca

  1. - Place to escape into your dreams with other beings of fantastic

orders – – Home of the Interstellar Times. Meet the archetype of

        yourself, look  -- -- into the mirror of sleep and answer any 
        possible question.  Dream!     --. Reviewed by: Giggler on 03/17/93 
        @ &TOTSE

Junk Culture 510-930-6786 2400 WWIV Walnut Creek, CA

        Junk Culture is system based on text and messages. We're centered 
        around surrealist topics mostly. We also are the site for ONE EIGHT 
        TWO magazine, a magzine based on the computer underground and 
        related topics. Surrealist Manifesto, is a hard copy JC production. 
        It is available in several bookstores. Reviewed by: Phydeau Koft on 
        01/25/93 @ &TOTSE

kill 510-656-7410 300 WWIV fremont ca

Knight Court BBS 510-946-1049 9600 SLBBS Walnut Creek, CA

        Mainly Door BBS - Registered doors - Tradewars, Global War, The Pit, 
        BBS Chess , Tele-Hang, BBS Crash.  Barren Realms registered soon, 
        and 30 others. Messages Bases - Sports, Las Vegas Gambling, NFL. 
        Reviewed by: Eric Kempter on 12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

KnowledgeMatters 510-935-4878 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA

        A BBS for professional software developers. Concentrates mainly on 
        people using KnowledgeMan, Guru, mdbsIV, and Object/1 development
        environments. Reviewed by Earl Ruby on 06/25/91

The Lion's Den 510-828-6313 9600 RENEGADE San Ramon, CA

        1200/2400/9600 bps  24 hours!  220 Megz Online  NEW System: Up as of 
        01-06-93 Featuring only the LATEST and BEST PD warez. Reviewed by: 
        Lion Cub on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

Locksley's Refuge 510-462-8105 9600 CENCIT Pleasanton, CA

        ALL ARE WELCOME!  COME ONE COME CALL!   Not many files, but an 
        intense message base full of posts. Reviewed by: Locksley on 
        02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Lycanthropy 510-222-3958 2400 TAG Richmond, CA

        Lycanthropy : Howl at the Moon 80 megs of text files, graphics, 
        sound files, games, and other miscelania Active, intelligent message 
        bases.  More online games than you'd want to deal with.  SmegmaNET 
        hub. Reviewed by: Whermact on 12/21/92 @ &TOTSE

The MAD Board 510-465-3219 9600 MAXIMUS Oakland, CA

        The Best in online games. 2-line chat. Reviewed by: Amused on 
        02/28/93 @ &TOTSE

Masquerade 510-284-5908 9600 VBBS Lafayette, CA

        80+ megs of files, excellent user base, on-line leechables, 
        intriguing message base, rpgs, good place for those into the 
        gothic/morbid vampirism world, in constant flux, will conform to 
        users wishes, run by Flash Rat (RN Josie) who is also one of the few 
        females sysops in the area.. Been up about 2 years.. Reviewed by: 
        Flash Rat on 03/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Maxis BBS 510-254-3869 14400 WILDCAT! Orinda, CA

        Tech support BBS fo the place I work at. Not much for anyone unless 
        you're into our products. Reviewed by: Zoinks on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

A Nation of Slime 510-559-9151 9600 RENEGADE Albany, CA

        Warning:  This BBS can be harmful to your mental health Demented 
        visions of Reality, plus role-playing games, star trek, and general 
        discussions.  Emphasis on conversations. Reviewed by: Mr. Slug on 
        05/13/93 @ &TOTSE

The Negotiations BBS 510-830-5043 9600 San Ramon, CA

Net 125 Echomail System 510-834-9228 9600 OPUS Oakland, CA

        NES-125 is the echomail hub for Fidonet's SF/EB net (Net 125). It is 
        intended primarily as a support node for Fidonet members and an info 
        site for new sysops interested in joining Fidonet. Reviewed by: 
        Barry Kapke on 11/12/92 via Netmail

No Name Yet Genealogy 510-827-5714 9600 Pleasant Hill, CA

        Genealogical reseach.

Nocturnal Emission BBS 510-845-2736 2400 WWIV Berkeley, CA

        Hey hey hey it's the NEBBS.  What can I say?  It's weird.  Up 24/7, 
        with at least 90 megs of files, although its strong point is its 
        message bases: talk about anything you want, to anyone you want.  
        It's been running for almost seven months now.  Call today or be 
        left in the dust. Reviewed by: Bad Paper on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

OASIS BBS 510-444-8246 9600 RA Oakland, CA

        Oasis is a recovery and healing-oriented BBS, with echos and files 
        on compulsive eating, recovery from incest and child abuse, 
        substance abuse (AA, NA), codependecy, spirituality, Buddhism, peace 
        and the environment. Reviewed by: Michael Jacob on 08/17/92 via 

Online Computer Resources 510-687-0236 9600 Concord, CA

Orion BBS 510-447-1060 9600 TELEGARD Livermore,ca

        Goood growing message bases, about 65 megs online going to cd-rom 
        soon, bbs has hours until I can talk my mom into other line 9pm til 
        8am, this bbs is open to everyone, has adult sections, is soon to be 
        on large net. Reviewed by: Shaun on 07/01/93 @ &TOTSE

Otherworld Express 510-843-9523 2400 TAG Berkeley, CA

        Messages, Shareware, Text Files, No Commercial Stuff, No GIFs 
        Topics: Computers, Role Playing Games, Food, Music, etc. Nifty Train 
        Motif Sysops: Conductor Chaos, Brakeman Binky (yes that Binky), 
        Engineer Bob. Reviewed by: Conductor Chaos on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

The Party Wherehouse 510-256-9809 9600 VBBS Walnut Creek, CA

        Open 24 hours, lots of files, hundreds of message bases(most good) 
        anyone can and should call this bbs. in operation for over a year 
        now. 5.00 initial fee call it because i'm there. Reviewed by: Shorty 
        Ironband on 10/15/92 @ &TOTSE

