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  1. — Disclaimer —-

All new and current users are required to read the following notices. If you are unwilling to abide by the terms of this bulletin, then you should STOP using this BBS. No one will receive access until they have read and agree with this. DO NOT AGREE JUST TO GET ACCESS! By using this system, you are showing your acknowledgment that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions described in this form. This is a private system of the System Operator, Shadow Thief. You are only allowed access to this Bulletin Board System if you understand and agree to the conditions of access which are listed below.

  You agree that no liability of any kind for any matters relating

directly or indirectly to your use, or the use of anyone else, whether authorized or not, of this computer system, will impugn to the System Operator, Shadow Thief. You agree to hold harmless and to indemnify the System Operator, Shadow Thief, from any action relating directly or indirectly to matters relating to this computer system.

  You acknowledge that you have been expressly warned that files on

this bulletin board carry no warranty of any kind and may not work and may even cause damage to your computer system if downloaded. The System Operator, Shadow Thief, makes no warranties, either express or implied, with regards to software obtained from this system and hereby disclaims any and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the system operator be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, destruction of data or damage to your equipment. The System Operator, Shadow Thief, cannot be held responsible for the software on this system. All software is taken by you "as is" and you assume the entire risk of any harm that might occur through your use of this software.

  You acknowledge that messages may be offensive in content and agree

not to bring any action of any kind against either the System Operator, Shadow Thief, or other users of the system as a result of the messages and their content available on this system. Some messages and files are intended for users of 18 years of age or older, it is up to the users sole disgression in the material you access on this system. The System Operator, Shadow Thief, Disclaims any responsibility for results due to the accessing of this material by under aged users.

  You agree not to do anything on this computer that may damage the

computer hardware, software, or data files, or the system's operation in any way at all. Doing so will hold you liable for prossecution.

  All "private" mail to and from you is NOT PRIVATE and may be read

and passed on to third parties by the System Operator, Shadow Thief, and his designated representatives if he so chooses. All messages become the property of the System Operator, Shadow Thief, and may not be displayed elsewhere without his permission.

Pursuant to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (18

    U.S.C. 2510 et seq.), notice is hereby given that there are no
    facilities provided by this system for sending or receiving truly
    private or confidential electronic communications.

The System Operator, Shadow Thief, can read all messages left on this system, including "Private" messages addressed to persons other than the System Operator, Shadow Thief, not normally available to other users. The System Operator, Shadow Thief, reserves the right to delete any message, regardless of whether such message has been received by its intended recipient(s). The System Operator, Shadow Thief, also reserves the right to change the status of a message designated "Private" so that such message is public and available to all callers. The status of a message may be changed whenever, in the sole discretion of the System Operator, Shadow Thief, it is believed appropriate to do so. Your continued use of this BBS constitutes acceptance of the System Operator's, Shadow Thief's, discretion in this regard. Your Sysop, Shadow Thief, will exercise the utmost discretion in this regard and may generally change status of a message only when it is an informational message, of value to other users, and really should not be "private".

  The system operators reserve the right, without limitation, to

grant "Sysop" status to other persons. Such persons have access to all communications on this BBS and may have all rights of a System Operator, including the ability to delete or change the status of messages.

  You agree that the opinions expressed on this board do not

necessarily reflect the views of anyone other than the person posting the message.

  You have no rights of access to this system and may find your

access restricted or removed and your messages censored or deleted at the System Operator's, Shadow Thief's, absolute discretion.

  It is up to the users sole disgression as to what should be

uploaded, downloaded, and posted. And in no event shall the System Operator, Shadow Thief, be liable for your's or other's actions on this system.

  You agree to these terms, conditions and policies.  All limitations

of liability are additive rather than exclusive in this message.


If you are, or have ever worked for ANY Law Enforcemant agency

OR ANY regulatory commision of any sort then you MUST leave the SysOp feedback saying what company, agency, and what your purpose for calling this BBS System is; OR If You Report To Any Regualatory Agencies, OR Work For OR Report To Software Companies.

Failure to do so would be construed as entrapment if any legal

   action is taken against the system operators at any time.


I know alot of you might just have breezed threw this but you must understand what is contained within this form. Just to summerize the whole thing: I WILL NOT under ANY situation hold the SysOp, Shadow Thief, guilty of ANY actions taken place on this system, The Realm of Mortal Fear. You give up your right to prossecute by signing your name at the bottom. You also understand that "PRIVATE" mail is NOT PRIVATE! You understand that Shadow Thief and any of the Co-SysOps may read your email that you send or receive. Now that you have read this BRIEF and INCOMPLETE summery, make SURE you UNDERSTAND the ABOVE information. Remember, once you sign this form, you give up all your legal rights of prossecution towards the board, The Realm of Mortal Fear, and the SysOp, Shadow Thief, of the board, The Realm of Mortal Fear. ANYTHING on this system is property of the System Operator, Shadow Thief. You have NO right to ANYTHING on the system and may find out that you can not do anything while on-line. The right to trade files and message is a privilege and NOT a given right! This privilege may be revoked at ANY time WITHOUT REASON!


Now that you UNDERSTAND the WHOLE form, you may now continue. If you're not sure of something, DO NOT SIGN YOUR NAME AT THE BOTTOM!!! This is very important that you understand the WHOLE form and not parts of it. If you're not sure of something BACK SCROLL through the form and find out what you don't understand. If you do not agree with any part of this form, then I advice you to hang up and NEVER call back. Thank you for taking your time in reading ALL of this CAREFULLY! Other than that, have fun!

Have you read the policy FULLY and do you UNDERSTAND AND AGREE with

  the contents within?  [Yes or No] 
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