Phule's Paradise 510-458-2280 2400 WWIV West Pitts, CA

        Open for anyone, Message bases: Politics, Religion, Other fun Topics 
        (not all serious On-Line Games: Registered- SRE, BRE, TTW2002 
        ---also AC6, Space dynasty-netted Transfers: PD Games, 
        Communication, Adult files, other misc stuff. Reviewed by: Le Bleu 
        on 02/01/93 @ &TOTSE

Pirate's Hollow 510-849-2688 14400 TAGS Berkeley, CA

        Hacker files galore. Twisted imagery. Home of Shawn-da-lay-Boy

Planet Mirth 510-786-6560 9600 TELEGARD Hayward, CA

        Basically, The Cockpit is a free-speech message based system.  We 
        have a few FIDO echoes, but our local areas are more active.  We 
        have several users who do quite a bit of research, and our primary 
        posters tend to be adults. BTW:  I'm interested in NIRVANA Net!  
        Give me a buzz, Jeff. Reviewed by: Comet on 05/18/92 @ &TOTSE

The Planet Zip bbs 510-283-4288 14400 WWIV Lafayette, Ca.

        The bbs is 24 hours...  Online games downloads posting...   
        [A[A[A[B[B[B. Reviewed by: Zipman on 04/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Politics & Religion 510-682-5179 2400 OPUS Concord, CA

        A conversation system only, the files system is dedicated entirely 
        to text files -- Politics, Social Issues, Controversial Topics, and 
        Theology.  Part of FidoNet, LDSNet, and FamilyNet. Reviewed by: Gary 
        Moore on 04/30/92 @ &TOTSE

The PolySpock Project 510-524-3649 14400 TAG Berkeley, CA

        There is only one place to go in the universe where you will find a 
        BBS that can make tortilla chips--just as well as the famous South 
        American waffle Iron You must come, and see for yourself this 
        AMAZING thing--Soup Even in it... In a WAFFLE IRON. ab-so-LUT-ley 
        AMAZING. Reviewed by: Ratsnatcher on 02/01/93 @ &TOTSE

Public Image Limited 510-831-3634 9600 VBBS 5.6 Danville, CA

        Virtual BBS Alpha site, featuring VGA graphics interface, free 
        Internet access and much more.  Somewhat twisted local discusions 
        balanced by internationally networked echos from 5 networks.  Subs 
        (either local or net'd) by request. Looking for more "New Edge" type 
        uploads right now. Reviewed by: Zapo Zapper on 12/24/92 @ &TOTSE

realitycheck 510-527-1662 9600 TELEGARD Albany, CA

        Has programs, text files and message bases celebrating freedom of
        speech. NIRVANAnet(tm) node 9:900/7. Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter

The Realm Of The Electron 510-254-9167 2400 WWIV Orinda, Ca.

        New board devoted to GIFs and text (anarchy and sex) good, needs 
        help starting out, call now! Reviewed by: Electroman on 05/20/93 @ 

Records Department 510-426-0793 9600 Pleasanton, CA

        Huge shareware library.

The Road Not Taken 510-848-5248 2400 WWIV Berkeley, CA

        A place for messages... from benevolent blathering to cutthroat 
        debate. Reviewed by: G.A. Ellsworth on 04/29/93 @ &TOTSE

Sir James BBS 510-261-6567 9600 San Leandro, CA

Sleepless Nights BBS! 510-689-0912 14400 WILDCAT Pleasant Hill, CA

        The Sleepless Nights BBS is totally open.  No Ratios/Fees etc. 
        Files/Gifs etc. Just getting started, but we have 2 Gig's capacity, 
        so growth is expected. Check out the Sleepless Nights BBS at 
        510-689-0912. Reviewed by: Mr. Happy on 06/17/93 @ &TOTSE

space quest 510-865-3987 2400 TEGARD Alameda, CA

        many online games,message bases including gaspnet,infonet 
        kinknet,fidonet various file bases including straight gay gifs,txt 
        Its been on line for 3 months now we are still growing.check it out 
        24 hours a day. Reviewed by: Mike Blake on 04/25/93 @ Lies Unlimited

Special F/X 510-689-8620 2400 WWIV Pleasant Hill, CA

        24 hrs a day, free.  WWIVnet/FOXnet access.  Small file section, 
        online games sometimes.  Mainly focused around uncensored discussion 
        of whatever's on your mind. Reviewed by: Stingray on 06/17/93 @ 

The Stand 510-215-1350 9600 San Pablo, CA

Star Fleet Command 510-261-9652 14400 TELEGARD Oakland, Ca

        Cool bbs, has many hard to find Star Trek gif's and text files, is 
        on MANY MANY nets, Fido, Candy, Bre, etc.  tons of files.. great 
        sysop. Reviewed by: Shaun on 07/01/93 @ &TOTSE

STREET FIGHTER BBS! 510-689-9386 14400 WWIV Concord,CA

        M-F 8a-4p 8p-12a (8a-12a sat and sun!)  130 meg hard drive! v.32bis 
        all bauds welcome!! Opened last Saturday! Learn how to play street 
        fighter better lean more new on games and other info! Reviewed by: 
        Jordan5 on 12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

The Tavern BBS 510-254-8251 2400 WWIV orinda,ca

        good bbs, quite new, no ratio, weekdays 8:00am - 4:00pm & all day 
        Sunday RPG based but good files too. Reviewed by: Exarch on 04/22/93 
        @ &TOTSE

Triple T BBS 510-458-6404 38400 SPITFIRE W. Pittsburg, Ca.

        300-600 megs of the NEWEST files available in the USA.  Most files 
        are less than one year old.  Lots of interesting file areas, ie 
        cooking, health, education for young and old, and online games like 
        Scrabble and Poker. Reviewed by: Peter Tiffany on 06/06/93 @ &TOTSE

The Twilight Dominion 510-736-5361 2400 HERMES Danville, CA

        A primarily message oriented BBS, this system has sections for 
        posting in third person as well as regular posting. It is mostly for 
        intellectual, RPG and programming discussion. The BBS has been up 
        for about 4 months now. HOURS: Mon-Thurs @ 3:30pm-10pm, Fri @ 
        3:30pm-MN, Sat @ 9am-MN, Sun @ 9am-10pm. Reviewed by: Tasslehoff on 
        12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

Unsinkable RMS Titanic 510-521-9710 14400 WWIV Alameda, CA

        Unsinkable RMS Titanic BBS using USR Dual Standard located in 
        Alameda, California Hundreds of files, adult section, online games. 
        Reviewed by: The Chief on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

Vector Sector 510-601-XXXX 16,8K RENEGADE Oakland, CA

        1.2gig System DiE Programming Site, DSi WHQ 5 Nets, 150 Message 
        Bases + 40 Local Message Bases Files Regularly! Reviewed by: 
        Negative Gravity on 04/29/93 @ &TOTSE

The Warped BBS 510-939-8344 14400 WWIV421A Walnut Creek, CA

        A good BBS - 260 megs of fun . High speeds and low speeds available. 
        Good for anyone, Two networks - Almost 1 year old. v.32bis v.42bis 
        Some online games - Modded - Lots of messages, and a general relaxed 
        atmosphere. Reviewed by: Sir Real on 12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

Wild at Heart 510-689-WILD 2400 VIRTUAL Concord, Calif.

        Well W@H has sorta evolved into an 'adult' sickie GIF BBS.  Not my 
        first desci on but it turned out that way.  Wild at Heart has been 
        around these parts sinc e 1989.  I was started using the WW4 BBS 
        Software, then I converted to Virtual BBS/Net.  Currently supporting 
        WWIVnet, VirtualNET, and WWIVLink. Reviewed by: Morrissey on 
        02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

WolfLover's BBS 510-687-2563 2400 WWIV Pleasant Hill CA

        <<PRIVATE BBS>> It has good mesage system but lack of user because 
        its only fo r people I know...  If you want to call E-mail me for 
        the time. It also has been up for 4 months.. Reviewed by: Jonathan 
        Foster on 04/08/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 512 Area Code:

Austin Computer Systems 512-339-3582 9600 WC Austin, TX

        Tech Info.

entropy tango 512-451-3512 2400 TAG 26.D austin,tx

        24 hrs, 'bout 20-80 megs <depending on who logs on>, up for 6 yrs 
        now, has adu lt confs, gifs, a few other things, decent message 
        base...the usual.. Reviewed by: Randomiser on 05/02/93 @ &TOTSE

HeLL's Bells 512-474-6339 16800 HACKER Austin, Texas

        HeLL's Bells is the home of the HeLL and Hacker family.  It is for 
        expirienced h/p users.  In addition it is the home of Hacker BBS 
        software (a software for hackers).  It contains infinant textfiles 
        on many h/p subjects and great h/p discussion.  NUP: Satanist. 
        Reviewed by: Angus Young on 07/01/93 @ &TOTSE

MicroSource Corp. 512-836-6657 9600 RA Austin, TX

        This BBS is designed to support our customers and other end users 
        with our products.  There is a large selection of files including 
        shareware, demos, bug fixes, and drivers.  FidoNet Echomail areas 
        available.  Fido 1:382/16. Reviewed by: David Proler on 10/29/92 via 

Solar Soyuz Zaibatsu 512-458-6084 14400 TURBOARD Austin, tx

        Supporp NAPLPS graphics, PGP crypto software, all manner of 
        machines. topics range from star trek to origami. have an online art 
        gallery. lots of bulletins Fido and Global Net will be public access 
        shortly. Internet ftp/telnet will be possible for $75/yr shortly. 
        Reviewed by: Ravage on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 513 Area Code:

Abyss 513-232-3788 24000 HERMS Cin, oh

        24/7 operation. Mainly Mac. Great files and Messages. Reviewed by: 
        The Mod on 05/16/93 @ &TOTSE

America's Most Wanted 513-433-3097 14400 FLASHBCK Centerville, OH

        Good message and file sections.  Focus on text files and h/p 
        utilities.  Nets galore.  Active users.  Worth the call.  Not for 
        C0dEz K1ds!!1!  Experienced users only.  H/P/A  Sysop - Socrates  
        Co-Sysop - Genghis Khan NuP Perception CALL NOW! Reviewed by: 
        Genghis Khan on 12/21/92 @ &TOTSE

HaNGeR 18 11pm-11am eastern 513-434-9252 2400 RENEGADE Kettering, OH

        200 virgin megz online, H/P/A/V/C/W/blah blah! If you are LD tell us 
        in the usnew user app what STATE you are calling from and you will 
        have our "BEST USER" access. No U/L D/L ratio check! Partyon.
        Reviewed by: Gulliver on 12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

The Lost City 513-521-5965 2400 SRCHLGHT Bevis, OH

        Cincinnati's only free-speech board. Heavy focus on modern dance 
        music, industrial pop, etc. Also heavy on censorship issues and 
        environmentalism. The board to call to find out about the Cincinnati 
        local music scene. Reviewed by: Arkuat on 11/12/92 @ &TOTSE

SaLaD 513-435-6303 19200 SALAD Dayton, OH

        24 hours 7 days a week.  Text files from H/P/A/V/C/D to Occult.  
        16.8 HST. 840 megs of space.  SaLaD bbbs software! Reviewed by: Phat 
        Klown on 02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

the toxic membranes bbs 513-###-#### 9600 SPIT cincinnati,ohio

        well, the bbs is open only when i decide to turn it on..let me know 
        if you want to call, and i'll set it up for ya. Reviewed by: 
        Plutonium 239 on 03/22/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 515 Area Code:

Electric Brain 515-255-2241 2400 VBBS Des Moines, Ia

        Basically my BBS sucks.  I really like the setup here though, I am 
        working to building an all-text BBS with no rules.  Again, this 
        place looks cool. Reviewed by: Netgod on 04/08/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 516 Area Code:

The Dead Zone 516-747-2455 24OO TELEGARD New Hyde Pk, Ny

        it's 6pm-7am.. I'm a remote... Reviewed by: K³œœäá on 02/17/93 @ 

National Macintosh 516-753-1809 19200 HRMS Plainview, NY

        Over 7,000 files on-line- all ready for download!! Full access to 
        all users! Full feature message section large bbs list. Reviewed by: 
        Kid Kool on 01/28/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 517 Area Code:

The Crystal Castle 517-522-8386 9600 MAXIMUS Grass Lake, MI

        No files, MANY message areas, (fido) and 30+ online games. Also the 
        hub of a network called Opium net, node number 90:1/1 and fido node 
        1:2330.12. Reviewed by: Samoht on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

The Portal 517-695-9241 19200 MAJOR Freeland, MI

        The good point about this bbs is the people that call it...   And of 
        course the Teleconference. Reviewed by: Ivory on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 519 Area Code:

AnARChY iNc. 519-471-6595 2400 TELEGARD London, Ontario

        Okay. Umm. See were extrodinarily safe for Phreakers and Hackers. We 
        just started, no ones knows about us. And I screen out callers so 
        hard that you can say anything you want and no one with authority 
        'ell know! Trust me! Reviewed by: Esc on 03/05/93 @ Lies Unlimited

The Byron Connection 519-453-4686 56700 SPITFIRE London, Ontario

        General interest, Canadian hub for Circuit Net, node 2: 453-4445 
        node 3: 453-9942. Reviewed by: The 86er on 03/11/93 @ &TOTSE

The Mothership Connection 519-666-2487 9600 T.A.G. London, ON, Canada

        Been in operation since December '91.  Good messages bases, 
        echomail.  Over 60 megs of files on-line. Reviewed by: Harlequin on 
        12/17/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 550 Area Code:

TELEMIDIA BBS 550192554480 14400 RA campinas, sp, Braz

        14400, 24h, Fido 4:801/36. Reviewed by: John Sant'paul on 07/01/93 @ 

BBSes in the 601 Area Code:

The House Of Kaos 601-392-9577 14400 WWIV Biloxi MS

        Cool bbs with lotsa message bases, and files. Reviewed by: Swass on 
        11/12/92 @ &TOTSE

Wizard BBS 601-728-8773 2400 TAGS Booneville, MS

        24 hours of day, specializing in programming and txt files, home of 
        the college trash rag, and plenty of fido! Reviewed by: Handle on 
        01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

Xanathar's Castle 601-728-8023 9600 TELEGARD Booneville, MS

        Over 15000+ files in file section, and 1st time callers have full 
        access. Reviewed by: King Albion on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 602 Area Code:

The One-Stop Bit 602-282-9035 14400 PCB /10 Sedona, AZ

        The Official "CompuShow" support BBS and a whole lot more! 6 Gigs of 
        files, huge (21,000+ files) Adult section, multiple lines. We have 
        callers from all over the world and stay very busy, this is a nice 
        D/L board with lots of files available. Registration Required- 
        Visa/MC Online. Reviewed by: Jack on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

Symphony of Destruction 602-345-6770 16800 CELERITY Tempe, Arizona

        One of Arizona's fastest growing bbs systems. Many great messages 
        and files with great discussions. 16.8k Dual Standard! 
        Hackers/phreaks and anarchists are welcome to one of Arizona's best 
        bbs systems... Reviewed by: Warlock Bones on 12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

T.S.O.Ftrue sons of freedm 602-898-1784 9600 RA mesa, az, P.R.A.

        24 hrs, great message section, mainly focused towards Libertarian 
        philosophy but expanding to include all political persuasions. 
        invisible Survival area that you must request access to (the LP is 
        image consious, but not me!). call it cause I'm a fed and I need 
        busts <kidding>.. Reviewed by: The Prophet on 04/01/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 604 Area Code:

CyberSpace HeadQuarterz 604-597-1320 9600 SUPERBBS Surrey, BC

        Well, this BBS has some text files, about 50MB of files, Fidonet, 
        intersports, and many other message networks.  Looking to join more. 
        Only have a 105MB dri ve right now, but might be picking up a 8gb+ 
        drive, and a screaming (heh) 16.8 Courier HST D/S. Reviewed by: Ryan 
        Murray on 06/25/92 @ &TOTSE

Edge Of Perception 604-327-7590 9600 XENOLINK Vancouver, BC

        One of Vancouvers few alternative BBS's specializing in Cyberspace, 
        hacking and underground texts.  No file ratios, full access on the 
        first call. Psuedos encouraged!        -Shadowfax. Reviewed by: 
        Peter on 11/12/92 @ &TOTSE

Genesis 604-325-1088 2400 AMI-X Vancouver, B.C.

  • Elite* Access, Anarchy, XXX, Alternative! Reviewed by: John Doe on

02/28/93 @ &TOTSE

physical graffiti 604-382-0400 9600 SBBS Victoria, BC

        over 100 mesga of online files. Reviewed by: Craig Buckingham on 
        03/28/93 @ &TOTSE

The Underground BBS 604-426-4328 14400 DLG PRO Cranbrook, B.C.

        Open 24 hours.  LOTS of online games.  Small Amiga/IBM file base.  A 
        very free speach type of BBS.  Anything goes.  Over 10 menu sets to 
        choose from. The current # is only good till the end of Dec. 92.  I 
        will be relocating, and will hopefully be resuming (damn 
        college...). Reviewed by: Floyd Pink on 12/21/92 @ &TOTSE

The Underground BBS 604-365-0837 14400 DLG PRO Castlegar, B.C.

        Plenty 'o games, no rules, local message areas, Amiga/IBM files, 
        text files, Lots 'o doors. STuff LIke that. Reviewed by: Floyd Pink 
        on 04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 607 Area Code:

Da' Guild 607-607-0781 2400 TURBOARD Nichol sNY

        monday- friday 8am-3pm. Reviewed by: tim slater on 02/28/93 @ &TOTSE

Da' Programmer's Guild 607-687-0781 2400 TURBOARD Nichols, NY

        Mon-Fri 8am-3pm Loads of Programming Stuff. Reviewed by: tim slater 
        on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

The Satellite of Love 607-797-7508 14400 RENEGADE Johnson City, NY

        TSOL is run as a second-BBS-type system which is installed behind 
        the Intellidapt, Inc. support BBS (a support board for clients of 
        our local business).  All callers get first-time call access to 
        everything.  TSOL is a general-interest hobby bulletin board.  
        14400bps, v.42bis modem, 1 line. Reviewed by: Red Baron on 06/24/93 
        @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 609 Area Code:

Phantom Railroad 609-239-0624 9600 WWIV Burlington, NJ

        Up 24 hrs. with FULL ACCESS on the first call! Over 60 meg of 
        Utilities/Texts/Support Files Nobody gets turned away and expression 
        is promoted! Reviewed by: Eldon on 12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 612 Area Code:

death and destruction 612-636-3238 2400 ROBOBBS Arden Hills ,mn

        24 hours text and rpg's only all. Reviewed by: The Dark Mage on 
        02/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Sound Source 612-645-7083 9600 RENEGADE St Paul, MN

        It's a board that mostly offers sound files with some warez and has 
        a fido address of 282/4023. Reviewed by: Troy Ablan on 01/18/93 @ 

BBSes in the 615 Area Code:

DATA-LINK BBS 615-569-5842 14400 WILDCAT Helenwood, TN

        24 hours a day, on-line games, many files, net-mail, friendly users  
        been in operation since Feb 4 , 1992... Reviewed by: Patrick on 
        05/30/93 @ &TOTSE

Doc Hench Labs 615-228-9698 14400 TAG Nashville, TN

        85Meg, Tag Software, 2400/9600/14.4k V.32 NOT HST, variety of 
        software. AQUA/ASKInet HUB 10:666/2000. small H/P, .mod, .fli, 
        etc.., etc.. Fairly new board. Reviewed by: Doc Hench on 04/08/93 @ 

BBSes in the 616 Area Code:

Thunder & Lightning 616-361-0288 14400 TG gr mi

        40 meg of file soon to be 14.4. Reviewed by: Whiz Kid on 02/01/93 @ 

BBSes in the 702 Area Code:

The Guardian Of Darkness BBS 702-738-4364 14400 SPITFIRE Elko, NV

        Have 7 Cds online!  Lots of online games! Circuitnet HUB.  Epic 
        Megagame Release point #889.  All the new files.  Soon to be 
        Internet connected. Reviewed by: Izzy Stark on 05/27/93 @ &TOTSE

Transmundane Transmogrifier 702-753-5292 2400 WWIV Elko, Nevada

        You should call this BBS because of it's open format.  There is much 
        debate over a LOT of topics and we are some of the craziest people 
        around.  There are only about 25 megs of files online, but they are 
        all high quality.  If you like the obnoxious, the strange, or the 
        insane, CALL US! Reviewed by: The Great Lord Herbert on 01/25/93 @ 

BBSes in the 703 Area Code:

Double Trouble 703-698-0011 14400 UNKNOWN don't know

        The BBS is on-line 24 hours per day.  The BBS has a good message 
        section and file section.  The BBS is very user friendly and 
        everyone can enjoy it. Reviewed by: Warren Fenwick on 06/13/93 @ 
        Lighthouse II

The Fallout Shelter 703-349-2826 14400 MAXIMUS Warrenton, VA

        Less than legal text, some games and some cool areas...  40+ 
        onliners... Reviewed by: Brutus on 03/11/93 @ &TOTSE

INFO*NET 703-528-0891 9600 WILDCAT Rosslyn, VA

        Specializing in Anarchy, revenge and screwing over the Government. 
        Reviewed by: Fenian on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

Lucky's Looney Bin 703-591-1697 9600 UNKNOWN Fairfax, VA

        Large file and Conference areas. Reviewed by: Marcus Deboard on 
        06/13/93 @ Lighthouse II

tosor 703-366-4620 9600 WWIV Roanoke va

        Freedom, Cdrom, All cuds published online - able to read unziped! 
        Reviewed by: Kamakize on 05/06/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 707 Area Code:

A.C.M.E. BBS 707-539-4050 16800 RBBS Santa Rosa CA.

        Over 750 megs of files. 16,000 files. Full access on first call. In 
        operation since 1990. Good conferences section. Online games too. 
        Reviewed by: Jeff Hochstetler on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

The Babble Underground 707-538-1507 9600 RA Santa Rosa, CA

        Neat stuff. Jabber QWK reader HQ.  Um, other types of network stuff. 
        Um, etc. Um... What else?. Reviewed by: Marcos Della on 05/25/92 @ 

Corpus Christi BBS 707-795-3382 9600 RA Rohnert Park, CA

        Rohnert Park call forwarding line for Corpus Christi BBS 
        listed above. Reviewed by: Gary Bradford on 08/10/92 @ 

The Electric Amoeba 707-554-2089 14400 TELEGARD Vallejo, CA

        New BBS..Not much in it yet. Reviewed by: Xten on 02/28/93 @ &TOTSE

GridCom BBS 707-746-8490 19200 RA 1.11+ Benicia, Ca

        Online IBM prices, Large adult section, HQ for LNet. Reviewed by: 
        George Thomas on 12/21/92 @ &TOTSE

MadHouse BBS 707-747-6380 2400 RA 1.11 Benicia, CA

        9pm-3pm hours of operation.  550+ files. (approx 200 adult)/42 
        megs(16 adult) LNet member.  Open to joining other free networks. In 
        operation since 1991, fully open to public for past month (5/1/93?). 
        Message bases are starting up since I just joined LNet. Several 
        programming files. Reviewed by: Timothy Denike on 06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

MadHouse BBS 707-747-6380 2400 RA 1.11 Benicia, CA

        43 Megs/580 Total files  16Megs/189 Adult Files LNet Member & 
        WishNet Member Been up for several months.  Now 24hrs Callback 
        Verif/Instant online adult access. Reviewed by: Timothy Denike on 
        06/17/93 @ &TOTSE

MODern Music 707-431-3477 14400 RBBS Healdsburg, Ca

        Generally a music BBS, with about 750 MOD music files to download 
        with NO upload/download ratios.  Open from 3:00pm to 8:00am. Once 
        again, NO restrictions or ratios, because I HATE them on other 
        boards... Reviewed by: Patrick Bell on 05/27/93 @ &TOTSE

The Mushroom Garden 707-557-6173 2400 RA Vallejo, CA

        This BBS has a lot of messages, doors, and files.  It belongs to 3 
        different Echo Networks {FIDO, AKANet, LNet}, over 50 megs of files 
        {CD-ROM comming soon}, and is a LOT of fun. Main file areas are 
        Virus files, general utilities, and Star Trek. Reviewed by: Mike 
        Martin on 05/25/92 @ &TOTSE

Node Zero 707-584-1603 9600 RA Santa Rosa, Ca

        Node Zero is a BBS dedicated to eradicating carnivores from the 
        society using whatever means necessary.  It is also a support board 
        for Jabber QWK reader and the telecom wonder {COMMO}.  Open 24 
        hours. Reviewed by: Shad Muegge on 07/23/92 @ &TOTSE

The Rastafarian Connection 707-746-5765 9600 RA 1.11 Benicia, Ca.

        24hrs. LARGE file area, LNet member, many TXT stuff. An offbeat BBS! 
        Really weird yet fun bases. Nice BBS all around. :ANSI ONLY: call it 
        today! Reviewed by: Honest Bartender on 06/06/93 @ &TOTSE

Running RAMPAGE BBS 707-258-9831 9600 DLG PRO Napa, CA

        302 Megs HD & 600+ CD-ROM.  FidoNet 1:125/258 FamilyNet 8:7704/5 
        Support National Echo's, NetMail, Adult Files, Amiga Software, ect 
        Belong to ADS/SAN Amiga File Networks for all the latest New 
        Software. 2400 Baud to 16800 Baud HST and 14400 Baud V32bis.  Online 
        Games and More. Reviewed by: Joseph Waldvogel on 10/19/92 @ 

BBSes in the 708 Area Code:

Destiny Knights 708-307-3768 16800 TELEGARD Roselle, IL

        Well, it's 24 hours a day, and I also have 1500 or so text files 
        online. I would add a zillion more, but I don't have the time and 
        all of my file op's go to college or don't care anymore!  I try to 
        keep the messages active. Before college reopened, I got about 70 
        messages a day, no nets. Reviewed by: Great One on 12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 713 Area Code:

Psychodrome BBS 713-488-6817 2400 PCB Houston, TX

        T-files - game cheats/solves/unps - RIME - doors - UFO - frequency 
        listings HAM and more.  [A[A[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C300 meg. A 
        blazing 2400 BPS. Reviewed by: Dr. Atomic on 04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

spaced out 713-446-8972 14400 TAG humble, tx

        hackers only please

BBSes in the 717 Area Code:

The WarLorDz BBS 717-768-8997 38400 RENEGADE lancaster, pa

        340 meg online, specializing in messages.  active file areas. 
        Reviewed by: The Master Of Destruction on 12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 718 Area Code:

DeVistation SiTE 718-597-5919 14400 VIS X Bronx.NY

        Ohh Noone Should Call Im Just rtrying To Get Popular LD wise And Not 
        BE Just A Local LD Is The Best  (BUT Not When The Bill Comes). 
        Reviewed by: Classfied X on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

straylite 718-465-8891 2400 WWIV queens

        anything goes.  phuck the pheds. Reviewed by: Corto on 05/27/93 @ 

The Wizard's Sanction 718-641-4780 14400 TELEGARD Lic, Ny

        ELite, Adult, Etc. If you want elite give me a message and I'll 
        Check ya out. Reviewed by: The Wiz on 05/13/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 801 Area Code:

l-o-v-e-l-i-n-e bbs 801-576-9370 2400 MAJORBBS salt lake city, ut

        My BBS is up 24 hours, I have an on line shopping mall, annd a 
        MatchMaker I am in the middle of up-grading to the new 6.03 version 
        of Majorbbs and I have my BBS in a little disaray until next week. 
        my I.D. is Franco. Reviewed by: Frank Ehrman on 12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 802 Area Code:

Sting Bulletin Board System 802-879-5527 9600 TBBS 2.2 Essex Jct, VT

        3 lines, CD-ROM (Simtel), school BBS... Reviewed by: Steve Waters on 
        03/11/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 805 Area Code:

The Dark Side of the mOOn 805-544-5419 9600 GENESIS San Luis Obispo, CA

        A message-only system. No files. Very fun and sociable.

MiSS 805-251-0564 14400 WILDCAT santa clarita, ca

        text and virus board been in CuD several timessponsered virus 
        writing contest as well as contributed to polotical passion on 
        InterNet- anyone is welcome VERY SIMILAR PHILOSOPHY AS YOUR OWN BBS. 
        big-time freedom of expession issues been operating for quite some 
        time - went through several changes. Reviewed by: Milo Phonebill on 
        06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

The Seaside 805-964-4766 38400 GAP Santa Barbara, Ca

        Carry nine eho nets, 4 nodes all running HST Dual Std modems, over 
        100 online games, 1.3 gig of storage. Access after call back. Hub 
        for UnitedNet\RaceNet, realLifeNet, and WestSideNet. Reviewed by: 
        Les Jones on 04/11/93 @ Lighthouse II

The Warp 2 Revelation 805-969-5689 16800 RENEGADE SB, Ca.

        Largest board in 805. 1.2 GIG - 16.8k PRIVATE. Reviewed by: Sacredx 
        on 03/02/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 813 Area Code:

Airconditioned Hell 813-543-1660 2400 RA N. Ft. Myers, FL

        100 Meg of files. Lots of diffenent people ennjoy it for it's unique 
        files. Reviewed by: Pyro on 01/14/93 @ &TOTSE

CyberBambi 813-597-4736 9600 WWHIV Naples, FL

CyberBambi 813-597-4736 14400 BMB/B Naples, FL

        random monard nardmo Chicken in a bottle? Reviewed by: Gabriel on 
        06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

the place for pirates bbs 813-YOU-WISH 14400 WWIV tampa fl

        major elite bbs...viruses...hacking...phreaking...encrypting... 
        adult gif''s...dl's...lots of xxx txt files. Reviewed by: 
        cd-man on 06/13/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 814 Area Code:

The Major Minor BBS! 814-368-8481 2400 QBBS Bradford, PA

        New BBS (6 months) small data base due to old (starting machine) was 
        a 20meg XT.  Now using a 486sx.  QWK mail system.  Doors.  Message 
        Base.  For the enjoyment of BBS'sing. Reviewed by: Jason Valentine 
        on 03/17/93 @ Lighthouse II

BBSes in the 817 Area Code:

The Cell 817-589-0283 9600 RA Fort Worth, TX

        The Cell - The Alternative in BBS' Lude, Crude and Very Unsavory 
        Adult Material (Outta the norm) Oodles of text files seething with 
        qulity writings GODnet File Echo Cooridinator and File Source. 
        Reviewed by: Fetus on 12/21/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 818 Area Code:

Sadistic Torment 818-901-7541 14400 WWIV Van Nuys, CA

        ELITE/PhReak ONlY! Few hundred megs. 14.4 neat-o net. Reviewed by: 
        The Mortician on 05/13/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 902 Area Code:

SCAM BBS 902-828-2400 14400 PARAGON Sydney, NS

        Eleet only. Lamerz need not apply. No new user process! Reviewed by: 
        Wildman on 03/24/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 904 Area Code:

The Eye of the Storm 904-637-1846 14400 WC! Inverness, FL

        Your all-around BBS, private sections available with many 
        informational text files for your knowledge only! <g> 14400 bps 
        Official Distribution site for Apogee, Epic Megagames, Arcanum, 
        Imagisoft, MVP, & the Gamer's Edge, 50+ doors online, 100 megs of 
        files, plus CD-ROM. Reviewed by: Storm Shadow on 06/17/93 @ &TOTSE


        (IF) I WILL POST THE #. Reviewed by: Skull Twister on 05/14/93 @ 

K.I.S.A. 904-799-3353 9600 TGV2.7 Brooksville, Fl

        Neat board with tons of text online. Over 600 Megz available. No 
        ratios for Long Distance users.  No NUP.  No hassle. 9 Networks -> 
        tons of messages. Call now. Reviewed by: The Mystic Enchanter on 
        03/26/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 908 Area Code:

The Information Exchnage 908-273-5507 14400 SBBS summit n.j

        24hrs 1.1gig avaible on-line! Same rules as here.. Reviewed by: Zuul 
        on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 909 Area Code:

BONEHEAD 909-356-0787 16800 /X CA

        GROUP. Reviewed by: [49 on 01/25/93 @ &TOTSE

FrEdMail 909-245-0408 2400 EMS Lake Elsinore, CA

        InterNet Mail

BBSes in the 912 Area Code:

Combat Override 912-883-1421 9600 MAXIMUS Albany, GA

        24 hours daily... FidoNet 3617/3 300 MByte and lotsa door games. 
        Reviewed by: Gi Joe on 02/28/93 @ &TOTSE

Combat Override 912-439-1934 9600 MAXIMUS Albany, GA

        300 MByte Files, FidoNet 1:3617/3.0 Many Music and Ansi Files. 
        Reviewed by: Gi Joe on 02/01/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 914 Area Code:

Interzone 914-752-7572 2400 HERMES Bard College

        Way Site for Share Ware Ect.  No Users Yet. Reviewed by: Dr Benway 
        on 02/17/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 915 Area Code:

Doughnut of Destruction 915-592-7603 2400 RENEGADE El Paso, Tx

        Totally anarchy and lots of sharware if you know what I mean. 
        Reviewed by: Youngblood on 05/20/93 @ &TOTSE

Frodo's Battlestar 915-550-7132 2400 TELEGARD Odessa, Tx

        The battlestar is simply a public bbs, meaning anyone who wants to 
        call can. It is open 24 hours a day, for about six months.  There 
        really isn't anything special about the bbs, but the menus are 
        really cool. that's about it.                            Frodo. 
        Reviewed by: Frodo on 06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

Visionaire BBS 915-822-2522 9600 RA El Paso, TX

        Running RemoteAccess under DESQview with the Latest in Files and 
        Online Games. Also carry Support Echos of Nationaland International 
        Flavors. Reviewed by: Curtiss Denson on 02/17/93 @ Lighthouse II

BBSes in the 916 Area Code:

=KBBS= 916-338-5227 9600 QUICKBBS Sacramento, CA

        Northern CA FidoNet Regional Hub offering the entire backbone to 
        mailers. FidoNet Address: 1:203/23. Reviewed by: Mark Stennett on 
        09/07/92 via Netmail

Above the Law 916-755-2484 9600 SPITFIRE suttter CO

        This and that

AllTelecomm Xchange (ATXS) 916-925-7687 2400 WME Sacramento, CA

        AllTelecomm Xchange provides transmission processing, distribution, 
        routing for private and public telecomputing activities. Extended 
        services including FAX<<<Bank, Bazaar, Access/USA, INFO-POWER!, and 
        more are also available through its Mutual Information Xchange and 
        United Services (MIXUS) BBS. Reviewed by: John Young on 08/27/92 via 

Bigtime's Woodland Exchange 916-668-9453 9600 RA Woodland, CA

        NO fees, Adult Access by request, Access on first call. A large 
        variety echo mail from Fidonet & Throbnet(adult). Blue wave mail 
        door available, online games and adult online games, new files & 
        updates weekly. adult pic & texts files . Online 24 hours. no 
        download ratio. Reviewed by: Ken Miller on 08/31/92 via Netmail

The Daisy Chain 916-754-???? 14400 GBBS Davis, CA

        The Daisy Chain GBBS (node 1) METAL/FutureVision (Node 2) GBBS Node 
        Dialup 60 megs anarchy/techie/subversion METAL Node Telnetable 
        Running USR Sportster 14.4 (v.32/v.32bis). Reviewed by: Spatial Flux 
        on 04/08/93 @ &TOTSE

ElfLord's Dark Dominion 916-421-4273 2400 ELFBOARD sacramento,Ca

        cool board! call it!

Elysium 916-241-3260 14400 VBBS Redding, CA

        24 hr BBS - Highly Modded - 1@1 CoFNet, 1@9361 Vnet Just call - I am 
        gettgin tired and my brain is malfunctioning. Reviewed by: Dionysus 
        on 04/25/93 @ &TOTSE

Elysium 916-241-7346 14400 VBBS Redding

        Running 14.4k v.42bis - 24hrs - 100megs Dedicated - Large Arcane 
        Section National Coordinator for CoFNet [Computer's On Fire] Network 
        - Specilizes in the Odd and Arcane.  Come join us! Reviewed by: Dr. 
        Wizbomb on 06/06/93 @ &TOTSE

Erik 916-961-6107 2400 CCIT Fair Oaks, CA

        anything... almost all the time, when it's not down... some 
        interesting text, other stuff... Reviewed by: Hypo Luxa on 07/01/93 
        @ &TOTSE

Hacker's Home 916-275-5921 2400 IH Redding, Ca

        Sorry, But is a New BBS and Only Up from 12am till 6am and Even Then 
        People Have Trouble Getting On, But so Far I have Recieved about 100 
        calls This Week. I am Having Trouble with The Software and I 
        anticipate Full Operation By December. Later, Destroyer. Reviewed 
        by: Destroyer on 11/12/92 @ &TOTSE

InterGalactic BBS 916-757-7690 2400 TELEGARD Davis, CA

        Online games, CypherNET messages, 60 megs. Reviewed by: Mark 
        Baysinger on 03/26/92 @ &TOTSE

the Northern Lights 916-672-8412 19200 WAFFLE Yuba City, Ca

        An extream case of Adventure.  Information spectrum includes all 
        Pagan topics Paranormal Investigations, Mind Sciences.  For those 
        with insanity in mind we carry theses subjects!  Extream Adventure!  
        GravityFormulaOne, Kayaking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Bungee Jumping, 
        and Cycling. Reviewed by: Fini on 04/22/93 @ &TOTSE

Projekt-23 [cNET Hub] 916-387-7430 14400 RA Sacramento, Ca

        Free informaiton exchange CabalNET. Reviewed by: Phix on 03/22/93 @ 

Roseville CRC Link! 916-791-4298 9600 WILDCAT Roseville, CA

        USRobotics Dual Standard modem connects 24 hours a day at 1750 cps 
        max. 1.2GB IBM & Amiga files plus FidoNet Echos IBM files on CD-ROM. 
        Reviewed by: Gary Lindenschmitt on 09/07/92 via Netmail

The Temple Of The Dragon 916-347-5810 14400 VBBS CottonWood, Ca

        Hackers/Phreak board hotûest online games. Reviewed by: Shadow 
        Warrior on 03/11/93 @ &TOTSE

The Voice in the Dark 916-751-1906 14400 VBBS Sutter County, CA

        Just a all around killer BBS. Tw lines, 1.2 gigs dl'dable, etc. 
        Reviewed by: Master on 05/27/93 @ &TOTSE

Voice in the Dark 916-555-5555 144 VBBS Northern Californi

  • INVITEONLY* Interesting stuff. Reviewed by: Master Hacker on

06/24/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 919 Area Code:

chaotic hysteria 919-408-0272 2400 WWIV Chapel Hill ,NC

        24h/d, 7d/w, wwivnet, trinet, flashnet, icenet. Reviewed by: Wiccan 
        on 02/01/93 @ &TOTSE

COVERT IDBS 919-867-0754 14000 MAX 2.01 Ft. Bragg NC

        Covert (COmputer Virus Emergency Response Team) Anti-Virus and 
        Security Over 210 mb of Security and SPECIAL files. Reviewed by: 
        Polish Hacker on 03/25/93 @ &TOTSE

The Soapbox 919-387-1152 9600 QBBS Cary, NC

        "Your Infotainment Specialist" All text, specializing in current 
        issues [D[D[D and events. Full access first call. No ul/dl ratios. 
        Treats you like an adult. Reviewed by: Victor Hugo on ***  @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the ITS Area Code:

The Iron Tower ITS-PRI-VATE 14400 RENEGADE Berkeley, Ca

        24 Hrs, 7 Days - 230+ Megz Netted Msgs + Local bases Open since 
        12.11.92 Extensive File section, Callers from around the world... 
        Reviewed by: Sparhawk on 04/29/93 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the xxx Area Code:

The Daisy Chain XXX-XXX-XXXX 14400 GBBS Davis, CA

        The Daisy Chain GBBS is an Apple IIgs based board, and supports the 
        Apple II series computer only.  I'm networked with OGG-Net. All 
        transfers are Apple based.. There is also a large text file section 
        relating to phreaking/phrack history. Reviewed by: Spatial Flux on 
        12/28/92 @ &TOTSE

If you see a BBS listing which is incorrect or is no longer in service, please inform Jeff Hunter at the Screaming Electron, 510-935-5845, so that he can make the necessary corrections.

If you are interested in carrying the BBS Review on your system then send a file-request asking for BBSREV (The Review) and BBSREVSY (BBS Review Sysop Pack) to &TOTSE, 9:900/2, 1:161/211, or KnowledgeMatters, 1:161/201.

If you'd like to have your BBS included in the list, you can either:

1) Call any of the systems listed at the very beginning of this review

 and fill out the BBS Review Questionnaire.

2) Create a TEXT FILE in the specified format and use your mailer to

 NETMAIL it to &TOTSE @ 1:161/211.

The text file you create MUST be in the following format:

* You must name the file "BBSANSW.000" * The text file must be a plain ASCII file. No wordprocessor files,


* The text file is 10 lines long. * Line 1 of the text file contains your name. (30 characters max) * Line 2 of the text file contains the BBS name that you're reviewing.

(28 characters max)

* Line 3 of the text file contains the BBS phone number in the format

###-###-####. (The format is very important.)

* Line 4 of the text file contains the city and state where the BBS is

located. (18 characters max)

* Line 5 of the text file contains the BBS's maximum baud rate. (5

characters max)

* Line 6 of the text file contains the BBS type, such as RA, Telegard,

Maximus, Wildcat, Opus, etc. (8 characters max)

* Lines 7-10 of the text file contain a description of the BBS. What

its main features are, hours of operation, main focus (if it has 
one), and WHY people should call the system. Each line can contain a 
maximum of 78 characters. You are limited to four lines for the

* If you want to do additional reviews for additional systems, create

separate files called BBSANSW.001, BBSANSW.002, etc., and send them 
all in.

Once you've created this text file just send it via your mailer to 1:161/211. Your answers will automatically be added to the BBS Review. After you've created this file once you can update your listing at any time by simply uploading the file again. To get the latest copy of the review, file-request 1:161/211 using the magic name BBSREV.

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